Patient Stories

This patient came to me with concerns of pigmentation, sun damage and enlarged pores/scars. Energy based devices like micro-needling radio-frequency Fractora can be used to deeply heat the skin, improve collagen production and remodel the skin long-term. This patient wanted very minimal downtime and also wanted to get some degree of skin tightening along his jawline. Lasers can improve skin quality and prevent skin cancer but do minimal to tighten skin. Micro-needling RF can help improve the skin quality while also tightening skin. This state-of-the-art technology uses numerous small, sharp, needles to deliver energy to various depths under the skin and on the skin’s surface. In a series of treatments you can see the overall quality of the skin improves and the skin tightens, improving fine lines and wrinkles and preventing the need for early face lifting. To further improve the radiance of the skin, we pre- and post-treat with lightening peels like Cosmelan or RevePeel to reduce pigmentation in issues and stimulate more collagen production.⁣⁣
Excess fat and sagging in the neck leads to having a less defined jawline and chin contour while also making you appear older. Facetite utilizes radio-frequency technology to internally tighten the skin, in this case, it was used to target the lower face and neck to give my patient a more striking jawline and chin contour. This is a minimally invasive procedure where a cannula is inserted beneath the skin and emits heat/thermal energy to evenly heat the layers of the skin that you want tightened in a safe and controlled manner. With multiple passes, we can tighten skin and contour the lower face such as the jawline, neck, chin, jowls and lip corners; along with liposuction to remove small problem areas of fat, you can get improved contouring and shaping of the lower face and neck. Additionally, through fat removal and internal heating, we promote collagen production and skin tightening.⁣⁣
Loose facial skin can not only be a significant obstacle in achieving definition and prominence in your facial features, but can also alter the symmetry and proportions of the face. A facelift procedure can correct this issue but entails major downtime. For those who are looking for a minimally invasive solution, Facetite is an alternative we see many younger patients doing earlier in the aging process to prevent sagging and offer facial contours and definition. Using radio-frequency energy, the probe under the skin builds up heat in the treated area selectively melting fat while simultaneously causing the skin to contract and ‘shrink-wrap’ and tighten. This skin contraction can help achieve a sharper jawline and tighter neck and lower face skin so the face appears more defined and slim.