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Speaker 1: 00:05
Hey, everybody. This is Dr. Jason Emer, a Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist and lipo sculpture expert. I'm going to take you guys through the story of my patient, Vanessa, who came to me to have a sculpting surgery where she's going to go through the transformation of being something athletic and shaped to something more contoured, defined, and sculpted.

Vanessa: 00:28
Over the past year, I went through some health problems and I noticed like my body really had changed a lot. I had tried like some dieting and exercise. I've tried like a bunch of stuff, and nothing really seemed to get the results of how I am used to looking. I noticed it kind of took a toll on my self-esteem.

Speaker 1: 00:46
Vanessa was really looking for shaping and definition. She already has a beautiful body, she just wants to enhance it to make it look a little bit better, take it to the next level with everything she's doing with her diet and her exercise. She came to me wanting some contouring. What I do that's different that specializes high definition body shaping.

Vanessa: 01:07
I found Dr. Emer online and I looked at his results and I was like, "Oh my god".

Speaker 1: 01:13
I could take an athletic body and remove the fat, sculpt the skin, and create definition and lines. She's really looking for a tighter waist, a more sculpted buttock, arms that are a little more contorted so when she works out, when she exercises, she looks more slim in her clothing and she looks really fit in the gym.

Vanessa: 01:31
I was really hesitant about it, and then after talking to him, I was like, "Okay, this is something I'm going to do."

Speaker 1: 01:45
We're here on the day of Vanessa's surgery. We're really excited. I'm sure she's nervous, just like most patients, because she's already athletic and finish. She doesn't really need a surgery. What we're doing is we're just going to do the hand Smith and contouring.

Vanessa: 01:59
So, it's the morning of my procedure and I just got in here. Everyone's been super sweet. The facilities are really nice. We'll go and mark her, and together before taking any medicine, before going to sleep, we'll Mark all of the individual areas. Her and I together will decide on a goal where we want her body to look like. Then after that the marking is done, that is this set template for what we're going to do in surgery. She then will go into surgery, be put to sleep. We'll use our experts skills to sculpt and define her body.

Vanessa: 02:31
For her specifically, she wants more definition in her abs. She wants her arms to be tighter and she wants her buttock lifted. We're going to use the fat that we harvest. We're going to inject into her buttock to give it a little more projection, a little more height. We're going to remove the fat of her lower back to contour it, and we're going to be able to sculpt her entire body.

Vanessa: 02:54
Then she'll wake up with an entirely new transformed body. We'll have garments on her for three weeks. She'll go to aftercare for a day or two just to make sure everything's okay, and then the healing process begins, and within a few months we'll be able to see an ultimate outcome.

Vanessa: 03:11
We're a few months after surgery and Vanessa has an amazing outcome.

Speaker 1: 03:15
It's been about nine months now since the surgery, and honestly, it's been really smooth sailing. I think it was like I was out for like a week.

Vanessa: 03:24
What she's done throughout that time is she's gone through our postoperative recovery. She's done lymphatic massages, she's done body treatments to tighten the skin with radio frequency devices, and she's done all of her compression and then gone back into her exercise and dieting.

Speaker 1: 03:42
After that, I was totally good to go. I went back to my regular routine.

Vanessa: 03:47
And because of the shaping that we've done, the localized areas of fat that we removed to give her a definition and also using fat to graft and lived in certain areas, she has a completely new body shape and a new curve that's making her extremely happy. You don't see those results from months after surgery, which is why it was great to see her throughout this transition period, those first few months having swelling and bruising. You notice the look, but you can't see the ultimate outcome. It's not until about six to 12 months later.

Vanessa: 04:18
The type of surgeries we do are the ones that reshape you, redefine you, and allow you to go exercise and diet and get an even better outcome longterm. It's something that's going to be long-lasting. We really care about you and the ultimate outcome, and we're using the latest technologies to not only remove the fat, but also tighten the skin, to remove cellulite, and reshape the body with fat, with STEM cell injections, and with even skin removal if it's needed to get the best outcome. And so with Vanessa, she already had an amazing canvas. She had a beautiful body shape to begin with. We were able to go in and just fine tune the ultimate result, which gives her so much satisfaction for the future.

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