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While there is no way to completely eradicate cellulite, a new device called Avéli is making it quicker and easier to minimize indentations and dimples across the buttocks and thighs. Board-certified cosmetic dermatologic surgeon Dr. Jason Emer is among the first providers to offer Avéli in Beverly Hills, and he is thrilled with the outcomes his patients are seeing as a result of incorporating this advanced device into his world-renowned cellulite reduction treatments.
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Avéli is a cosmetic device that is approved by the FDA to reduce the appearance of cellulite indentations across the upper legs and buttocks of female patients. With the Avéli device, Dr. Emer minimizes dimples and divots through the use of a technique called subcision, which involves releasing the connective bands that cause cellulite depressions.

Though Avéli is not the first treatment to utilize subcision for the reduction of cellulite, its specialized design affords distinct advantages. For many years, Dr. Emer has incorporated subcision into the advanced, combination treatment protocols that established his reputation as a leading authority in cellulite reduction.

However, Avéli has helped him further optimize his approach to treating this complex cosmetic condition. Dr. Emer has found that Avéli allows for a particularly high degree of precision when performing subcision for cellulite reduction, allowing him to provide faster, more comprehensive improvements than ever before.

Cellulite is notoriously prevalent among women and can be incredibly challenging to treat. Thanks to Dr. Emer and Avéli, Beverly Hills women can now enjoy noticeably smoother skin in the buttock and thigh areas after just one treatment session that requires minimal-to-no downtime.



Avéli was designed for female patients seeking treatment for cellulite in the thighs and/or buttocks. Women of all skin types can be safely treated with Avéli. Candidates who are at or near their ideal body weight and do not have significant skin laxity in the treatment area can expect the most significant improvements.
Patients with excess body fat in the buttocks and thighs will also require a more aggressive combination treatment approach to effectively reduce cellulite. Dr. Emer can pair Avéli with liposuction or non-invasive radiofrequency treatments to permanently remove fat from the buttocks and thighs and minimize the appearance of cellulite.
When cellulite is accompanied by loose skin, patients may not be able to achieve their aesthetic goals with Avéli alone. However, Avéli can be combined with skin tightening treatments to provide maximum smoothing effects. Depending on the severity of a patient’s skin laxity, non-invasive, minimally invasive, or surgical skin tightening will be recommended.


Though cellulite does not jeopardize a woman’s health, it often has a negative impact on her quality of life. Two reasons women seek Dr. Emer’s care for cellulite in the thigh and buttock areas include:

  • Limitations of self-care – It may be possible to reduce the appearance of cellulite to some degree by dieting and/or exercising to eliminate fat and tone the lower body. Many women work hard to reach and maintain a healthy body weight and to strengthen and tone the lower body and find that these efforts have little-to-no effect on cellulite dimpling. Professional intervention is typically necessary to accomplish noticeable cellulite reduction.
  • To feel more confident – Many women who have cellulite on their thighs and/or buttocks are very self-conscious about it. It is quite common for these patients to avoid activities they enjoy, such as pool parties or going to the beach, as they do not feel comfortable or confident in swimwear.

Similarly, self-consciousness about cellulite can cause women to restrict their wardrobe options. Some fabrics and clothing styles can make it impossible to conceal lumpy, irregular contours. Shorts and skirts can reveal thigh cellulite, as well.

It is a common misconception that cellulite is solely a consequence of excess fat. While fat deposits are a significant factor, even patients with minimal body fat can develop lumpy, dimpled skin due to cellulite. This is because cellulite involves the formation of problematic tissue bands, or septa, which must be addressed to reduce the appearance of indentations.

Normal septa connect the skin to underlying tissues without putting the skin under unnecessary tension. With cellulite, abnormal connective bands develop. These septa, which can run horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, pull skin downward and push nearby fat cells upward, creating the visible divots we recognize as cellulite.

Avéli works to improve the appearance of cellulite by severing the specific individual bands that are problematic. When the tension created by these bands is released, the skin can smooth out, and depressions and dimples become less noticeable.



Avéli is an outpatient procedure that Dr. Emer performs at his relaxing, state-of-the-art medical practice in Beverly Hills. Avéli sessions last about one hour, on average.

For the first step of the procedure, you will be asked to stand while Dr. Emer marks the depressions he intends to target with Avéli. He will ask you to relax and contract the muscles in the treatment area in order to identify both superficial and deeper indentations.

Though this procedure is not considered to be painful, local anesthesia will be injected to ensure your comfort during treatment. Dr. Emer will begin your procedure once the anesthesia has taken its intended effect.

Next, Dr. Emer will make a small incision in a discreet location like the buttock crease. He will then insert the Avéli instrument through the incision, so he can carefully guide the device through the tissue just under the skin’s surface. The device has a lighted tip to assist in identifying problematic tethers that are causing dimples.

Once Dr. Emer locates a specific septa that is contributing to a cellulite dimple, he hooks it with the tip of the Avéli device. He can then utilize the device’s retractable blade to sever the fibrous band quickly and cleanly.

Completely releasing a cellulite dimple typically requires severing multiple septa. When all of the problematic fibrous bands associated with a depression have been severed, Dr. Emer will repeat the process on another dimple.

Avéli treatments include a verification process, so Dr. Emer can confirm, in real time, whether the targeted septa were successfully severed. This valuable feature allows for comprehensive smoothing in one treatment session.


Firm, taut skin is essential for optimal Avéli results, so Dr. Emer often recommends skin tightening procedures in conjunction with cellulite reduction. Dr. Emer will assess the elasticity of your skin during your consultation, so he can provide personalized recommendations for supporting strong, smooth skin in the thighs and buttocks.

