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What is Dr. Cohen’s training background?

Dr. Robert Cohen knew he desired to be a plastic surgeon since adolescence, and was always drawn to the artistry, precision, mastery and responsibility of the profession. He graduated in the top percent of his pre-med classes at Emory University in Atlanta, majoring in biology and philosophy. 

The next stage of his training occurred at the Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, where Dr. Cohen received unparalleled hands-on training and earned top honors, publishing an important article in the journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He then continued to hone his skills and talent at the plastic and reconstructive surgery program at Dartmouth.

 What is Dr. Cohen’s approach?

Dr. Cohen, a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, is recognized domestically and internationally for his superior conservative surgical techniques that take each patient’s unique goals and anatomy into consideration. He is able to sculpt an outcome that is both aesthetically stunning and effortlessly natural to the eye. 

Dr. Cohen is continuously refining and evolving his approach to stay current with the most cutting edge, advanced technology as it becomes available on the market. He frequently attends industry networking events, seminars and conferences for this reason, sharing his expertise with others as he also gathers new skills and information. He is dedicated to patient safety and integrity in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery.

What is Dr. Cohen’s greatest strength?

Dr. Cohen goes above and beyond to truly understand his patients’ concerns, desires, goals and wishes. He knows that the ordinary client is not a medical professional and cannot always put into words exactly what kind of results they are seeking, so Dr. Cohen works with them to find pictures that reflect their innate aesthetic sensibilities. There is so much relief for the patient when they finally feel they are on the same page as their doctor. Once this mutual understanding has been reached, the journey towards a successful procedure can begin.

Dr. Cohen is dedicated to a conservative approach that minimizes scarring. He will never suggest a treatment he doesn’t believe is genuinely in the best interest of the patient. However, if he believes that there are complementary treatments that can enhance the client’s results, he will wholeheartedly recommend them, making sure the patient is fully informed about all risks and benefits. Dr. Cohen’s integrity, compassion and transparency have made him become a beloved doctor in Beverly Hills and beyond.

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