Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing

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For years, skin rejuvenation expert and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer has touted the many benefits of Fraxel laser skin resurfacing. Fraxel laser treatments increase the body’s natural collagen production, which is crucial for achieving and maintaining smooth, radiant skin. At Dr. Emer’s prestigious medical practice in West Hollywood, Fraxel is considered the gold standard for fractional laser skin resurfacing.

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What Is Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Fraxel is a fractional laser skin treatment that can prevent signs of aging, minimize the appearance of skin irregularities, and restore healthier, more youthful skin. Fraxel is often an essential component of Dr. Emer’s world-renowned, combination skin rejuvenation treatments.

This non-ablative, non-invasive laser stimulates the natural production of collagen, promotes optimal regeneration of skin cells, smooths the skin’s surface, and requires minimal downtime. With a series of Fraxel treatments and continued maintenance, this procedure can produce dramatic improvements in skin texture, color, and tone.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Fraxel?

Fraxel is a safe laser skin resurfacing option for most healthy adults. However, it is important to obtain a formal evaluation from a cosmetic dermatologist like Dr. Emer who can determine if Fraxel is the best treatment for you and if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Keep in mind that it is the expert behind the laser (and not the laser device itself) that allows for long-term, transformative results. Fraxel laser treatments should only be performed by experienced, board-certified professionals who specialize in skin resurfacing treatments.

Dr. Emer can safely use Fraxel to treat patients of all skin tones and to improve many skin conditions. However, depending on your unique skin type and cosmetic concerns, he may recommend an alternative approach. Fraxel typically provides the most dramatic improvements for patients who:

  • Have lighter skin tones and light eye color
  • Have no hormonal pigmentation or melasma
  • Are committed to a long-term series of treatments

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How Does Fraxel Work?

Fraxel is a highly effective, FDA-approved fractional laser skin treatment. Fraxel can significantly improve the appearance of the skin by delivering laser heat energy to targeted tissues.

Unlike ablative lasers, such as CO2 or Erbium, which cause scabbing on the top layer of the skin, the non-ablative Fraxel laser does not disrupt the surface of the skin. Instead, Fraxel sends laser heat under the outermost layer of skin.

The body responds to the laser heat by initiating the production of new collagen. Over time, increased collagen production can visibly improve skin texture, elasticity, and tone.

Because Fraxel is a fractional laser, it delivers heat to just a fraction of the tissue in the targeted area, so patients benefit from more rapid healing. Though the surrounding tissue is left intact, collagen stimulation still occurs throughout the treatment area.

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What Can Fraxel Treat?

In the hands of a laser skin resurfacing expert like Dr. Emer who can calibrate the appropriate settings for each patient, the Fraxel laser can be used on patients of all skin types and for a wide range of skin conditions. At his West Hollywood medical practice, Dr. Emer often uses Fraxel to treat:

Fine lines and wrinkles | Hyperpigmentation | Sun damage | Acne scarring | General or surgical scars | Age spots and freckles | Enlarged pores | Stretch marks | Loose or crepey skin | Laser burns

Fraxel laser resurfacing can even ward off skin cancer by removing harmful, precancerous skin cells throughout the face and body. Fraxel is recognized as one of the only lasers FDA-approved to treat and prevent skin cancer.

Fraxel is an effective method of improving skin texture and tone throughout the body, including on the stomach, breasts, arms, legs, and back. This versatile laser treatment is also safe for use on the delicate skin of the face, neck, chest, and hands.

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What to Expect with Fraxel Laser Skin Treatment

Dr. Emer will perform your Fraxel laser skin treatment at his West Hollywood medical practice. Depending on the size of the treatment area, Fraxel sessions typically take between 30 to 90 minutes.

With the aid of Dr. Emer’s pain management methods, the Fraxel laser procedure is very tolerable for most patients. The majority of patients treated with Fraxel experience minimal discomfort that can be eased with topical numbing creams. For those who are more sensitive to laser treatments, Dr. Emer offers oral medications, injectable nerve blocks, and oral nitrous/oxygen gases both before and during the procedure.

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What to Expect After Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing

There is minimal downtime with most Fraxel laser treatments. Total downtime varies based on the patient’s aesthetic goals and the laser setting used during the procedure. Depending on the aggressiveness of the treatment, patients typically have two to seven days of downtime after a Fraxel session.

After a Fraxel procedure, patients may experience a sensation of heat at the treatment site. This symptom can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. To relieve any resulting discomfort, Dr. Emer may suggest following your Fraxel procedure with topical skin care creams, LightStim LED light therapy, and restorative healing masks, such as SkinCeuticals BioCellulose Mask or the Mesoestetic Post Peel Crystal Fiber Mask.

