Patient Stories

As Eric was getting ready for the big day, his wedding day, he wanted to ensure that he looks his absolute best for his bride to be. Like many other middle-aged men, Eric is a hard worker, and with hard work, usually comes stress. Over time, the stress factor in conjunction with the natural aging process begins to take a toll on his skin as the fat pads above the eyebrows, temples, and around the face begin to slowly dissipate, causing aesthetic issues like eyebrow drooping and hollowing of the temples.

Eric routinely comes to Dr. Emer for maintenance filler treatments to take care of his youthful and rejuvenated appearance. This time around, he came in to address his eyebrows that had begun to droop as well as his temples that had started to develop some hollowing slightly. For Eric, a soft filler from Juvederm called Juvederm Ultra Plus is used as he slowly injected it into the superior portion of the temple to lift and provide support for the filler that he will inject directly above the brow. This not only helps him restore a healthy and rejuvenated appearance to his look but will also work hand-in-hand with the filler in his brow to lift it without making his results look overdone subtly.

After establishing a foundation for the eyebrow filler in the temples, he meticulously injects filler right above the eyebrows in the ocular fat pad, entering directly from the sides of the eyebrows. By injecting right along the upper part of the eyebrows, he ensures that they do not get lifted laterally so that Eric doesn’t achieve that feminine “cat-eye” look and retains his masculine appearance. This knowledge and experience that Dr. Emer has and utilizes with his filler patients, like Eric, is crucial in ensuring that his clientele leaves the practice without a trace of having any treatment done while also achieving their aesthetic goals.

Patient Stories