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Encouraging the body to produce more collagen helps patients counter the effects of age and unhealthy habits to restore vibrant skin. Collagen plays many crucial roles in our bodies, but our skin is where we often notice it—or the lack of it—most. As a key protein in healthy, youthful skin, collagen is a dense network of fibers and acts as a structural glue, holding tissues together and giving our skin a firm, full, and nourished appearance.

Unfortunately, the natural aging process causes collagen production to decline starting around the age of 25. Decreased production of this important protein means that our skin becomes less firm and the tightly “glued” connections between skin and other tissues weaken. As this occurs, we start to see wrinkles and sagging skin throughout the body.

Collagen production can also be slowed by certain lifestyle habits. Smoking, excessive sun exposure, and a diet high in sugar can inhibit collagen growth.



For more than a decade, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer has made collagen stimulators a foundation of his trademark combination skin rejuvenation therapies. By pairing complementary procedures with collagen-boosting treatments, Dr. Emer is able to provide the best collagen stimulation therapy available in his Beverly Hills office.


Collagen stimulation is beneficial for healthy adult patients of all ages and skin types. Since it is the foundation of youthful skin, Dr. Emer incorporates collagen stimulation into preventative skincare protocols, targeted treatments to reverse significant signs of aging, and facial and body sculpting.

To find out how collagen stimulation therapy can help you achieve smoother and more radiant skin, you will want to meet with Dr. Emer for a consultation. His advanced knowledge of collagen-boosting techniques allows him to pinpoint the most effective approach for your specific treatment goals.





As a scientific-minded, top cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Emer is dedicated to staying current with new technologies and devices that support the natural collagen-building process. Beyond that, he continues to develop innovative methods of pairing cosmetic treatments with collagen stimulation therapy, so he can achieve incredible results for his patients.

Depending on your cosmetic concerns, your skin type, and your overall goals for treatment, Dr. Emer will formulate the optimal approach to collagen stimulation and comprehensive skin rejuvenation for you.

He often recommends a customized combination of the following collagen-stimulating therapies:


  • Injectables
  • Laser treatments
  • Microneedling
  • Radiofrequency (RF) device treatments
  • Red LED light therapy
  • Thread lifting
  • Ultrasound therapy



Dr. Emer is an expert in dermal fillers and highly skilled in delivering Bellafill and Sculptra injections to restore volume and boost collagen growth. Each of these injectables is an effective collagen builder as a singular treatment. To optimize his patients’ results, Dr. Emer has developed methods of pairing Bellafill and Sculptra with complementary treatments to enhance and extend the effects of these advanced dermal fillers.

Bellafill – This injectable filler consists of tiny biodegradable balls suspended in a collagen gel. The injected collagen is gradually absorbed by the body, but the microspheres stay and function to encourage the body to produce collagen for up to five years.

Sculptra – Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) injectable filler that increases volume to achieve aesthetic facial and body contours. Sculptra works beneath the skin to trigger natural collagen production as the body absorbs the tiny PLLA particles. The result is fuller, healthier-looking skin and increased collagen building for up to 24 months.



Dr. Emer is world-renowned for his use of laser treatments to treat a variety of skin conditions such as sun damage, irregular skin texture, acne scars, and wrinkles. He is trained and experienced with an array of lasers, so he can provide highly customized solutions for his patients.

Laser treatments stimulate collagen growth by delivering controlled pulses of concentrated light to cause minor thermal damage. The resulting micro-injuries trigger the body to start making collagen and generating healthy skin cells. There are two main types of laser treatments:

Ablative – Ablative laser procedures have two functions: removing the outermost layer of skin and heating the dermis to promote collagen growth. Popular ablative laser treatments by Dr. Emer include CO2, Deka Dot, and Erbium.Non-ablative

Non-Ablative – Non-ablative, or non-wounding lasers, are less invasive than ablative treatments but still effectively stimulate collagen production for gradual improvements in skin texture. Dr. Emer frequently performs the non-ablative laser treatments Fraxel and Clear + Brilliant.



Microneedling is a proven skin rejuvenation method and one of Dr. Emer’s most popular collagen-stimulating treatments. This minimally invasive procedure is done with a handheld device that has a tip made of tiny needles.