Many patients experience redness and swelling for 24 hours after the Fraxel session. For the next three to five days, light redness (comparable to a sunburn) may occur. Over the course of the next week, the treated area may flake and bronze as the skin heals.

After one week, many patients notice softer, smoother skin and smaller pores. Gradual improvements will continue over the next several weeks as collagen production increases.

For patients who experience prolonged inflammation following Fraxel procedures, Dr. Emer recommends at-home LightStim LED light therapy. This treatment helps to improve circulation and accelerate the healing process (up to 150 to 200 times faster).

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Fraxel Results

Fraxel skin resurfacing is designed to stimulate collagen production long-term, so patients typically enjoy the full effect of their treatment after three to six weeks. However, initial, subtle improvements may be noticeable within one week of a Fraxel session.

Since Fraxel is a gentler skin resurfacing method than ablative laser procedures, patients often do not see visible improvements with the first few treatments. A series of treatments is recommended to achieve optimal results.

Dr. Emer will determine the intensity of treatment and number of Fraxel sessions needed for your desired outcome based on your unique cosmetic concerns and skin condition. With a series of milder treatments, many patients see improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pores, and sun damage (pigmentation). A series of more aggressive Fraxel treatment sessions can improve deep wrinkles, target precancerous skin cells, address severe sun damage (pigmentation), and provide mild skin tightening, particularly around the mouth.

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How Long Do NovaThreads Last?

NovaThreads stay in place for about 4 to 6 months. As they dissolve, new collagen is formed, which lifts and tightens tissue and improves the texture of the skin. Many patients enjoy their results for a year or more. Results vary depending on the type and number of PDO threads used, your body’s unique response to the treatment, and your commitment to your aftercare regimen.

The Dr. Emer Difference

How Does Dr. Emer Do Fraxel Laser Skin Treatment Differently?

Equipped with an impressive collection of cutting-edge lasers like Fraxel, as well as alternative energy devices, Dr. Emer applies his skill, artistry, and vast expertise to create one-of-a-kind combination treatment plans. These personalized protocols are strategically designed to address his patients’ unique needs.

Fraxel laser skin resurfacing is a proven and trusted treatment on its own. However, Dr. Emer’s approach allows him to:

  • Achieve more robust outcomes by pairing Fraxel laser skin resurfacing with microneedling with PRP.
  • Enhance skin tightening effects by combining Fraxel laser treatments with Ultherapy ultrasound skin tightening, radiofrequency treatments, non-surgical thread lifting, and Sculptra.
Dr. Emer’s Approach to Facial Rejuvenation with Fraxel

Dr. Emer uses Fraxel as part of an advanced, multi-modality approach for comprehensive facial rejuvenation. To restore glowing skin and youthful facial contours, Dr. Emer employs a series of treatments and numerous state-of-the-art devices, including:


  • Regular non-ablative Fraxel and/or Clear + Brilliant laser treatments
  • Occasional ablative laser treatments (such as Venus Viva, CO2, and/or Erbium)
  • Sculptra injections for collagen production with fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, Radiesse, and/or Bellafill
  • Neuromodulators like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin to stop movement lines and prevent lines at rest
  • Thermage, Ultherapy, and thread lifting for annual skin tightening and lifting
  • LightStim LED light therapy a few times each month
  • Microneedling with topical products like AnteAGE MD GF Serum, growth factors, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and stem cells (such as A-Cell)
Dr. Emer’s Approach to Scar Treatment with Fraxel

To treat general scars, Dr. Emer uses a highly customized combination of treatments. Scar treatment protocols by Dr. Emer often involve:

  • Fractional laser treatment with Fraxel
  • Vascular lasers (Yellow laser, Vbeam, or excel V)
  • Microneedling with PRP
  • Silicone-based scar gels (such as Silagen) with growth factors
  • Scar revision/excision procedures
How Does Fraxel Prevent Skin Cancer?

The Fraxel laser resurfaces the skin by stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin cells from the inside out. During the treatment, Fraxel emits microscopic columns of laser energy.

These micro-thermal zones, or “MTZ’s,” penetrate deep into the skin. This allows Fraxel to exfoliate sun-damaged, precancerous, and dead skin cells and to expedite the production of new collagen.

How Does Fraxel Treat Aging Skin, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Sun Damage?

Numerous factors contribute to the development of wrinkled and damaged skin. The aging process, genetics, environmental factors, and sun exposure are just a few ways our skin can lose its elasticity and radiance.

Of course, these conditions are not corrected with a single procedure. Aging skin, fine lines, sun damage, and wrinkles require regular maintenance and skin care treatments for significant results and long-term collagen stimulation.

