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Hi-Def 4D Liposculpture Hi-Def 4D Liposculpture Hi-Def 4D Liposculpture Hi-Def 4D Liposculpture Hi-Def 4D Liposculpture
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What is hi def liposculpture?

Dr. Jason Emer, a board-certified dermatologist and body sculpting expert behind some of Hollywood’s most defined bodies. Dr. Emer shapes, sculpts and etches your ideal body with the ultimate liposuction procedure: HI DEFINITION LIPOSCULPTURE.

Using revolutionary techniques and advanced technologies, including laser, ultrasound, and radiofrequency (RF) energy, Dr. Emer can meticulously design every detail, shape a perfect curve, create tone, athletic arms, and sculpt and define six-packs abs. Areas that are difficult to treat for others–such as the legs, calves, chest, and back–are Dr. Emer’s unique specialties

What is Dr. Emer’s approach?

Prior to Hi-Definition Liposculpture, Dr. Emer uses pre-op markings to identify his patients’ underlying muscles, create a roadmap for the procedure and sketch out the ultimate result and contour/shape the patient is hoping for. 

Dr. Emer crafts an inventive, customized approach for each of his patients, producing significant improvements where others cannot. Through advanced ultrasound technology and his unparalleled sculpting and etching expertise, Dr. Emer is able to remove the layer of fat that disguises those underlying musculature, create lines, and chisel out six-pack abs, pecs, lats, obliques, and buttocks. The result is a toned, athletic appearance that is not obtainable through dieting and exercise alone.

For patients who would benefit from surgical procedures, such as skin removal, body lifting, muscular implants, or breast gland removal, Dr. Emer works closely with his expert surgical team to ensure a safe, effective and complete transformation that is simultaneous. Regardless of the procedure, in Dr. Emer’s care, stunning results are inevitable.

For this reason, patients travel to Dr. Emer’s practice in Beverly Hills / Los Angeles / West Hollywood, California, from all over the world to take advantage of his comprehensive care and innovative approaches.

Hi Dep Lipo

What does the procedure entail?

A specialist in life-altering, full-body transformation, Dr. Jason Emer performs an advanced form of liposuction called Hi-Definition Liposculpture, which seeks to not only remove unwanted fat but also tighten the skin, improve cellulite, define and contour the body, and correct botched surgeries and irregularities.

  • At the start of the procedure, Utilizing a state-of-the-art, water-assisted Body-Jet fat removal system, Dr. Emer masterfully detaches fat cells from connective tissue and separates tissue from the muscles to reduce bruising and swelling. A key advantage of the Body-Jet water-assisted system is the ability to control how much fluid is used at any given time, allowing Dr. Emer to limit the amount of fluid injected when treating localized areas; water-assisted liposuction is also preferred for Lipedema patients as well as for leg/calf/ankle contouring because it is a gentler approach that protects the lymphatic vessels from long-term swelling or bruising following the procedure.
  • Emer then uses VASERlipo, an ultrasound-based system that uses ultrasonic cavitation to deliver acoustic energy beneath the skin, disrupt and dislodge clusters of intact fat cells, and provide a simultaneous definition and sculpting enhancements. Unlike only energy-based liposuction devices, ultrasonic liposuction causes stem heat under the surface of the skin to further enhance sculpting and obtain increased skin tightening; it also allows for the improvement and softening of scar tissue or irregularities from previous procedures. Next, either by hand or through power-assisted devices, Dr. Emer is able to remove unwanted fat, which is then purified and harvested so that it can be reused to sculpt, define and volumize targeted areas.
  • Equipped with custom-designed cannulas that allow for the greatest precision, Dr. Emer extracts the cleanest, most viable fat possible, purifies it through Puregraft microfiltration, and enriches the fat with stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from the patient’s own blood.
  • The extracted fat is purified through Puregraft microfiltration, thereby removing any contaminants, oil, debris, and blood. Dr. Emer then enriches the fat with stem cells (such as A-cell), growth factors, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from the patient’s own blood. Once purified and enriched, the fat can be used throughout the body to lift, shape, add volume and definition, provide additional contour, and refill and camouflage indentations and irregularities (as needed) from previous botched procedures. Fat and stem cells can also be harvested and stored for future use, when joint, wellness, anti-aging, and longevity procedures are required.

    Jason Emer MD

    What is 4D liposculpture?

