Patient Stories

Eric is an athletic patient who adheres to a strict exercise and diet regimen and consequently has defined and built musculature. However, due to various factors such as aging and weight fluctuations, he had begun to notice the development of loose skin and stubborn fat all around his torso, chest, and abdomen. To give Eric a contoured and sculpted natural look, Dr. Jason Emer, known for his unique approach to HD Lipo, uses only the best and innovative techniques in both dermatology and plastic surgery to give his patients unmatched, unparalleled results. This approach is called 360 HD Male Liposculpture. Using a combination of VASERlipo, power-assisted fat removal, Renuvion to internally tighten the skin, and fat grafting to his chest, arms, and buttock to give shape to his body. In addition to the expertise of a board-certified plastic surgeon, performing a nipple lift and gland removal procedure, Eric was able to achieve his dream body. He takes his craft to the next level by employing cutting-edge aftercare treatments for all of his surgical patients to ensure that his work is done properly through the recovery stage. This lengthy, detailed, and unique surgical process is what allows Dr. Emer’s patients to achieve their head-to-toe body transformation of their dreams that can not be achieved elsewhere. Eric is now confident both in and out of his clothing and can continue to build upon his results and further enhance them by continuously adhering to a healthy, fit lifestyle and Dr. Emer’s aftercare protocol consisting of lymphatic drainage massages and hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions.