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Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer sees many men who are concerned about forehead lines and drooping in the brow area. Advanced signs of aging in this part of the face are often best addressed with brow lift surgery. In these cases, Dr. Emer entrusts the care of his patients to Dr. Akshay Sanan, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and top provider of the brow lift for men in Beverly Hills.

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What Does a Brow Lift for Men Do?

A male brow lift, or forehead lift, is designed to restore a youthful facial appearance by resolving cosmetic concerns in the upper face. As men age, gravity and the aging process can cause the brow to sag. Horizontal forehead lines and vertical creases between the eyebrows can cause a resting facial expression that conveys fatigue, discontent, or even anger.

A male brow lift can tighten and smooth the skin of the forehead to minimize creases and create a more pleasant resting facial expression. This procedure can also reposition drooping eyebrows to brighten the eye area for a more refreshed look.

Right for you?

How Do You Know if You Need a Brow Lift?

Dr. Sanan can determine if a male brow lift is right for you by meeting with you for a consultation. After evaluating your facial tissue and structure and asking you about your medical history and your goals for the procedure, he will discuss your treatment options with you.

    Male brow lift candidates have sagging skin, wrinkles, and/or creases in the forehead area. While some forehead wrinkles can be temporarily resolved with injectables like Botox, a brow lift for men is a better option for patients seeking long-lasting improvement.

      Patients with a naturally low brow line and/or men concerned about asymmetrical eyebrows are often good candidates for this procedure. Men with high-set eyebrows may be better candidates for an eyelid lift, facelift, or other treatment approach.

      Candidates for a male brow lift must be willing to follow all of Dr. Sanan’s pre-and post-surgery instructions. Facial plastic surgery is not recommended for patients taking certain medications.

      Additionally, brow lift surgery may not be safe for men who have a medical condition that compromises the body’s healing process.

      Procedure Details

      How Does a Brow Lift for Men Work?

      Dr. Sanan will select a surgical approach for you based on your anatomy, your hairline, and the height of your forehead. Many brow lifts for men are performed using a temporal technique or an endoscopic technique:

      Temporal brow lift for men

      This approach can be ideal for men whose aesthetic goals can be achieved by lifting the outer brow area only.

      Endoscopic brow lift for men

      While this technique cannot resolve horizontal forehead lines or correct brow asymmetry, it is a minimally invasive option for lifting the skin and refreshing the appearance of the upper face.

      Regardless of the technique, anesthesia is administered at the start of the procedure. Dr. Sanan will make the applicable incisions after the medication has taken effect. Next, he will make the necessary adjustments to the underlying tissue. Sutures will be used to secure the skin’s new position and to close the incisions.

      Procedure Details

      How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Brow Lift?

      Male brow lift patients will need one or two weeks of downtime after their surgery. Endoscopic browlifts are typically associated with shorter recovery times than other types of brow lifts.

      Bruising and swelling are normal during the first couple of weeks of your recovery. Most patients can manage post-op discomfort with over-the-counter pain medication.

      After two to three weeks, swelling and bruising will subside. Patients are typically comfortable with the appearance of the brows at that point and will resume their social activities. However, patients must continue to abstain from high intensity activities for another week or more, as advised by Dr. Sanan.

      Procedure Details

      Male Brow Lift Results

      A more youthful brow position will be noticeable right away. It is normal for the brows to seem too high immediately after surgery due to swelling. As swelling dissipates, the brows will arrive at a more natural position.

      It can take several months for the treatment area to heal completely. Most patients can expect to enjoy the final outcome of a male forehead lift after about six months.

      Under the care of Dr. Sanan, the brow lift for men can provide long-lasting results. Dr. Emer can help you extend your enhanced look by developing a customized anti-aging protocol of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and an advanced skincare regimen.

      Procedure Details

      How We Provide the Best Brow Lift for Men in Beverly Hills

      Dr. Sanan’s high patient satisfaction rates with the brow lift for men can be attributed to his specialized training, his personalized and holistic treatment approach, and his commitment to open communication with his patients:


      Dr. Sanan is double board-certified in facial plastic surgery and head and neck surgery. This expertise translates to a high level of knowledgeability of facial anatomy, precision technique, and an unparalleled ability to deliver masculine, natural-looking brow lift results.

      Personalized care

      A successful facial rejuvenation outcome requires a holistic perspective. Dr. Sanan assesses the patient’s face as a whole in order to identify which procedure(s) are needed to achieve a harmonious facial appearance.

      He often advises combining male brow lift surgery with additional procedures, such as eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), a facelift, and/or a neck lift. In some cases, a forehead lift is best complemented by non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments.


      Dr. Sanan is dedicated to patient education. He takes the time to explain treatment options, procedure details, and the limitations and potential benefits of recommended procedures. He also welcomes questions, as he wants every patient to be able to make an informed decision for their care.

      What Is the Cost of a Male Brow Lift?

      Dr. Sanan tailors every male brow lift to the patient’s anatomy, so the price of this procedure differs from one patient to the next. The cost of your forehead lift will depend on the surgical techniques used, the complexity of the procedure, and the associated anesthesia and facility fees. Pricing details will be provided during your consultation.

      Learn More about the Brow Lift for Men in Beverly Hills

      A smooth, youthful forehead can dramatically improve your facial appearance for many years. To find out more about this procedure and whether it is right for you, contact our office to schedule a consultation with our expert facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sanan.