With his advanced knowledge of dermatology and his experience with microneedling, Dr. Emer can apply the microneedles to the skin surface at the optimal depth for each patient’s unique skin. The needle pricks induce pinpoint bleeding in order to trigger the body’s natural healing response, which is to produce more collagen.

Microneedling can be a great option for patients who want to increase collagen production and treat:


  • Facial scars, including acne scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pigmentation issues
  • Sun damage
  • Enlarged pores


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments are effective at improving skin quality and reducing inflammation. Dr. Emer often combines this treatment with microneedling to support the collagen-building process and restore healthy, rejuvenated skin.


Radiofrequency (RF) treatments incorporate RF energy to heat subdermal tissue. This controlled, focused heat promotes collagen production to rejuvenate and refresh your skin.

Dr. Emer is experienced with numerous RF devices and will select the option best suited to address your cosmetic concerns and deliver lasting collagen-boosting effects. Dr. Emer is highly trained with the following RF procedures:

This unique device pairs RF and ultrasound technologies for noticeable anti-aging effects. It triggers the body to replace and replenish collagen.

This fractional RF treatment combines the benefits of microneedling with RF heat. Patients experience the collagen-boosting effects of microneedling in a shorter, more comfortable procedure with no bleeding.

InMode Fractora is an RF microneedling treatment that resurfaces the skin and stimulates collagen production.

Morpheus8 is a fractional RF microneedling treatment that goes deep under the surface of the skin and can target three layers of tissue. Morpheus8 can reshape fat tissue, making it a good option for many patients who want a contouring effect in addition to collagen stimulation.

This RF treatment can deliver immediate skin tightening results, as well as collagen-stimulating effects.

With Thermage, RF heat targets deep layers of the skin, triggering the body to kickstart collagen production.

This treatment involves delivery of multi-polar RF energy and pulsed electro-magnetic fields to shrink fat cells and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Dr. Emer often recommends Venus Legacy to patients who want to smooth out cellulite.

Venus Viva delivers NanoFractional RF energy to heat the deep layers of your skin. In Dr. Emer’s hands, this device allows for precise application of microneedles to improve the texture of your skin and promote collagen regeneration.



Red LED light therapy can initiate the regrowth of elastin and collagen. It also improves the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients and repair damaged cells. Dr. Emer often recommends red LED light therapy before and after other collagen stimulating treatments to maximize results.


Thread lifts encourage collagen production and provide instant lifting and tightening of the skin. With thread lifting, Dr. Emer performs an advanced technique with threads made of dissolvable sutures. Over the months following a thread lifting treatment, the body absorbs the threads as new collagen is formed to lift the skin.

Thread lifting requires precise technique and artistic sensibility, which is why Dr. Emer is able to achieve such natural-looking enhancements for his patients. Dr. Emer is skilled in thread lifting with NovaThreads and Silhouette InstaLift:

NovaThreads – NovaThreads resorbable suture threads are made of barbed polydioxanone (PDO). Dr. Emer frequently uses NovaThreads to lift and enhance the cheeks, jawline, and neck.

Silhouette InstaLift – Silhouette InstaLift threads have bidirectional cones made of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) and poly-L-glycolic acid (PLGA). The cones trigger collagen production and skin tightening over time.


Ultherapy employs ultrasound energy to generate heat that Dr. Emer can control and direct to activate collagen production. In his vast experience, Dr. Emer has found that this non-invasive treatment is particularly effective at achieving advanced, long-term sagging prevention and improvement in skin elasticity when used in combination with complementary collagen-stimulating treatments.


The price of collagen stimulation therapy varies depending on your unique treatment plan. Dr. Emer will formulate a specific protocol for you based on your skin type, medical history, and overall treatment goals. You will receive detailed information regarding all costs associated with your skin rejuvenation treatment prior to scheduling any procedures.


Whether you are seeking preventative treatment or anti-aging intervention, Dr. Emer offers the best collagen stimulation therapy in Beverly Hills. He has built his prestigious practice on formulating highly customized, combination skin rejuvenation solutions for each unique patient.

Now is the time to take the first step toward your most refreshed, radiant skin. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Emer.