Dr. Emer Reveals the Method Behind His Acclaimed Cosmetic Treatments on DermDocs Podcast

The DermDocs podcast is a branch of LivDerm, an organization dedicated to providing accessible, up-to-date information on the most pressing issues in dermatological care. The podcast features experts like Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer to support advancements and improvements in dermatology and to help patients better understand their treatment options.

In a recent episode, Dr. Emer explained his approach to comprehensive aesthetic enhancement and why he encourages more providers to implement his method. An overview of this segment of the podcast is provided below. 

You can access the full episode, which includes Dr. Emer’s insights on the Plasma Pen device, trending treatments for men, and more by clicking here to visit the home of the DermDocs podcast.

Why Dr. Emer’s “Do It All” Approach Always Delivers

During the podcast, Dr. Emer discusses why he advocates combination therapies, and why “do it all!” is the best advice he can give when a patient wants to know what treatment he or she should start with to rejuvenate their look.

The first thing to know is that there is no single procedure that can deliver the same level of results that a strategically selected combination of treatments can provide. The second thing to know is that if you want a younger-looking, harmonious facial appearance, you need to address the multiple factors at play all together.  

What Dr. Emer means by “do it all” starts with holistically assessing skin laxity, texture, color, volume, and tone. This allows him to develop a treatment that supports improvements on every applicable level, rather than resolving one issue to arrive at an incomplete result.

Modifying the Formula to Fit the Patient

While every patient can benefit from a combination treatment, every patient also requires a distinct protocol of procedures. Dr. Emer develops personalized treatment plans for each of his patients based on their unique skin and the extent of aging. While treatment plans vary from one patient to another, Dr. Emer’s recommendations often include an ongoing schedule of:

  • At-home skincare regimens for maintenance and mitigating sun damage
  • Monthly facials and light peels
  • Quarterly laser procedures
  • Botox every three months
  • Filler injections twice a year
  • Energy-based therapy with Thermage or Ultherapy once a year
  • Thread lifting once a year

Combination Treatments for Short-Term and Long-Term Benefits

In addition to his general anti-aging, maintenance protocols, Dr. Emer has developed targeted combinations for a variety of cosmetic concerns. Dr. Emer’s exclusive Hollywood Spotlight combination treatment was featured by Access Hollywood. This procedure was shown to help a patient look seven years younger in seven days, as measured by advanced imaging. 

Another example is his approach to sculpting a heart-shaped facial appearance for women. He points out that with aging, the face can take on an upside-down triangle shape, which is not ideal for those who desire a youthful, feminine look. He can restore an aesthetic heart-shape with a combination of:

  • Botox to lift the brow and open the eye area
  • Thread lifting to elevate the cheeks
  • Dermal fillers to add volume in the temples, cheeks, and jawline

How to Access Comprehensive Cosmetic Care

To experience the benefits of Dr. Emer’s “do it all” approach, reach out to his office to schedule a consultation.  Dr. Emer is a pioneer in the art and practice of cosmetic combination treatments, and he takes pride in applying his expertise to deliver amazing results for all of his patients.