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InMode BodyTite offers a less invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery for patients seeking to reduce body fat and improve skin laxity. Board-certified dermatologist and body sculpting expert Dr. Jason Emer provides the best BodyTite treatments in Beverly Hills by developing customized, combination body contouring protocols for each unique patient. With Dr. Emer and BodyTite, you can expect dramatic, natural-looking lifting, tightening, and contouring.



BodyTite is an internal heating device that reduces fat and tightens skin using radiofrequency (RF) energy. Dr. Emer can use BodyTite throughout the body to improve the contours of the:

Stomach | Flanks | Arms | Back | Thighs (inner and outer) | Buttock and buttock roll | Knees | Chest | Breasts

Dr. Emer sees many patients who are not good candidates for surgical procedures or who prefer not to undergo cosmetic surgery. Often, he can deliver significant improvements using external RF or ultrasound-based devices, but some patients need a more aggressive intervention than non-invasive treatments can provide.

BodyTite fills the gap between non-invasive treatment and invasive cosmetic surgery. While BodyTite involves more discomfort and downtime than non-invasive procedures, it can provide improvements comparable to surgical results with a fraction of the recovery time.



Ideal candidates are often patients who have undergone significant weight loss. BodyTite can resolve lingering fat deposits and address mild cases of loose skin that can occur as a result of significant weight loss. However, if considerable hanging skin is present, surgical skin removal may be a better option.

Healthy adults seeking an alternative to cosmetic surgery for treating loose skin and minor fat deposits in the body may be good candidates for BodyTite. Good candidates are at or near their optimal weight but suffer from stubborn, localized fat deposits and/or mild to moderate skin laxity.



BodyTite is an internal heating device that uses RF energy to treat skin laxity and reduce fat. A probe inserted under the skin’s surface allows the device to send RF energy directly into subdermal tissue. The RF heat causes dermal tissue to contract for a skin tightening effect.

The RF heat energy also melts fat. Paired with liposuction, BodyTite can be used in radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL). With RFAL, Dr. Emer can use suction to permanently remove the liquefied fat.



BodyTite procedures average 30-45 minutes per treatment site. Depending on the number of treatment areas, your BodyTite appointment could last up to three hours.

The BodyTite procedure begins with local or general anesthesia. Once you are comfortable, Dr. Emer will make a tiny, discreet incision, so he can insert a BodyTite probe. A second probe is then placed externally over the surface of the skin.

RF energy travels through the two handpieces to heat fat cells and prompt collagen fibers to contract. Dr. Emer carefully monitors the heat temperature to prevent unnecessary thermal damage. The process is repeated until the treatment area has been thoroughly contoured and tightened.



Dr. Emer will provide personalized recommendations regarding your aftercare and activity levels throughout your recovery. Some downtime is necessary to ensure optimal results. Resting helps to support the body’s natural healing process.

One key advantage of BodyTite over surgical lifts is that it requires less downtime. Patients can resume normal activities and return to work more quickly than they could after a cosmetic surgery.

Swelling and tenderness can occur after BodyTite treatment. Discomfort is usually minimal, and swelling will naturally decrease as the body heals in the weeks following your procedure. Dr. Emer may advise that you wear special compression garments to reduce swelling and promote aesthetic results.



In Dr. Emer’s hands, BodyTite can provide dramatic, long-lasting improvements. Fat reduction results are often visible right after treatment and can be permanent for patients who consistently exercise and eat a healthy diet.

Skin tightening effects will appear gradually as collagen production increases. Skin improvements can be maintained with regular external RF or Ultherapy procedures. Non-invasive RF and ultrasound treatments will help to keep collagen production at an ideal level and prevent signs of aging on the skin.



Dr. Emer is world-renowned for his skin rejuvenation and body sculpting expertise, making him the ideal choice for your BodyTite treatment. Not only is Dr. Emer highly trained and experienced with BodyTite, he leverages its benefits by combining it with complementary procedures. He has developed advanced BodyTite protocols to achieve remarkable non-surgical lifting and tightening in common problem areas throughout the body.

