Temple Augmentation

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Various areas of our face are prone to natural volume loss as we age, including the brow, cheeks, and the often ignored temples. Sunken temples can disrupt facial harmony by causing the upper face to sag, giving you a tired, aged facial appearance. Board-certified dermatologist and facial sculpting expert Dr. Jason Emer performs temple augmentation as part of many facial rejuvenation treatments at his Beverly Hills medical practice.
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While you may be protecting your skin from harmful sun damage and sticking to your daily skin care regimen, you cannot combat the effects of aging with serums and cleansers alone, especially when it comes to losing volume in areas like the temples. Physically active and athletic individuals are especially prone to sunken temples, which give your face a thin, gaunt appearance and cause the eyebrows and upper face to sag prematurely. Temple augmentation involves various methods of replacing lost volume and balancing facial features to restore an aesthetic, youthful appearance. Dr. Emer uses injectable fillers, Sculptra injections, and/or fat grafting to increase volume in depressed, hollow, or sunken areas of the face to improve contours. Using an anatomical and structural approach to temple augmentation, Dr. Emer addresses not only the temples but all areas of the face, including the cheeks, brow, and under the eyes. The result of his approach is complete facial rejuvenation that improves facial harmony, defines the ogee curve, and creates a healthier and more rested appearance.



There are a number of methodologies available for improving volume loss in the temples and throughout the face. To determine which methods are best for you, you will need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Emer.
After assessing your cosmetic concerns and facial tissue and structure, he can create a customized treatment approach to best achieve your goals.



Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers consist of a substance that is naturally found in your body and can be used to replace lost volume, contour the temples, lift the brow, and create a softer profile from the forehead to the cheekbone. The temple area requires an ample amount of filler to obtain visible results, so Dr. Emer injects deeply into various quadrants of the temple to fill the hollows, improve upper facial balance, and lift the brow in a single, no-downtime treatment. Depending on the patient’s unique needs and goals, Dr. Emer uses a range of HA fillers, including:
a thin, versatile, soft tissue filler that integrates nicely into the skin without any lumps or bumps.
which has an inherent lifting ability and larger particles, making it an ideal filler for areas such as the temples, cheeks, chin, and jawline.
an instantly volumizing filler designed to correct age-related hollowness in the midface and surrounding areas.
For patients seeking additional or longer lasting improvement in the temple area, Dr. Emer may employ semi-permanent synthetic fillers such as:
a calcium-based filler that adds volume under the skin over time by stimulating your body’s own natural collagen production.
an FDA-approved filler comprised of tiny polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres, often used to treat facial volume loss, wrinkles and folds, acne scars, and facial asymmetry. Once injected, the collagen gel immediately volumizes the depressed area while the PMMA microspheres bind to the tissue and create a scaffold beneath the skin, promoting long-term collagen production. Results typically last up to 5 years for nasolabial folds and up to 12 months for acne scars.
an FDA-approved poly-L-lactic acid filler that is injected very deeply and stimulates collagen production over time. Used independently or in conjunction with other fillers, Sculptra is used to help build a foundation in the face as well as improve facial volume and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.



For temple augmentation results to look natural, Dr. Emer often must address signs of aging in the brow as well. For patients with droopy brows or eyelids, Dr. Emer uses injectable fillers to deliver a non-surgical, “no-Botox” Filler Brow Lift, resulting in an arched brow, elevation of the tissue, and a “gull wing” look for those seeking an “open eye” and contoured upper face.Using a blunt-tipped cannula to reduce complications, bruising, and swelling, Dr. Emer injects the filler directly into the suprabrow fat pad behind the brow (which diminishes as we age) as well as various areas in the temples, upper eyes, and forehead to contour and lift the brow.

While there is some immediate volumization, it typically takes one or two weeks to see the subtle but visible improvements from the treatment. Through proper technique and strategic placement of the fillers, Dr. Emer’s patients do not appear overdone.



Autologous facial fat grafting is a minimal-downtime procedure with long-term results that repurposes a patient’s fat to lift, contour, shape, and volumize the face. Due to the fat extraction process, fat grafting is more invasive than traditional dermal fillers, but it also provides longer-lasting results.

To create your fat injections, Dr. Emer gently extracts excess fat from another area of your body. He uses water-assisted harvesting methods to obtain the cleanest, most viable fat.

Next, the fat is processed through Puregraft ultrafiltration and enriched with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and growth factors from your own blood, as well as A-cell stem cells. Dr. Emer can then artfully inject the fat into the desired areas. Using a blunt-tipped cannula, Dr. Emer is able to reduce post-procedure discomfort.

As a complement to temple fillers (or when used in place of fillers), facial fat grafting can produce immediate, noticeable results. Dr. Emer uses fat injections to improve hollows, deep lines, wrinkles, sagging, irregularities, and volume loss in all areas of the face, including the temples, cheeks, lips, chin, and earlobes.

For patients who do not have excess fat to harvest or who prefer a less-invasive fat injection method, Dr. Emer may recommend Renuva Adipose Matrix synthetic fat injections. Renuva injections provide permanent improvements without the downtime associated with the autologous fat transfer procedure.


The results of your temple augmentation will depend on the type of treatment needed to achieve your desired look. HA filler results often last up to 6 to 12 months at optimal correction with periodic maintenance to sustain the volume and shape. High-density temple fillers such as Radiesse, Bellafill, Juvederm Voluma, and Restylane Defyne are ideal for those with a fast metabolism as the effects tend to last longer. Sculptra injections typically offer longer-lasting improvement with slower initial results, as it takes time to stimulate collagen production.

Fat grafting results are permanent, though follow-up fat injections may be needed to reach optimal volume in the treated areas. Dr. Emer can store excess harvested fat from your initial fat transfer procedure to be used for future touch-up injections.


Dr. Emer creates a unique facial sculpting treatment plan for each patient, so the price of temple augmentation depends on the type or types of procedures needed to achieve your desired outcome. In your consultation, Dr. Emer will explain all of your treatment options and the associated costs.


When it comes to volume loss, men often age more rapidly than women. Male facial contouring involves treating not only the temple area but also under-eye hollows and dark circles, the midface/cheek, jawline, chin, lips, and the lines, folds, and creases around the mouth.

Dr. Emer is particularly skilled in the art of male facial sculpting. His approach is to make subtle improvements to maintain the patient’s masculine look while improving volume, definition, and facial balance and creating a natural-looking, “modelesque” appearance for those seeking a contoured look.


“I finally made the decision to undergo facial sculpting with dermal fillers. I didn’t like my chin (I felt that it wasn’t defined enough) and I also wanted to contour my cheekbones, jawline and temples. I am blown away by my results. As this being the first time ever having filler, I was nervous about looking “different” or “overdone,” but I look like a better version of MYSELF!!!! I would not trust anyone else with my face. Dr. Emer and his staff are amazing!!!”
– William F


Facial sculpting is a delicate art that requires advanced knowledge of facial anatomy and the ability to accurately conceptualize a patient’s vision for his or her ideal facial contours. Dr. Emer brings both of these qualities, as well as over a decade of experience, to every treatment plan and procedure, allowing him to provide the best temple augmentation in Beverly Hills. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Emer.