Aftercare Accommodations

In addition to incredible post surgical and post procedural care, Dr. Jason Emer also offers his patients the ability to acquire lodging and additional care to help provide and ensure a peaceful and relaxing recovery at the incredible aftercare facilities.

West Hollywood House Aftercare recovery House Beverly Hills

West Hollywood

Aftercare Home

Relax and recover in this West Hollywood hideaway. With a large yard, aquatic amenities, outdoor seating and lighting, and private theater, this modern home will serve as your recovery oasis. 

Aftercare Home Features

Aftercare Home
This modern home is an escape in West Hollywood.
Living Room
Stay cozy by the huge fireplace with a view of the front and side garden while you enjoy the smart TV/wifi.
Relax and take a nap, or stay comfortable all night in one of the several bedrooms in this home.
Incredible counters and table top with top of the line appliances.
Multiple clean, modern bathrooms allowing you privacy, comfort, and cleanliness.
Includes a pool and jacuzzi as well as plenty of outdoor seating to soak up the sun.
Backyard Seating
With an outdoor fire place and enchanting pergola, this is the perfect place to relax in the fresh air.
Enjoy your favorite films in a private, indoor theatre.
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Cleaning is done twice a week. 

Private, gated parking can be found on the property. 



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Recover in Comfort

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