Patient Stories

Fat grafting is a natural way to improve hallows and replace lost volume to the face. It can be used to contour and shape when people have very low volume or significant sagging. During liposculpture or through simple harvesting while awake, fat is removed from the body. In the past, the fat was washed and then re-injected back into the body but a significant amount of it wouldn’t survive. However, newer processing methods are more effective at removing contaminants including blood, debris or oil to get the most pure type of fat that is more viable. A combination of using Puregraft micro-filtration and adding growth factors like PRP and stem cells gives the most longevity to fat that is harvested and transferred. The results seen after 6-12 weeks are permanent and can be supported with fillers, Sculptra or even more fat if desired. I like to use fat for volume and fillers to contour, shape and fill fine lines.