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Dr. Jason Emer is a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in skin rejuvenation treatments. One of his favorite devices for non-surgical skin tightening is an advanced radiofrequency microneedling system called Pixel8-RF. At his medical practice in Beverly Hills, Pixel8-RF is frequently paired with laser skin resurfacing to brighten, firm, and refresh the skin from the inside out.


Pixel8-RF is an FDA-approved device for tightening and revitalizing the skin. This minimally invasive treatment capitalizes on the regenerative benefits of two proven skin rejuvenation treatments: radiofrequency (RF) heat therapy and skin resurfacing technique with microneedling.

When it comes to healthy, strong skin, collagen is your most important ally. Collagen is a protein that can be found throughout the body. Its function is to provide structure and form.

A decline in the body’s production of collagen occurs as you get older. With this natural loss of strength and elasticity, the skin can no longer hold its shape. A crepey skin texture can develop, along with skin laxity and wrinkles.

Pixel8-RF works both at the surface level and within the underlying dermal layers to trigger the body’s natural production of collagen. Restoring optimal amounts of collagen in the skin can provide visible improvements in tone and texture.

Pixel8-RF can be used on the delicate skin of the face and neck for issues like crow’s feet and laugh lines. Dr. Emer also employs this device to target skin laxity throughout the body, including the chest, upper arms, elbows, and knees.

This device can treat a wide variety of common skin issues, including large pores, fine lines, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation issues like sun spots and age spots. Signs of aging like sagging skin and irregular skin texture are most frequently treated with Pixel8-RF due to its ability to optimize the body’s formation of key skin proteins.



Pixel8-RF can effectively address many age-related skin concerns, but it is not intended to treat severe skin laxity. Patients with significant excess, loose skin are typically better candidates for more aggressive treatment approaches, such as surgical face or body lifting procedures.

If you are an adult in good physical health and you want smoother, firmer skin, you may be a candidate for this procedure. Pixel8-RF was designed to accommodate patients of nearly any skin type. Patients of light and dark skin tones can safely undergo Pixel8-RF treatments.

Patients with certain chronic and/or active skin conditions may not be good candidates or may require pre-treatment with other devices or therapies to resolve flare-ups and irritation before undergoing Pixel8-RF. Additionally, since microneedling punctures the skin’s surface, patients who are predisposed to keloid scarring may not be ideal candidates.



The tip of the Pixel8-RF device is a grid of tiny needles that are used to penetrate the skin’s surface. Microchannels are created in the skin in this process. RF energy is sent through the microneedles to heat the targeted layers of dermal tissue.

Dr. Emer is meticulous about creating customized treatments for his patients. Pixel8-RF quickly became his go-to RF microneedling device due to how precisely he can adjust the handpiece and how easy it is to switch the device settings during the procedure to accommodate areas with thinner or thicker skin.

One way Dr. Emer tailors Pixel8-RF treatments to your needs is by selecting the appropriate penetration depth. Pixel8-RF can be adjusted from .5mm to 3.5mm, based on your unique skin, to achieve improvements without risking hyperpigmentation or other unwanted effects.

The RF heat is also carefully controlled by Dr. Emer to provide the ideal intensity and delivery for your treatment. Dr. Emer can customize Pixel8-RF treatments by choosing a tip with insulated needles or one with non-insulated needles. Non-insulated needles distribute RF heat evenly along their entire length, so the upper dermal layer, underlying dermis, and the deeper subdermal tissues are treated simultaneously. Insulated needles only emit RF energy from the tip of the needle.



Dr. Emer performs RF microneedling at his prestigious Beverly Hills medical practice. Pixel8-RF is a minimally invasive treatment, so it does not require general anesthesia or sedation.

Nerve blocks and/or topical numbing cream can be used to ensure the procedure is easily tolerated. Dr. Emer’s Pixel8-RF treatments make use of a chilled air device to cool the heated skin and further minimize discomfort.

During the procedure, Dr. Emer will place the tip over an untreated portion of the treatment area. At his expert discretion, the device sends the microneedles into the skin and emits RF heat. He will repeat this process until the entire targeted area has been treated.

