Nichole C.

Patient Stories

This young female was starting to notice looser skin but also problem areas of fat, despite significant exercising and dieting. She just found it way harder to maintain her previously very athletic and “tight” shape. She looked for a more defined and tighter look with a better curve, so she came to me for the “Emer Hourglass” contour and buttock. Lipo 360 of the torso, arms, thighs, internal tightening, and fat grafting improved her shape, tightened her skin, and lifted her buttock. Overuse of fat grafting can lead to sagging, irregularities and a cottage cheese look (AKA the “wet diaper” look), which is undesirable. To improve butt indentation and enhance the BBL butt lifting procedure, we added cellfina (the only permanent long term FDA approve cellulite treatment). Cellfina breaks apart the cellulite dimples, which will longterm improve the undesired dips she once had. Adding collagen-producing Sctulpra by injection helps the fat cells survive, and builds more collagen long-term where we do fat grafting and cellulite reduction. The results of this procedure are, a more athletic shape body. Tighter and define arms with a lifted and smoother buttock with cellulite reduction and the Emer Hour Glass.