Arm Lift & Tightening for Men

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An arm lift and tightening for men helps patients finally get sculpted and toned upper arms. If you’ve put in hours at the gym trying to achieve defined biceps and triceps without results, consider an arm lift and tightening for men in Beverly Hills from Dr. Jason Emer.

No matter how much working out a man does, sometimes it’s just impossible to get rid of stubborn upper-arm fat and sagging skin. Commonly known as an arm lift, brachioplasty is a way to reshape and improve the look of the upper arms. Brachioplasty is designed to eliminate sagging skin and excess fat on the upper arms and near the chest wall.

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What is an Arm Lift & Tightening for Men?

As we age, our bodies naturally experience several changes. One of the most prominent changes men experience is a loss of skin elasticity, which manifests in the form of excess loose skin on the upper arms. When the skin between the elbow and the shoulder droops, it forms frustrating
“bat wings.”

Another reason why men develop excess saggy skin is significant weight loss. After losing a lot of weight, it is often hard for the skin to shrink down to the new contours of the body. Instead, it may develop a droopy look. Excess stubborn fat may also be left in the region.

An arm lift and tightening for men removes excess fat and skin, contouring and sculpting the arms for a fitter appearance. This makes it easier to see the muscle you’ve built from working out, since it’ll no longer be obscured by sagging flab.

Dr. Emer’s arm lift and tightening for men can involve a mix of surgical and non-surgical techniques to help achieve the best results possible. Hi-definition liposuction can be used to etch the arm muscles, and energy-based techniques can tighten the skin from the inside and the outside.

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Am I a Good Candidate for an Arm Lift & Tightening for Men?

Men who are interested in achieving a defined and sculpted physique typically include an arm lift and tightening in their body-contouring agenda. It is a preferred way of attaining that last bit of definition by getting rid of stubborn fat and hanging skin.

Non-smokers who do not have any pre-existing conditions and are in good overall health are the best candidates for this procedure. The chance of experiencing any post-surgical complications is much lower for these candidates.

Ideal candidates for an arm lift and tightening for men are at or near their ideal body weight. Fluctuations in weight after the procedure can negatively affect its results. Good candidates also have realistic expectations.

Procedure Details

How Does an Arm Lift & Tightening for Men Work?


At the start of the arm lift and tightening process, anesthesia will be administered. In some cases, local anesthesia and sedation will be utilized; in others, general anesthesia will be administered. The ideal anesthesia option for the patient will be discussed in advance during their consultation with Dr. Emer.


Once the anesthesia takes effect, a surgical excision will be made on the inner side of the arm or on the underside of the arm. This will typically run from the armpit to the elbow. In some cases, it may be shorter or longer depending on the degree of correction required.

Sagging skin will then be removed from the upper arm with the help of a scalpel. The underlying tissues of the arm will be tightened. Liposuction will be used to carry excess fat out of the region with the help of a cannula and medical suction.

The remaining skin will then be redraped and tightened, giving the arms a natural and toned look. Finally, stitches will be used to close the incisions, which will be dressed properly in order to prevent infection.

Procedure Details

Non-Invasive Arm Lift & Tightening

Dr. Emer offers a variety of non-invasive non-surgical energy-based treatment options for male arm lift and tightening procedures. These include treatments like BTL Exilis Ultra (RF + ultrasound energy), CoolSculpting (cooling energy), InMode Contoura/Forma (RF energy), and Venus Legacy (RF + pulsed electromagnetic fields).

Non-invasive arm-contouring treatments involve no scalpels or incisions, and they do not require a great deal of downtime or recovery time in comparison to surgical arm lifts.

These treatments involve application of energy to the skin tissues and the excess fat cells, resulting in effective tightening and sculpting. They are not painful and do not require anesthesia.


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How Long Does the Results of an Arm Lift & Tightening for Men Last?

An arm lift and tightening for men offers permanent fat-reduction results, since fat cells cannot return once removed. Skin-tightening results can last for a long time depending on the exact treatment modalities employed.

The Dr. Emer Difference

How Does Dr. Emer Do Do Arm Lift & Tightening for Men Differently?

Dr. Emer combines a number of arm lifting and tightening techniques (surgical and non-surgical) to achieve effective arm contouring and sculpting for men. During a consultation, Dr. Emer assesses the patient’s arms and their body as a whole to create a comprehensive personalized surgical plan. This aids in achieving the patient’s unique goals.

As part of this consultation, Dr. Emer will analyze the patient’s complete medical history, helping to prevent any potential complications. The patient will be given a set of instructions to prepare for the procedure, including stopping the use of tobacco and avoiding certain medications.

Recovery After an Arm Lift & Tightening for Men

Once the brachioplasty is complete, patients can usually return home the same day to rest and recover. Typically, men will need to rest for the first week and avoid participating in their normal daily schedule. Bruising and swelling will be present, and painkillers will be prescribed to deal with any discomfort. 

During this first week, patients will need to come in for a follow-up appointment. This will involve Dr. Emer checking on the incisions’ healing progress and taking out the sutures.

Wearing a post-surgical garment will be necessary during recovery, since this helps to reduce the swelling and bruising present in the area after surgery. The garment also allows the skin to adapt better to the arm’s new contours for a tighter look.

The patient will need to avoid heavy lifting and participating in any other strenuous activities like sports and exercise for at least two weeks. After being cleared by their surgeon, they can return to these activities.

Though initial results will be noticeable immediately, it will be necessary to wait until all swelling has ameliorated before final results can be seen.

Arm Lift & Tightening Cost

The cost of arm lift and tightening for men varies based on the techniques employed, along with a number of other factors. Brachioplasty cost is affected by anesthesia fees, the amount of tissue removed, and the total time needed to perform the procedure or procedures.

Set Up Your Consultation

Find out more about arm lift and tightening for men in Beverly Hills – contact our office for a consultation. Dr. Jason Emer will be available to answer your questions and get you started with the arm sculpting and toning process.