You will hear a clicking sound as the device “stamps” the tip into the skin. There may be some minor pinpoint bleeding from the punctures, which will be wiped away.

You can expect little-to-no downtime after Pixel8-RF. Post-treatment redness can occur for a day or two after your procedure. Some patients experience minor swelling for a brief period of time. Typically, patients are back at work and following their regular routine the day after a Pixel8-RF treatment.

You will be instructed to avoid direct and/or prolonged exposure to sunlight for two to three days, or as directed by Dr. Emer. The skin can be especially sensitive in the first days after your treatment, so you must take extreme care to avoid compromising the regenerative effects of Pixel8-RF.

Aftercare is never an afterthought for Dr. Emer. He makes sure each patient understands the best way to maximize their results and promote firm, bright, and clear skin long-term. He will provide personalized aftercare instructions based on your skin type and skin concerns.

One of his most recommended aftercare protocols for Pixel8-RF patients is his Emerage Skin Aerify Complexion Kit. This powerful kit contains everything your skin needs for two weeks to build on and maintain the improvements achieved with Pixel8-RF.

Your skin will benefit greatly from the collagen induction accomplished with a single Pixel8-RF treatment. Pixel8-RF results can include:

  • Softer, smoother skin
  • Smaller pores
  • Fewer wrinkles and fine lines

Subtly lifted tissue

  • Firmer, fuller, and tighter skin
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Relief from acne breakouts
  • Less noticeable scars

Final results will be evident several weeks after your procedure, as the body’s collagen production process takes time. Lifestyle factors like smoking, alcohol consumption, and time spent in the sun or in tanning beds can impact the longevity of your results.
The most dramatic improvements often involve an initial series of Pixel8-RF sessions. Most patients’ goals can be accomplished in three or four sessions spaced about six weeks apart. Once you’ve attained your desired results, periodic maintenance sessions are recommended to continue to support optimal collagen formation going forward.



While Pixel8-RF provides amazing results on its own, Dr. Emer typically uses the device in conjunction with other treatments to deliver truly transformative outcomes.

One of his favorite pairings is a combination of Pixel8-RF and laser skin rejuvenation with MOXI to brighten and tighten the skin. The MOXI laser is a great complement to Pixel8-RF and an ideal treatment for patients who want to revitalize their skin without significant downtime.

He also uses Pixel8-RF to enhance the effects of:

  • Thread lifting – Thread lifting is a non-surgical approach to restoring a youthful lift in areas with sagging tissue. Combining threading with Pixel8-RF means you benefit from two collagen-induction treatments, along with skin tightening from Pixel8-RF.
  • Dermal fillers – Dr. Emer uses injectable dermal fillers for facial sculpting and anti-aging effects. Pixel8-RF can be performed to refresh, tighten, and smooth the skin, and put the final touch on your enhanced facial appearance.
  • Acne scar treatments – Dr. Emer is renowned for his multi-faceted acne scar treatments. Pixel8-RF is often incorporated into protocols for minimizing pits and discoloration caused by acne scars. With Pixel8-RF, Dr. Emer can adjust the microneedles to break up thicker, deeper scar tissue than is possible with other RF microneedling devices.

Patient Story


My patient works hard to take care of his body and mind but also wants the best for his skin. He has been following me and wanted to make his skin look its best. He knew that he had to be careful who he want to for these treatments because of his skin type. He got great results from one treatment and plans to come back for more over the coming months

Patient Story

This patient came to Dr. Emer after she started a medication that caused her to have a massive breakout. These pimples left behind scars that were damaging to her confidence. The patient was able to see a massive improvement in the quality of her skin and will see more improvement with more treatments. She was having to use extensive makeup previously and is now able to feel comfortable in her bare skin.


The price of your Pixel8-RF treatment will reflect the details of your procedure. The size of the targeted area and number of areas you want to treat impact the overall price of skin rejuvenation with this advanced device.



If you are ready to explore your skin rejuvenation options, it’s time to talk to Dr. Emer about Pixel8-RF. To schedule your consultation for Pixel8-RF in Beverly Hills, reach out to our office today!