Dr. Emer and GQ Talk Dermal Fillers for Men

graphic design of Dr. Emer standing in front of a blown up image of a handsome man with chiseled face. The logo for GQ appears in the upper right. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer is a pioneer in male facial sculpting with dermal fillers. His Instagram and YouTube channel have long showcased his male patients’ sharper jawlines, more masculine facial contours, and overall refreshed, balanced facial profiles after treatment with dermal fillers. Recently, he talked to GQ about the growing numbers of men who have embraced this effective, subtle approach to facial sculpting.

What Are Facial Fillers for Men?

Injectable dermal fillers can be used to smooth out wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance. Fillers can also be injected to add volume to create more masculine contours in the jawline, lips, chin, and brow areas. Fillers provide temporary improvements that can be maintained with periodic retreatment. The most commonly used facial fillers are hyaluronic acid-based. Hyaluronic acid occurs in the body, though the body’s natural production of this hydrating substance wanes as we age. As a result, we start to see wrinkles and lines in the skin of the face. Fillers provide a quick, convenient treatment option to resolve these unwanted signs of aging and refine the overall look of your facial appearance.

What’s Behind the Surge in Male Facial Sculpting with Fillers?

As part of an article titled Can You Inject Your Way to a More ‘Masculine’ Face?Dr. Emer and GQ discussed various reasons that more men are seeking facial sculpting with fillers. The growing trend of men seeking facial filler treatments seems to be the result of several factors, including:

Social acceptance of cosmetic enhancement for men

As more and more men turn to fillers to turn back the clock and combat the effects of a lack of sleep or too much stress, it’s becoming more widely understood that fillers can be used to enhance the male facial appearance without resulting in an overly feminine or overdone look. The stigma formerly associated with male cosmetic enhancement is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and many men are taking advantage of this new social freedom to look their best.

Social pressure to look youthful

Social pressure to look youthful is certainly not a new trend. However, with the popularity of social media and the widespread use of filters to enhance our digital images, men and women alike feel the pressure to look filter-perfect all of the time. Further, as technology plays an ever-larger role in how we communicate and work remotely, men are perhaps more motivated to look their best on camera.

Increased competition for jobs

Increased competition for jobs may have some influence on the male facial filler trend, as well. The facial appearance is a significant element of making a first impression, so a sculpted, youthful, masculine face could give one an advantage. In this sense, some men are considering refining their facial appearance as an investment in their career success.

New and innovative fillers

Decades ago, fillers were bovine collagen-based and only provided marginal, limited improvements. Currently, Dr. Emer has a broad selection of fillers he can employ to shape balanced, masculine facial features. These modern fillers provide more significant and predictable results than their predecessors, making them much more appealing to male facial sculpting patients.

Advancements in injection techniques

Dr. Emer’s approach to fillers for men is to deliver subtle reshaping or augmentation without sacrificing the patient’s unique look. He takes a whole-face approach to ensure natural-looking transitions from one feature to the next. Unlike outdated techniques which focused on filling lines, Dr. Emer often uses layering and strategic combinations of fillers. He also uses a cannula, or tiny hollow tube, instead of a needle for precise delivery of facial fillers with reduced post-treatment discomfort.

Evolution of the masculine ideal

Dr. Emer has also noticed that the “ideal” masculine aesthetic has changed over the last decade. In the past, men were very concerned about having any feminine facial features. Now, a hint of feminization in the male facial profile has become desirable. This may be in the form of slightly fuller lips or smoother, softer skin. Dr. Emer is an expert at fine-tuning male features with fillers to create the angles and contours associated with the modern male aesthetic. Subtle and natural-looking results are key to male facial sculpting, so Dr. Emer uses a conservative approach and advanced blending techniques to best meet the needs of his male clientele.

Schedule a Male Facial Filler Consultation in Beverly Hills

If you are ready to achieve a more sculpted, masculine facial appearance, contact the office of Dr. Jason Emer to schedule a consultation. Dr. Emer has performed facial filler treatments for men for many years and will use his expertise and skill to formulate the optimal treatment approach for your desired outcome.  View the full GQ article here.