Patient Stories

Gordon had been dealing with dull, lacking skin for a very long time. His skin had begun to develop an irregular texture, discoloration, and sun damage, and it had started to lose its overall glow. To target these concerns simultaneously in one treatment, Dr. Emer used a unique, tailor-made combination of lasers and radiofrequency devices to achieve Gordon’s aesthetic goals safely and effectively. In this case, the devices used were Fractora RF Microneedling, Fraxel, and Erbium lasers.

The first step of Gordon’s customized treatment plan is Fractora RF Microneedling. This device utilizes microneedles that, when they puncture the skin, form deep micro-channels in the skin. Each needle simultaneously sends in radiofrequency energy through the micro-channels and throughout the skin. This triggers a skin tightening effect and stimulates collagen production to leave the skin tight and youthful.

The second portion of this customized treatment plan consists of Dr. Emer’s go-to skin maintenance treatment, Fraxel. Fraxel, a non-ablative laser, plays the role of superficially rejuvenating the skin in this treatment plan. Fraxel sends in channels of energy into the skin so that it can effectively target and improve skin inflicted with sun damage, open pores, discoloration, pre-cancer cells, pigmentation, and fine lines.

Finally, an Erbium laser to target the most superficial layer of the skin, even more superficially than Fraxel. The laser emits energy to ablate the skin’s uppermost surface to trigger cell turnover of the skin and cause the skin to shed dead, damaged, and dull skin cells and replace them with smooth, healthy, new ones. This helps with giving Gordon’s skin textural and tonal improvements leaving him with softer, more even, and glowing skin. See the restored skin rejuvenation and glow that Gordon achieved from his treatment plan after just one treatment.