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At the medical practice of board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer in NYC, surgical aftercare is never an afterthought. We offer a variety of treatments for patients during the post-op recovery period to make the healing process as quick and comfortable as possible.

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Surgical aftercare refers to protocols and treatments designed to promote healing after surgery. The overarching goals are to:

  •  Accelerate the body’s wound-healing response
  • Reduce inflammation, swelling, and bruising
  • Strengthen the immune system for less risk of infection
  • Reduce discomfort and fatigue during recovery
  • Monitor your surgical recovery to ensure everything is progressing smoothly



Whether your surgery was performed to address a medical condition, provide aesthetic improvements, or both, the importance of proper surgical aftercare cannot be overstated. A successful surgical outcome is only possible when the body has what it needs to perform its wound-healing processes, which is why the following treatments are central to an effective aftercare strategy.

Lymphatic fluid carries white blood cells throughout the body and works to filter waste, toxins, and other unwanted particles out of our tissues. During post-operative healing, the optimal flow of lymphatic fluid is more critical than ever.

The negative impacts of stuck and stagnant lymphatic fluid can be seen and felt in various ways, such as prolonged post-op swelling and discomfort and/or symptoms like fatigue and malaise due to a build up of toxins.

The light, rhythmic tissue manipulation techniques used during a lymphatic massage can help to restore proper lymphatic flow. As a result, toxin-laden fluids can be carried to the lymph nodes for purification, fluid that has accumulated at the surgical site(s) can be flushed to alleviate swelling, immune system function improves, and healing can occur at a faster rate.

We all know that the human body requires oxygen to survive, but most people are unaware of the many therapeutic advantages of increasing the availability of this vital molecule within the body. In terms of post-operative healing, achieving a higher concentration of oxygen in the blood is incredibly beneficial for an expedient recovery.

Considerable amounts of oxygen are necessary to power the body’s regenerative and repair processes. When oxygen stores are limited to what we can collect in our blood via normal breathing, we experience corresponding limitations in our rate of healing.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) allows us to accelerate the healing process by making it possible for us to increase the concentration of oxygen in the bloodstream. An HBOT session involves resting in a sealed, pressurized chamber while breathing pure oxygen.

As a result of this passive yet powerful therapy, the body has the fuel it needs to expedite healing, so we can recover quickly, avoiding delays and disruptions that put us at a greater risk for complications.

IV therapy is an ideal surgical aftercare treatment for improving surgery outcomes and facilitating faster healing. While some patients are good candidates for customized IV infusions, post-op IV therapy at our medical practice most often involves our proprietary Primetime IV cocktail and/or NAD IV therapy.

Significant quantities of nutrients and fluids can be lost during a surgical procedure, which can slow and complicate the recovery process, along with causing an array of unpleasant symptoms. Attempting to mitigate these losses by drinking water and taking oral supplements is impractical and largely ineffective.

However, when fluids and vitamins are delivered intravenously, it is possible to rehydrate the body and re-establish healthy nutrient levels quickly. This method of administering vitamin hydration therapy affords the advantage of bypassing the digestive system, which means the body can utilize the full dose of nutrients immediately.

Primetime IV vitamin hydration therapy is frequently recommended both before and after a surgical procedure. This IV infusion delivers fluids and nutrients, which helps to minimize the extent and impact of post-op nutrient depletion and dehydration.

NAD IV therapy has many applications, from easing withdrawal symptoms related to substance abuse to improving mental clarity. It is also a great option for reducing pain, optimizing cellular regeneration, and helping patients get quality sleep during cosmetic surgery recovery.


Peptides are already found in our cells and tissues and contain small bits of information involved in the coordination of various biological processes. If adequate amounts of specific peptides are not present in the body, hormone peptide therapy can supplement the body’s natural peptide production, to restore optimal function within the associated internal system.

We frequently recommend post-op hormone peptide therapy to improve the body’s ability to repair tissue and fight inflammation. This treatment can be administered as an injection into the tissue surrounding the treatment site or by infusions into the bloodstream. Alternatively, we may suggest utilizing oral capsules, topical solutions, or nasal sprays.


Since cosmetic surgery recovery can involve several weeks of limited physical activity, non-invasive muscle toning is incredibly beneficial as a post-op treatment. Using advanced muscle building devices, Dr. Emer and his team can help patients maintain their strength and muscle mass as they heal.

