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What is breast reduction surgery?

As women age, one common cause of both diminished confidence and constant pain and discomfort is large, sagging breasts. A reduction mammoplasty (or breast reduction) is a surgical procedure that removes excess breast fat, tissue and skin, thereby reducing the weight in the breast area and diminishing any back, neck and shoulder pain.

This common but incredibly delicate procedure that must be performed by an experienced, certified plastic surgeon who will not only reduce the breast size but also lift, shape, tighten, and improve the overall appearance of the breasts. Breast reduction surgery typically has no long-term impact on nipple sensitivity or the ability to breastfeed. For most patients, rearranging the natural breast tissue does not require the use of implants or fat grafting; however, this is often determined during an in-depth consultation with Dr. Emer and Dr. Cohen in Beverly Hills and his skilled team of West Hollywood plastic surgeons.

Introducing Dr. Robert Cohen

Dr. Robert Cohen, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, recently joined the Emer medical All-Star team of Hollywood’s best surgeons. He is a leader in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery dedicated to achieving his patients’ goals. Come in for a consultation and let us address your concerns and provide you with a customized plan to achieve the best results possible.

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