Podcast Features Dr. Emer to Find Out if Plasma Pen Lives Up to the Hype

While featured on an episode of the DermDocs podcast, Dr. Jason Emer, acclaimed Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist, was asked to share his thoughts on Plasma Pen. He took listeners on a deep dive into why Plasma Pen swept the attention of the internet, how he has incorporated Plasma Pen into his patients’ care, and his prediction for the next treatment to dethrone Plasma Pen as the most hyped treatment online.


What’s with All the Plasma Pen Hype?

Plasma Pen is not without its skeptics, despite all the online hype. While a simple, curious fascination with the treatment’s iconic rows of tiny dots may have contributed to Plasma Pen’s rapid rise to internet notoriety, Dr. Emer says there are legitimate reasons behind this treatment’s large-scale appeal:

  • Minimal downtime – Plasma Pen recovery periods are generally a week or less. In contrast, it can take two weeks or more for the skin to heal after laser skin treatments. Many patients are unable to accommodate lengthy recovery periods, making Plasma Pen a better option for them.
  • Noticeable results – The body forms collagen to fill each Plasma Pen dot, which provides improvements in skin texture and tone.
  • Safe for delicate treatment areas – Unlike many other energy-based devices, Plasma Pen can be used to rejuvenate and tighten skin around the eyes.


Proper Use and Appropriate Aftercare Are Key to Successful Outcomes

Dr. Emer told DermDocs that he has found Plasma Pen to be valuable for several skin rejuvenation applications. He attributes his effective Plasma Pen treatments to his thorough understanding of how the device should be used and his insistence that patients commit to a targeted aftercare regimen.

Improper use of the device and neglecting post-treatment care have likely fueled the apprehension that some doctors have expressed about Plasma Pen. Dr. Emer invested significant time into identifying the best ways to employ the device as a component of his trademark combination skin rejuvenation protocols.

Dr. Emer currently pairs Plasma Pen with every laser at his practice, as he has found this treatment combination particularly effective. Using a minimal downtime laser like MOXI by Sciton with Plasma Pen is one of his go-to combinations for patients who want flawless skin without a lengthy recovery, such as his patients who regularly attend red carpet events.  

Dr. Emer’s patients must also be willing to commit to an aftercare regimen to prevent hyperpigmentation, irregular texture, and other issues after Plasma Pen. He provides personalized skincare recommendations for each patient to ensure optimal results.


A Look Ahead

Dr. Emer predicts that the next device to create a major online buzz rivaling that of Plasma Pen will specifically target skin laxity. Compared to the wide variety of skin resurfacing devices on the market, there are fewer options for skin tightening, and there is a definite demand for non-surgical methods of preventing sagging skin.


Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Emer

If you are considering treatment with Plasma Pen, contact Dr. Emer’s office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Emer’s advanced understanding of the device’s utility and his dedication to exceeding his patients’ expectations make him a top provider of Plasma Pen in Beverly Hills.