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Laser Dermatology With Dr. Jason Emer

What is the best treatment for aging skin, sun spots and fine lines and wrinkles?

Various factors contribute to wrinkled and damaged skin, including the aging process, genetics, environmental factors, and daily sun exposure. Of course, these lifelong conditions are not corrected with a single procedure; rather, a long-term commitment to regular maintenance and skin care treatments will produce the most effective, visible results.

Who is a good candidate for anti-aging treatments?

The best candidate for treatment is someone who has begun to lose skin elasticity and is showing signs of facial aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, crease and sagging skin. Loss of facial volume is also a very common complaint among those who are facing maturity. Dr. Emer uses a multifaceted approach to address these facial flaws and more.

As long as you are in good mental and physical health and are realistic in your expectations for your results, Dr. Emer will be able to create a customized treatment plan for reviving a youthful countenance.

What are the benefits of procedures to treat aging skin, sun spots and fine lines and wrinkles?

  • Revives dull, tired-looking skin
  • Combats creases and folds
  • Creates a more youthful, energized complexion
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Improves circulation
  • Boosts cellular renewal
  • Moisturizes dry, brittle skin
  • Corrects poor skin tone and texture
  • Subtly improves definition of facial contours
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin regrowth
  • Combination treatment for comprehensive results
  • Improves the appearance of broken capillaries
  • Strengthens the skin’s scaffolding from the inside out
  • Improves satisfaction with one’s image
  • Reduces facial redness
  • Minimizes facial scarring
  • Plumps and volumizes depleted facial contours

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