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Pectoral implant surgery is performed to augment the pectoral muscles and refine the shape of the chest. Body sculpting expert Dr. Jason Emer and his team of skilled Beverly Hills plastic surgeons provide highly customized pec implant surgery to create the sculpted, symmetrical, and masculine chest you desire.
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Pectoral implants, or pec implants, are made of solid silicone gel and are designed to enhance the muscles of your chest. Each patient has a unique reason for choosing to have pec implant surgery, but this procedure is most often performed to create more masculine contours and improved definition in the chest area.

Pectoral implants require surgical placement by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Emer works with the top plastic surgeons in West Hollywood to ensure aesthetic, transformational results for his patients.

Pec implants can be customized to best complement your body shape and create the proportions you desire. Dr. Emer and his plastic surgeons will use their expertise to help you determine the right size of implant to achieve your unique aesthetic goals.

As part of the pec implant selection process, the plastic surgeon will take measurements of your pectoralis muscles and show you before-and-after pictures of other pec augmentation patients that our expert team has treated. You and the plastic surgeon can then work together to design the optimal pectoral implants for you.



Ideal candidates for pec implants are healthy adults who want to augment the chest muscles. Candidates should be realistic in their expectations for the treatment.
Since pectoral muscle implants require surgery, candidates must be free of any health condition that interferes with the healing process. Patients must also be non-smokers or willing to abstain from smoking as directed by Dr. Emer.

You may be a candidate for pec implant surgery if you are seeking chest augmentation for:

  • Chest reconstruction after injury or medical surgery
  • Gender-affirming reasons
  • Age-related muscle loss in the chest
  • Sculpting specific proportions and definition in the chest area that can’t be achieved through working out alone


Pectoral implant surgery typically takes one to two hours. The procedure is performed in an operating room.

At the start of your procedure, the chest area will be shaved. You will then be given local or general anesthesia, depending on what you and the plastic surgeon determine is best for you.

Pec implant surgery requires incisions at each armpit crease. The incisions allow the plastic surgeon to insert your custom pec implants.

Pec implants are placed between your pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscles. Dr. Emer’s plastic surgeons are meticulous about positioning the implants to ensure symmetrical, natural-looking results. Once the implants have been placed, the plastic surgeon will close the incisions.


Most patients can return home the same day as the procedure. However, you should make plans in advance for someone to drive you home.

Depending on your body’s natural rate of healing, you can expect a week or two of downtime after pec implant surgery. During the initial stage of the recovery process, bruising, tenderness, and swelling can be expected. You will likely be advised to wear a compression garment for several weeks to promote healing and reduce swelling.

Dr. Emer and his team will provide detailed aftercare instructions to guide you through your recovery. In general, patients should avoid strenuous activity, lifting things, and raising the arms overhead until otherwise advised by Dr. Emer.

Dr. Emer’s staff will help you schedule a follow-up appointment for two weeks after your pec implant surgery. This appointment allows Dr. Emer to provide guidance and a timeline for resuming all of your normal activities.


You will notice that your chest appears stronger and more defined right away. However, final results will not be visible until all post-procedure swelling has subsided, which takes about six weeks.

Once healing is complete, you can expect to enjoy your pec implant results for many years. The natural aging process and/or weight fluctuations can affect the appearance of your chest. Dr. Emer may recommend regular collagen-stimulation treatments, skin rejuvenation procedures, or other therapies to help you maintain firm, aesthetic chest contours long-term.



Pec implant surgery can be performed as a stand-alone treatment for chest augmentation. However, in his vast experience, Dr. Emer has found that comprehensive improvements typically require a combination of treatments based on the patient’s unique anatomy and desired outcome.

Dr. Emer may recommend combining your pec implant surgery with fat removal (liposuction), skin excision, breast gland removal, and/or nipple repositioning procedures as needed for a complete transformation of the chest contours. Pec implant surgery can also be included as part of Dr. Emer’s world-renowned body sculpting procedure called 360 HD liposculpture.

360 HD lipo is a total-body enhancement solution that involves a patient-tailored combination of precision liposuction, fat grafting, skin tightening, and muscle enhancement. 360 HD lipo is highly popular among active individuals who have spent hours working out but still struggle with problem areas that don’t respond to exercise.

In one procedure, 360 HD lipo can address stubborn fat pockets, underdeveloped muscles, skin laxity, and/or asymmetry throughout the body to chisel out athletic lines and improve definition. Pec implants and other muscle implants can be included as part of a 360 HD lipo procedure to create your ideal, masculine proportions.
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Dr. Emer and his team in Beverly Hills provide incredible results by designing a custom approach for every patient, utilizing multiple treatments at a time that allows patients at Emerage Medical to achieve aesthetic goals others cannot with a stand alone treatment.

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Pectoral implants are not right for everyone, and they are not the only solution for chest augmentation. When you meet with Dr. Emer for your consultation, he will evaluate your cosmetic concerns and ask you about your desired outcome. He will use this information to determine the optimal chest augmentation treatment for you.

Fat grafting is an alternative approach to pec implants for chest augmentation. Fat grafting for pectoral augmentation may be recommended for patients who:

  • Desire moderate pectoral augmentation
  • Are not good candidates for pec implant surgery
  • Want to eliminate fat in other areas of the body, such as the abdomen, upper arms, or buttocks
  • Prefer a less invasive solution for sculpting a more masculine chest

Fat grafting is a minimally invasive procedure that involves harvesting unwanted fat from one area of the patient’s body to create fat injections. While pec implants can provide the most dramatic chest augmentation results, fat grafting can be a great option for patients seeking a more subtle volume increase with less downtime.

For this method of pec augmentation, Dr. Emer performs Body Jet or VASER lipo to extract the most viable fat cells. Next, he purifies the harvested fat and enriches it with growth factors. The purified, enriched fat can then be injected to augment and contour the chest.


The cost of pec implant surgery is determined by the complexity of your procedure. Once Dr. Emer and his plastic surgeon have developed your customized treatment plan, they will provide detailed pricing information.


Dr. Emer only works with the best and most qualified plastic surgeons to ensure that his patients enjoy natural-looking, long-lasting pec implant results. To find out if pectoral implants can help you achieve your chest augmentation goals, please contact our West Hollywood office to schedule a consultation.