Omeed S.

Patient Stories

Omeed came in with saggy skin due to aging. To correct this, Dr. Emer recommended HD-Lipo combined with gland removal and nipple lift. HD-Lipo is a combination of techniques to contour and shape the body, giving significant transformations. It starts with Vaser Lipo, and power-assisted liposuction allows the removal of unwanted fat, followed by radiofrequency helium plasma internal skin tightening. Dr. Emer then harvests the fat and filters it to get the cleanest and most purified fat. Which was later is fortified with the patient’s growth factors and stem cells such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and used for re-injection to define muscles like the chest, shoulders, arms, and buttocks. Given this patient had a lot of loose skin and a larger “puffy” chest, our surgeon performed a removal of the male breast glands (gynecomastia). Then, by a Nipple Lift, which adjusts the nipple to a more desired position and better, more attractive and proportionate size. My patient was a former athlete who wanted to get his body back to where he could enhance it in the gym.