Dr. Emer Shares the Latest in Trending Treatments for Men on DermDocs Podcast

DermDocs, a LivDerm podcast featuring leaders in dermatological care, invited Dr. Jason Emer to share his unique perspective on what’s trending with male patients at his cosmetic dermatology practice in Beverly Hills. Key takeaways from Dr. Emer’s response can be found below. To listen to the full podcast, which includes a wealth of information on a variety of additional topics, click here.


Positive Momentum Continues to Build for Male Cosmetic Dermatology

The first item on the DermDocs agenda was to hear Dr. Emer’s take on cosmetic dermatology trends for men. Dr. Emer’s patient base is 60% male, and he has been integral in paving the way for men to feel comfortable getting cosmetic treatments. He’s also considered an authority when it comes to the distinct techniques and combination treatments that deliver optimal results for male patients.

Dr. Emer’s ongoing efforts to showcase treatments for men on social media and YouTube are helping to break down social stigmas surrounding aesthetic treatments for men. Sharing patient stories and videos featuring treatments for men continues to be important for dispelling misconceptions and demonstrating the benefits of cosmetic dermatology as it relates to the needs of male patients.

Since he arrived in LA to start his practice, Dr. Emer has seen a dramatic shift in the way that men view cosmetic treatments, as well as in the associated public perceptions. Currently, at his Beverly Hills practice, it is not uncommon for him to perform couples’ treatments. He regularly sees male patients and their partners who come in together to get fillers and other procedures.


Male Patients Are Embracing a Broader Scope of Treatments

Dr. Emer points to a rise in preventative treatments among his male patients as another indication of change. Until more recently, male patients were mainly concerned with facial sculpting and body contouring procedures.

It was relatively rare for male patients to take advantage of the anti-aging protocols that have been popular among Dr. Emer’s female patients for years, helping them maintain firm, radiant skin and postpone the need for more invasive cosmetic treatments. 

Now, Dr. Emer is seeing more men recognize the value of his signature personalized, preventative protocols that combine collagen-boosting, skin-tightening, and skin resurfacing treatments. Advanced at-home skincare and energy-based treatments like RF microneedling and minimal-downtime lasers like MOXI by Sciton are frequently included in his recommendations for men.


Trends In Nose and Lip Treatments for Men

Along with the increase in preventative skin treatments, nose and lip contouring have become more common among his male patients.

  • Nose reshaping – The nose has a powerful impact on how masculine or feminine we look, with male noses typically characterized by a broader bridge and larger size. Many men with overly masculine nose contours are opting for alterations that have a subtle feminizing effect, which tends to make others perceive them as more approachable. Non-surgical and surgical rhinoplasty options are offered at Dr. Emer’s practice.
  • Lip enhancement – Dr. Emer’s comprehensive approach to male facial sculpting and rejuvenation frequently includes lip fillers. This comes as a surprise to many of his male patients who are often resistant to the idea until seeing before-and-after pictures of Dr. Emer’s male lip filler patients. Lip augmentation can be especially important for a balanced facial appearance when the patient has a beard, which has become a prevalent trend in its own right.

Dr. Emer cautions that providers must not approach male procedures the same way they approach female treatments. While there may be similarities between male and female treatments, there are anatomical and aesthetic differences that must be considered.


Learn More about Cosmetic Treatments for Men

Dr. Emer has dedicated much of his career to making cosmetic dermatological care accessible to men. His experience treating male patients and his carefully crafted proprietary combination treatments for men allow him to deliver unparalleled, natural-looking results. To learn your options for resolving your aesthetic concerns, contact Dr. Emer’s office to schedule a consultation.