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The Doctors TV invited Beverly Hills/ West Hollywood, California cosmetic dermatologist and body contouring specialist Dr. Jason Emer to share his thoughts on the magnetic face mask trend.

In this national TV taping, Dr. Emer explains the idea of these masks is to remove them with a magnet instead of water which allows the active ingredients to permeate the skin deeper than normal masks and makes removal remarkably easy and less messy. Dr. Emer tried one out at home and at the Doctors TV studio to give us the rundown on the benefits, feel, and uses for these magnetic masks as apart of your at home skin care treatment regimen. He says there is not a lot of science behind magnetism on the skin, but people believe the magnetic masks will pull out the oil, debris, and dead surface cells from the skin with the magnet, giving the skin a much needed exfoliation without an aggressive in office treatment. The magnetism of the masks make them much easier to take off the skin as compared to traditional leave on masks made of clay or charcoal which have a residue and film that is messy to clean up.

During The Doctors TV studio filming, Dr. Andrew Ordon exclaims, “That is so cool how this [the magnetic masks] comes off!” Dr. Emer thinks while the magnetic mask product tested is a little overpriced (at $110) it is exciting and has clean, high quality ingredients. It contains volcanic ash, beeswax, squalene oil and sunflower oil. Although Dr. Emer says these ingredients are not medical grade they are designed as a cosmeceutical for hydration and glow, leaving your skin dewy and soft, while also being safe on all skin types. See what Dr. Emer has to say about the magnetic face mask trend here.