Not only is this advantageous from a fitness and health standpoint, but it also works to enhance the body shaping improvements achieved as a result of surgical body contouring. Based on your needs, we may advise post-op muscle toning treatments with advanced bioelectric stimulation devices like BodyTone or truSculpt® FLEX.

Bi-weekly treatments with Venus Legacy, BTL Exilis Ultra, or BTL Vanquish ME during cosmetic surgery recovery work to tighten and rejuvenate skin, prevent tissue irregularities, and provide further contour enhancements. The RF heat delivered by these devices also helps to keep scar tissue to a minimum.



In addition to an intensive regimen of in-office treatments, home care is a critical component of surgical aftercare. Once you have scheduled your procedure, we will provide information and tips that will help you set yourself up for a restorative, stress-free recovery experience.
For example, we encourage patients to stock up on sports drinks and other hydrating beverages and purchase or prepare healthy meals they can heat and eat with minimal effort as they recover. These simple steps help to ensure that patients can easily stay hydrated and nourish the body as it heals.

You will also be given detailed post-op instructions with information on key aspects of your recovery, such as:

  • How to clean and care for your incision sites
  • Approved and prohibited physical activities
  • How to take prescribed medications
  • The application of topical products to minimize post-op marks
  • The use of compression garments
  • Abstaining from smoking, vaping, and the consumption of alcohol

There are serious risks associated with disregarding your post-op directives without consulting your surgeon. Be sure to carefully read and follow all aftercare instructions we provide to avoid adding weeks or months to your recovery, developing an infection, causing excessive scarring and/or abnormal or asymmetrical contours, and/or creating the need for a secondary, corrective surgical procedure.



As part of our commitment to providing complete care, our menu of cosmetic surgery recovery services is not limited to therapeutic and aesthetic aftercare treatments. We can also assist patients with making arrangements for accommodations in an aftercare residence along with other coordinating personal drivers, personal chefs, in-home caregivers, and other services that afford them the necessary accessibility and tranquility to support a smooth recovery.



The benefits of these therapies extend beyond surgical aftercare, helping many patients recover from noninvasive and minimally invasive procedures. Additionally, these treatments are often used independently for their advantages in terms of general wellness and aesthetic enhancement.

For instance, our NYC office features other IV therapies such as Detox for hangovers and other toxin elimination, Perform for rapid toning and workout gains, Glow for skin rejuvenation, and Classic for a combination of these results. HBOT is also used for symptoms such as burns, gangrene, diabetic foot ulcers, and more.



After each surgical aftercare session, keep following all post-op instructions provided by your surgeon and our staff. No downtime is usually required after any of these treatments, so you can expect to head back home and continue to rest as directed following the session.



Dr. Emer’s leading-edge surgical aftercare protocols are a product of the same passion for innovation and optimization that led to the development of his world-renowned combination treatments for facial and body sculpting. In fact, he and his team approach post-op care as an extension of cosmetic surgery rather than a separate or optional aspect of the treatment process.
Not only do they view surgical aftercare as an opportunity to enhance cosmetic surgery results, they also understand that the patient’s recovery experience can serve them in another important—and often overlooked—way.

Dr. Emer and his team have found that emphasizing post-op care can also work to empower patients to establish healthy attitudes toward self-care, so they embrace their role as an active participant in the healing process, as well as in accomplishing their aesthetic, health, and wellness goals.
With this perspective of cosmetic surgery recovery, Dr. Emer and his team of dedicated plastic surgeons have made post-op planning an integral part of pre-op care. In their extensive experience, the likelihood of exceptional cosmetic surgery results is highest when patients are properly educated about surgical aftercare and given convenient access to post-op treatments and surgical recovery services.


Every patient and surgical procedure is unique, so we develop personalized post-op care plans for each patient. Due to the many variables involved in creating a patient’s surgical aftercare protocol, the total price of your post-op care can only be calculated after your surgeon has finalized the details of your procedure.

Based on the extent of your surgery and several other factors, the ideal combination of aftercare therapies and optimal number of treatment sessions for your needs will be determined. We can then provide complete cost information.

We offer several financing options to make exceptional post-op care as affordable and accessible as possible. If you would like to explore the various financing plans available, just let us know. A trained and knowledgeable member of our staff will be happy to provide more information, answer your questions, and/or otherwise assist you with this aspect of your treatment.


We believe in providing complete care and are driven by a desire to exceed our patients’ expectations, which is why we offer a comprehensive selection of post-op therapies and services.
To find out the best surgical aftercare approach for you or if you can benefit from these treatment services outside of the context of cosmetic surgery recovery, reach out to our office today.