Patient Stories

There is a significant trend towards women wanting micro-augmentation of facial features, meaning subtle enhancements to keep their face sculpted, defined, and lifted. Here, we used a combination of fillers composed of hyaluronic acid to achieve a youthful, contoured look by meticulously placing filler in multiple areas of the face for overall rejuvenation. To balance her lower face, I placed filler on either side of the patient’s chin for seamless definition from the jawline to the chin where some women can experience the appearance of jowls as they age. Subtle projection of the chin is achieved through deep injections onto the bone followed by depot injections to soften the area. As volume diminishes as we age, we plump the lips, giving an even, more youthful improvement to the lower face. Injecting areas that can decrease in volume and appear to droop or sag, like the cheeks will give major lifting to the tissue for a tighter, contoured facial structure.⁣

So many women have hormonal changes, weight, and stressors that cause significant changes in volume and laxity of the skin as they age, so fillers can be used to help give subtle improvements while considering surgical options if needed. ⁣⁣The key to achieving the perfect amount of enhancement without giving this patient an “overdone” or “doll” look is by using a slow and meticulous ‘micro-aliquot’ injections and small amounts of filler over time.