Gladiator Lipo / Supermodel Lipo

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What is Gladiator Liposuction?

Gladiator Lipo, or gladiator surgery, is a fat reduction, body-defining procedure Dr. Emer developed for men who have made fitness a lifestyle yet have not been able to eliminate certain problem areas. Gladiator liposuction is often the only way for these patients to win the battle against persistent pockets of body fat and/or genetic factors that prevent them from achieving the deep, etched definition and masculine, athletic build that they desire.
With Gladiator Lipo, Dr. Emer strategically removes small amounts of fat to sculpt more prominent lines and give the body a leaner, fitter look. He also targets under-defined muscles, puffiness, and mild skin laxity throughout the body for 360-degree transformations.

Real Results