Patient Stories

There are many people that are looking to reduce fat without having to undergo invasive surgical procedures. Whether you are looking to reduce a significant amount of fat or minor amount, my practice offers customized treatment plans with combination treatments giving you the most optimal results. As we know, stubborn belly fat is easy to gain but very difficult to lose. Your lifestyle, eating habits and stress are major factors in your ability to maintain the fit, athletic look that you desire. There are many treatments that combat and reduce stubborn fat and skin elasticity but every person deserves a customized approach. For this patient, I chose our combination treatment of Mesotherapy, Vanquish Radiofrequency, Elexis Ultra and Cellutone Shock Therapy.

Mesotherapy is a procedure that involves multiple injections in a localized area delivering enzymes, hormones, vitamins, and plant extracts to help rejuvenate your skin while tightening and reducing any excess fat that you may have. Choosing your injection points and how much you deliver is important for the best result. In combination with Mesotherapy, I then used a radio frequency device called Vanquish RF. Vanquish is one of the latest non-invasive devices that use radio frequency to target the fat underneath the skin, causing apoptosis (Cell Death). While this device targets the fat cells in the skin, your nearby cells are left unharmed and in the following weeks, your body will flush out the dead fat cells. In addition to these treatments, I used a device called Exilis Ultra which is radio frequency and ultrasound energy device. This device is placed over the skin delivering energy to varying depths from the superficial layer to deep tissue, increasing temperature levels causing an increase in blood flow, skin tightening, and fat reduction. The final component of this combination treatment is shock therapy with Cellutone. The device uses targeted vibrations to implement microcirculation and oxygen in the affected areas improving skin texture and tightening, giving you younger looking skin.

There are many different devices on the market that could be used in efforts to achieve the patient’s desired look. What’s makes my practice innovative and unrivaled is our skill and knowledge on how to combine these devices to give the patient their best result.