Patient Stories

My beautiful patient accepts that aging is inevitable and with aging comes sagging and loss of definition in the arms. She did her online research and found out that there are non-invasive options to help improve the appearance of her arm crepe skin and help give her arm some degree of toning and tightening — and she wanted to take advantage of this technology. She was pleasantly surprised to find out that in a series of treatments radiofrequency and ultrasound can be used together to effectively help improve the quality of the skin with respect to tightening, toning, lifting, and wrinkling. The best part because it is not only effective, but it is an easy treatment with no downtime that feels like a hot-stone massage.

Energy-based treatments such as Venus Legacy, BTL Exilis Ultra and Inmode Contoura/Forma non-invasively firm and tighten the skin, by stimulating cells that produce collagen and also by breaking apart connective tissue fibers that pull the surface skin down creating dimples and folds. After a series of treatments, the skin appears smoother, tighter and is more lifted.

BTL Exilis Ultra is a unique device for tightening as it combines two modalities — radiofrequency and ultrasound — to penetrate heat more deeply into the skin, lifting both deep and superficial tissue. The end result is that of a lifted, tightened, toned arm, but also one that is less crepe (much more smooth).

During the treatment, the patient noticed a warm sensation with some degree of tightening of her arms, and after a series of treatment she felt more “toned.” She was pleased to find that the treatment itself was very relaxing and she looked forward to more treatments after the first.

Although the patients knew surgical options would give her the best improvement, for that little boost in confidence, the external heating treatments were perfect for her and got her the improvement she was looking for. See her uplifting story here.