    Once the unwanted fat has been removed, a combination of RF plasma utilized to heat and tighten loose skin internally while simultaneously delivering helium for an immediate cooling effect, thereby protecting the skin from burns or scars. This procedure can be performed on the face, body, and in hard-to-reach areas such as the buttock roll, knees, and back. Through dimensional contouring, Dr. Emer performs 360-degree fat removal and skin tightening in all problem areas, thereby achieving the greatest contour and reducing skin sagging.

     If skin removal is needed due to significant skin laxity, Dr. Emer’s talented team of plastic surgeons will work simultaneously to remove and lift the excess skin, making every effort to minimize incisions and reduce downtime.

    Dr. Emer then injects the filtered, purified, and enriched fat—marinated in stem cells and growth factors—into those areas where lift, volume and definition are desired, such as the chest, breasts, arms, shoulders, biceps, calves and buttocks. Throughout the procedure, Dr. Emer selects optimal entry points to minimize and disguise scars whenever possible; his work is most successful when it appears that his patients have had no “work” done at all.

    What happens after my treatment?

    You can anticipate a more significant amount of downtime following Hi-Definition Liposculpture, body sculpting, and lifting as compared to traditional liposuction. While a weekend of downtime with compression is typical for most patients undergoing traditional tumescent, small-volume liposuction, the downtime for Hi-Definition Liposculpture is normally up to 2 weeks. If the procedure involves skin cutting, significant fat grafting, body lifting, or surgical implants, then the downtime is more likely to be 2 to 3 weeks.

    In the first two weeks, patients will experience a great deal of drainage and leakage; this is a vital step in the process as lymphatic massage and fluid draining can help prevent infection, fluid buildup (seroma) and scar tissue formation, which are all potential occurrences in liposuction procedures.

    If weight loss is required prior to hi-def liposculpture, Dr. Emer’s personal trainers and advanced weight loss techniques can assist with your preparation for surgery and further improve your outcome once the procedure is completed.

    What are the benefits of HI DEF 4D Liposculpture?

    • Create an abdominal six-pack
    • Achieve a more sculpted, chiseled and muscular body
    • Improve definition and volume in the rear end
    • Tone and firm the arms
    • Reduce unwanted stubborn fat
    • Tighten loose, hanging skin
    • Preserve surrounding skin tissue and nerves
    • Minimal swelling and bruising
    • Quick recovery time

    Am I a good candidate for HI-DEF LIPOSCULPTURE??

    Those Beverly Hills and West Hollywood clients seeking improved definition in their look that was previously unattainable through dieting and exercise may find 4D hi-def liposculpture to be the solution they have been seeking. As with all cosmetic procedures, clients should be of sound mind and body with realistic expectations for what the treatment can and cannot accomplish

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    Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19 View Update Virtual Consultation

    Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

    As Emerage Medical reopens to the public, we’re implementing extensive protocols to keep our practice virus-free, and our staff and patients safe. Our approach closely follows public health directives and the latest recommendations from medical journals and academies.

    Fewer People, Less Risk
    The most visible change is reduced in-office staff. Fewer people means less person-to-person contact. We are only seeing about 25% of our normal patient volume and will only increase this by expanding our operating schedule – not by reducing time between patients.

    Here’s How Patients Can Help
    1. Please do not bring guests unless absolutely necessary, as they will not be permitted in the waiting room.
    2. Please continue to wear a mask or face covering until you enter the exam room.
    3. We screen everyone who enters the office – staff and patients alike – about recent travel, flu-like symptoms, and any potential exposure to COVID-19. Please help us by being transparent in your answers.
    4. Please allow our staff to take your temperature at check-in using a contactless thermometer.

    What to Expect After Check-In
    After the check-in screening, patients will be directly escorted to their exam room to complete any paperwork. This is to reduce potential contact with other patients. Clean pens and clipboards will be provided to everyone and resterilized between each use.

    Even More Safety Measures
    Everyone on our staff has been directed not to come in if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 or recently came in direct contact with anyone who’s tested positive. Here’s what else we’re doing to keep you safer:

    • Staff members will be wearing protective masks at all times.
    • All chairs, surfaces, and non-disposable equipment will be wiped down with antibacterial wipes between patients and at the top of every hour. 
    • All in-person meetings with suppliers, vendors, or salespeople have been canceled to reduce unnecessary foot traffic.
    • Hand-sanitizing stations are available in nearly every area of the office.
    • The entire practice will be cleaned each night, including periodic deep cleanings to further sanitize the premises.
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