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BellaLift is an advanced body contouring technique developed by Dr. Jason Emer. Dr. Emer is a board-certified dermatologist and body sculpting expert who has earned international acclaim for his leading-edge combination treatments. He is proud to offer non-surgical body enhancement with BellaLift in Beverly Hills.
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BellaLift is a body sculpting treatment that is strategically injected to enhance body contours. Its most popular application is the BellaLift butt lift, though Dr. Emer can also perform this treatment to augment and/or reshape the shoulders, biceps, upper chest, abs, and calves.

BellaLift consists of a combination of two dermal fillers:

BELLAFILL – This dermal filler contains tiny spheres made of polymethl methacrylate (PMMA) within a bovine collagen gel. When injected, the collagen visibly increases volume in the treatment area right away.

The PMMA spheres function as a support structure for the collagen. Over time, the body absorbs the injected collagen and replaces it with your natural collagen to fill out the foundation created by the PMMA beads.

SCULPTRA – Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) filler. Its PLLA microbeads stimulate the body’s collagen production process. As the body produces more collagen in the months after Sculptra injections, tissue in the treatment area becomes thicker, creating plumper, firmer contours.

Bellafill and Sculptra are both biostimulatory cosmetic injectables. When combined, these fillers work to optimize the body’s formation of collagen to build volume and create shapelier body contours.

Though the components of BellaLift are similar in some ways, both fillers have distinct properties. With Dr. Emer’s precise BellaLift formula, patients can experience more significant and longer-lasting improvements than a single filler can provide.



Both men and women can be good candidates for BellaLift. Dr. Emer is a body sculpting expert who customizes BellaLift treatments to fit the patient’s needs. He is equally skilled at creating masculine and feminine contours that are natural looking and visually pleasing.
Candidates must have accurate expectations for their BellaLift results. They must also understand that the effects of BellaLift are not permanent, and retreatment will be needed to maintain their enhanced look.
Patients seeking a more permanent body contouring solution may be better candidates for surgical cosmetic procedures. Similarly, BellaLift may not be the best option for patients whose aesthetic goals include more substantial size increases. Fat grafting and/or muscle implants may be recommended in these cases.
Patients who are allergic to bovine collagen are not good candidates for BellaLift. Dr. Emer can design an alternative treatment approach for patients with this allergy.


At Dr. Emer’s medical practice in Beverly Hills, the BellaLift butt lift has become a popular treatment for augmenting the buttocks and/or filling hip dips. Patients who work out find that BellaLift can help them put the finishing touches on their sculpted, athletic physique by filling in hip indentations and rounding out the buttocks.

Dr. Emer also often recommends a BellaLift butt lift as a complement to the surgical Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure. A BBL involves transferring fat from one area of the patient’s body to the buttocks, and it is an ideal procedure for patients who desire a considerable volume increase.

In Dr. Emer’s experience, BellaLift can help the transferred fat “take” to the new location, so patients achieve the maximum benefits from the BBL. BellaLift also supports optimal collagen production to encourage a firm, robust final result.

BellaLift is an in-office procedure that does not require anesthesia. The duration of your BellaLift procedure will depend on the area being treated and the number of injections performed. In many cases, BellaLift treatments take less than 30 minutes.

To begin, Dr. Emer will identify and mark the ideal injection locations for your needs. A topical numbing agent will also be applied to the treatment site. When the area is numb, Dr. Emer will inject the BellaLift solution throughout the targeted area to create your desired contours.



There is no downtime after BellaLift. Patients can return to work and their normal activities right away.

Visible augmentation is noticeable immediately after BellaLift injections. Some settling will occur in the day or two after your treatment. The collagen stimulating effects of BellaLift will produce gradual, ongoing improvements in the following months. It may take multiple BellaLift sessions to achieve your desired shape.


BellaLift provides longer lasting results than other fillers. Bellafill is a semi-permanent filler, which means it lasts for several years. Sculptra typically lasts about two years. Dr. Emer may advise regular Sculptra touch-ups to ensure optimal collagen production.

However, every patient has a unique response to dermal fillers. Your metabolism, lifestyle, and other factors can affect the longevity of your results.

Some patients will need retreatment more frequently than others. Dr. Emer will work with you to formulate an effective retreatment schedule for maintaining your enhanced appearance.


The price of BellaLift is based on the quantity of fillers needed to reach your cosmetic goals. You will be provided with cost details when reviewing your treatment plan with Dr. Emer.


If you’ve been looking for a non-surgical alternative to a Brazilian butt lift or other body sculpting surgery, contact our office to schedule a consultation and find out if BellaLift in Beverly Hills is right for you. We look forward to helping you achieve the exceptional results you deserve.