Whether through surgery or minimally invasive treatments, the goal of any breast lift procedure is to restore youthful shape to the breasts and simultaneously tighten the surrounding tissue. For patients seeking minor lifting who wish to avoid surgery and major downtime, Dr. Emer can perform a non-surgical breast lift.

Non-surgical breast lift procedures combine InMode BodyTite in with external microneedling RF (Morpheus8) to lift and tighten crepey skin. Thread lifting can further enhance results by subtly lifting tissue and stimulating collagen production.

If more significant improvement is desired, or for those with severe sagging, laxity, and stretching of the breast tissue, a surgical breast lift, or mastopexy, can be performed in conjunction with BodyTite and with the aid of Dr. Emer’s expert plastic surgeons.

After a non-surgical or surgical breast lift, various external RF devices and ultrasound energy therapy can be used to maintain results. Devices like Exilis Ultra, Venus Legacy, InMode Forma/Contoura, Thermage, and Ultherapy can further tighten skin in the breast area, stimulate collagen production, and support a long-term lift.

Dr. Emer may also use Sculptra injections to complement breast lift treatments. Sculptra provides enhanced collagen production and volumization effects.

For loose skin on the inner thighs, Dr. Emer uses a combination of Hi-Definition liposuction, Renuvion helium plasma RF energy, and InMode BodyTite internal RF skin tightening. BodyTite and Renuvion allow for precise tightening and lifting and help to enhance fat removal results in this common problem area.

For this minimally invasive inner thigh contouring approach, HD lipo is performed to remove excess fat from the area. Then, Dr. Emer uses the BodyTite device to maximize results. BodyTite can “shrink wrap” the skin through internal heating, contour the thighs, and melt any remaining, unwanted fat beneath the skin.

If there is significant skin laxity and crepey skin in the thighs, these minimally invasive procedures can be combined with a surgical thigh lift, or thighplasty. The most extensive thigh lift procedure uses a “spiral lift” technique to achieve comprehensive improvement.

A primary concern for many of Dr. Emer’s male and female patients is the buttock area. With age, the skin in this area begins to sag, and the buttocks lose volume. As part of a non-surgical butt lift procedure, Dr. Emer uses InMode BodyTite to tighten the lower buttock, buttock roll, and inner and outer thighs. For best results, Dr. Emer may combine BodyTite with:

Morpheus8, a deep microneedling RF device that provides additional skin tightening and fat remodeling.

Autologous fat grafting, a procedure that repurposes the patient’s extracted fat to augment, sculpt, and shape the buttocks.

“BellaLift” injections, which pair the dermal filler Bellafill and collagen stimulator Sculptra to enhance the buttock contours.

Cellfina, the gold standard for cellulite reduction.

External RF devices like Thermage, Vanquish, Venus Legacy, BTL Exilis Ultra, InMode Forma/Contoura, and InMode BodyFX to maintain firm, youthful skin.

Vibration/shockwave therapy treatments such as eVIVE, Cellutone, and ZWave to smooth the surface of the skin and promote long-term skin tightening.

With strategic combinations of these minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Emer can achieve noticeable, aesthetic improvements in buttock shape and size. He can also provide long-term lifting and tightening of the buttock and address dimples, indentations, cellulite, crepey skin, and skin laxity.


The cost of your BodyTite procedure will depend on the complexity of your cosmetic concerns and the size of your treatment area(s). For the most dramatic improvements, complementary treatments are recommended, and these additional procedures will impact the overall cost of your body sculpting and skin rejuvenation protocol.


Dr. Emer provides the best BodyTite treatments in Beverly Hills by carefully designing each patient’s unique treatment plan. With his body sculpting and skin rejuvenation expertise, he can select the exact technologies and techniques that will tighten, tone, and smooth your problem areas. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Emer and find out how you can make your ideal body a reality.