Patient Stories

As we age the volume of the hand decreases showing more tendons and veins as well as wrinkles in the skin. This gives the hand an aged look, and one that is malnourished. Similar to the face, we can use fillers to plump and hydrate the area quite simply with very little risk. Revay is a younger female who exercises and diets a lot, giving her face and hands low volume at an early age. By using fillers to plump the area, she has an instant improvement in the quality of the skin of the hand as well as the volume, camouflaging enlarged veins and tendons that show when we age or the volume is low. We can combine this treatment with lasers like Fraxel, microneedling radiofrequency like Inmode Fractora or Endymed Intensif, chemical peels like Cosmelan or Enlighten, and light therapy like Venus Versa IPL to improve the quality of the skin as well. Daily skin care and sun protection is essential to keep the skin of the hand exfoliated, bright, and hydrated. Radiesse and Restylane Lyft are FDA-approved fillers for treating volume loss in the back of the hands. See the noticeable difference in our patient’s hands immediately after treatment with fillers.