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What is chin and jawline surgery?

Whether you’re looking to dramatically enhance or change the shape, structure and definition of your jawline or to correct the symmetry of your jaw, Dr. Emer and his renowned Beverly Hills surgical team employ the most advanced, state-of-the-art imaging technology to produce long-lasting, substantial improvements in the chin and jawline, resulting in a more youthful, attractive, and masculine appearance. 

To achieve these results, we design custom silicone implants that suit each patient’s unique anatomy and aesthetic goals and then complement those implants with dermal filler injections—such as Sculptra, Bellafill, Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane or Revanesse Versa—to obtain additional sculpting, contouring and squaring of the jaw. Chin and jawline surgery is typically performed in conjunction with other facial surgery procedures, such as face or neck lifts, in order to attain the best outcome possible.

What is non-surgical chin and jawline enhancement?

A renowned cosmetic dermatologist and body contouring authority, Dr. Emer also employs non-surgical treatments to achieve natural-looking facial sculpting results. Through a tailored combination of procedures, Dr. Emer is able to improve double chins, lift and tighten the skin beneath the chin, sculpt and contour the chin and jawline, and even tighten the face in the same procedure. Such procedures include:

  • Energy-based liposuction
  • Radiofrequency and ultrasound skin tightening
  • Non-invasive Kybella treatments
  • Silhouette InstaLift thread lifting
  • Dermal filler or Sculptra injections

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