Patient Stories

Los Angeles is famous for its year-round sunshine and as much as we love soaking it all up, the sun emits harmful UV rays that cause the skin to develop significant redness and sun damage, accelerate the aging process, and increase your chances of skin cancer. Jacob, being an LA native, had been dealing with facial redness and sun damage for years and wanted to find a solution.

For Jacob, Dr. Emer suggested a chemical peel by RevePeel: a potent combination of TCA, phenol, and salicylic acid. It deeply penetrates the skin to rejuvenate and even his skin tone but also effectively to minimize the risk of developing skin cancer. Since Jacob has light-colored hair, this makes his skin more sensitive in the sun, thereby increasing the risk of the formation of skin cancer. As a result, Jacob achieves his aesthetic goals and simultaneously protects himself from the potentially detrimental effects of the sun.

After the application of the chemical peel, patients will experience at most a week of redness and skin shedding as cell turnover is induced, and the skin works to exfoliate and slough off sun-damaged skin cells to reveal bright, healthy, and rejuvenated skin. Now, Jacob has the confidence he was looking for as he knows that his skin is not only looking and feeling its best but is also protected, with routine daily SPF applications, of course.