As part of his advanced anti-aging and skin rejuvenation protocols, Dr. Emer often advises that his patients undergo a laser facial resurfacing treatment every three to four months. Laser resurfacing can combat wrinkles, reverse sun damage, address signs of skin cancer, improve skin texture and tone, encourage natural collagen production, and aid in collagen building over an extended period of time.

Dr. Emer will select your anti-aging laser skin resurfacing treatment based on your desired outcome and the condition of your skin. While the non-ablative Fraxel laser is ideal for many preventative protocols, some patients require a more aggressive intervention, such as the ablative Erbium or CO2 laser.

To enhance the anti-aging effects of Fraxel, Dr. Emer often pairs it with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacials, microneedling radiofrequency (RF), or deeper peels (such as RevePeel Black Label). These complementary treatments can provide additional textural improvements and further stimulate collagen production.

How Does Fraxel Work on Acne Scars?

Dr. Emer is internationally acclaimed for his intention-driven, strategic approach to treating acne scars. He draws upon numerous cutting-edge modalities and his own wealth of experience to create a personalized treatment plan for each patient who seeks his expertise to reduce the appearance of acne scars.

To treat acne-related textural issues and superficial scarring, Dr. Emer uses fractional, non-ablative lasers like Fraxel to provide light resurfacing of the skin. For deeper scars, ablative lasers, such as Erbium or CO2, can be used to vaporize the entire outer layer of the skin, achieving a deeper resurfacing and regenerating new cells.

A series of treatments are always required for scarring. Regular Fraxel procedures can help to lift scars, rebuild collagen, and improve the texture of the skin

How Does Fraxel Improve General Scars?

Fraxel laser treatments can treat deep scars resulting from injury or surgery by stimulating collagen production. Increased collagen production helps to smooth the skin and restore a more aesthetic appearance to the skin’s surface.

Long-term improvement in scarring requires a multi-faceted approach and regular maintenance treatments. Fraxel is most effective for treating general scars when combined with vascular lasers, microneedling with PRP, and LightStim LED light therapy.

How Does Fraxel Improve Pores and Freckles?

As with any cosmetic treatment, a combination approach will produce the most dramatic improvements in the appearance of pores and freckles. Dr. Emer often combines Fraxel with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacials, microneedling with PRP, microneedling RF, customized peels, and a medical-grade, lightening skincare protocol.

The number of treatments needed to minimize pores and/or freckles depends on each patient’s unique condition. Lightening and exfoliating peels like Cosmelan and Enlighten are applied after Fraxel laser treatments to enhance and maintain results.

How Does Fraxel Treat Burns?

Skin burn treatment is an intricate, long-term process that Dr. Emer tailors to each patient’s condition and skin type. Dr. Emer creates a customized protocol for each patient based on the severity of the burn, location of the burn, and whether or not hypopigmentation has occurred.

Dr. Emer’s treatment plans for burned skin often involve a combination of lasers. For significant improvements in the appearance of damaged, burned skin, Dr. Emer performs laser treatments with Fraxel, Clear + Brilliant, and Laser Genesis. These particular lasers can help restore pigment to the area and repair the skin damage.

In his extensive professional experience, Dr. Emer has found that pairing laser skin resurfacing with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments can further enhance improvements. He also provides personalized guidance regarding topical medical-grade creams and sun protection to promote additional healing.

Is Fraxel Safe for All Skin Types?

NovaThreads is a quick and gentle in-office procedure that takes just 30 to 45 minutes and involves little to no downtime. Patients can drive themselves home or back to work directly after their visit. It is recommended that patients anticipate up to two weeks for thread entry points to heal and for bruising and swelling to subside. The threads will dissolve beneath the skin entirely within a few months.

Basic aftercare involves keeping the treated area clean and protected for about a week. carries an extensive collection of professional-grade dermatological products that can assist with healing and maintaining results. Dr. Emer often recommends LAMELABO Gel Cleanse and Sente Contour Pressed Serum, which together can cleanse, tighten, and restore volume to the skin to support your NovaThreads results.

How Much Does Fraxel Skin Resurfacing Cost?

The cost of Fraxel laser skin resurfacing varies from patient to patient. The size of the treatment area, the type of skin condition(s) being addressed, and the number of sessions needed to achieve your desired outcome will impact the overall price. As part of your consultation, Dr. Emer will provide detailed information about your proposed treatment plan and its associated costs.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Emer

For access to the best Fraxel laser treatments in Beverly Hills, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Emer. As an esteemed and leading-edge cosmetic dermatologist with years of experience treating diverse patients, Dr. Emer can provide a targeted, state-of-the-art, combination treatment that works for your unique skin and cosmetic concerns.