If preventing skin laxity is the priority and/or in cases of very mild skin laxity, microneedling with radiofrequency (RF), Thermage RF therapy, and/or Ultherapy ultrasound-based therapy may be advisable. For more advanced cases of aging skin and sagging, Dr. Emer can provide significant tightening with devices like Renuvion and InMode BodyTite. These minimally invasive procedures involve delivering radiofrequency heat beneath the skin’s surface for more dramatic tightening.

Surgical intervention will likely be needed to restore an aesthetic look in the lower body if there is loose, hanging skin in the treatment area. A surgical butt lift, thigh lift, or specialized procedure called a spiral thigh lift may be necessary in such cases.


While fat removal alone cannot correct cellulite depressions, it can support firmer, shaplier contours and is often an excellent complement to Avéli. In some cases, removing excess fat in the thighs and buttocks is the only way to experience the maximum benefits of Avéli.

Small fat deposits can often be eliminated with a series of treatments with non-surgical, radiofrequency-based fat reduction devices. If bulk fat removal is required, liposuction is the preferred option.


Due to the accuracy of Avéli, damage to surrounding blood vessels and tissues is minimized, so a lengthy period of downtime is not necessary. Patients can expect to resume most of their normal activities within a day or two of their Avéli treatment. Depending on the extent of your Avéli procedure, Dr. Emer may advise you to wait a week or two before engaging in certain lower body exercises.

Temporary bruising, tenderness, and/or swelling may occur in the treated area after an Avéli session. These symptoms tend to be mild and typically diminish quickly. Some patients also notice a pinkish or clear fluid secretion at the points where the device was inserted through the skin. This post-treatment effect will resolve in 48 hours or less.


Cellfina and Avéli are both cellulite reduction devices that utilize subcision to create a more even skin texture. Cellfina was introduced in 2014, and until Avéli, it was the most advanced subcision device for cellulite reduction.

The most significant difference between Cellfina and Avéli is an issue of accuracy. Both devices can break the connective bands that cause dimpling, but Avéli allows for more precise and efficient subcision. Since the tip of the Avéli device illuminates the superficial, subdermal tissue, Dr. Emer can visually verify whether a fibrous band is problematic and confirm that all septa associated with an indentation have been severed.

This is an incredible advantage over “blind” subcision with Cellfina, which can easily result in overtreatment. With blind subcision, it can be difficult to avoid unnecessarily severing non-problematic septa in the process of attempting to ensure the full untethering of a dimple. Incidental damage to nearby tissues is also an issue with blind subcision, and it can subject patients to longer recovery periods and more significant post-treatment bruising and swelling.

Undertreatment can be difficult to avoid with blind subcision as well. It is possible–thanks to the device’s illumination feature and the treatment’s verification process–to provide a complete treatment with a single Avéli session. In contrast, Cellfina is associated with a greater likelihood that retreatment will be needed to accomplish a patient’s desired outcome since there is no way to confirm whether all relevant fibrous bands have been broken.


It may take about 30 days for bruising and swelling to subside after your Avéli session, though many patients notice initial improvements within 14 days of treatment. You can expect to see the full effect of your Avéli procedure after about 90 days.


Dr. Emer’s approach to minimizing the appearance of cellulite has always been multi-faceted and highly customized. In his vast experience treating this complicated condition, Dr. Emer has found that combination treatments deliver the most dramatic results. In order to provide the most transformative outcome possible, Dr. Emer often combines Avéli with one or more of the following procedures:

  • Sculptra – This poly-L-lactic acid injectable can be used to fill and smooth away depressions that linger after subcision. Sculptra is a powerful collagen stimulator and assists the body in producing more of this skin strengthening and firming protein. Results of a Sculptra treatment can last for two years.
  • Bellafill – Bellafill is another dermal filler that can complement Avéli treatments. This injectable consists of a collagen gel that contains microspheres made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). Like Sculptra, Bellafill can be injected to increase volume under the skin to fill out divots and even out the surface of the skin. Additionally, the microspheres form a supportive structure under the skin, which encourages naturally-produced collagen to form around it for improvements that can last for up to five years.
  • Autologous fat transfer with PRP – Your unwanted body fat can be harvested, purified, and made into injections that Dr. Emer can use to fill cellulite dimples and contour the buttocks. To optimize fat transfer results, Dr. Emer adds platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to the fat injections.
  • Renuva fat grafting – Renuva is a synthetic alternative to autologous fat grafting. Women who do not have adequate excess body fat for harvesting and/or do not want to undergo a liposuction procedure can still enjoy long-lasting volume restoration for cellulite reduction with Renuva injections.
  • Microneedling RF – This popular skin rejuvenation treatment combines microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy to boost collagen production and tighten skin.
  • Radiofrequency energy therapy – Devices like Venus Legacy, BTL Vanquish ME, and BTL Exilis Ultra employ RF energy to non-surgically reduce fat, tighten skin, and prevent skin laxity.
  • Thread lifting – Dr. Emer can minimize individual divots using Silhouette InstaLift or NovaThreads.
  • Shockwave and vibration therapy – The high frequency vibrations produced by devices like ZWave and Cellutone can support long-lasting cellulite reduction by improving skin tone and texture and breaking up scar tissue.




My patient had some stubborn dimpling on her buttock that she wanted to soften without having the downtime from a surgery. She has done other treatments in the past that did not work so well. By using Aveli, I can use a blade with a light to see that I am under the cellulite and confirm that I am cutting them by feeling the septa

We did this treatment in the office under local numbing and she was back at work the next day. This photos are taken 1 week apart in the same treatment room with the same lights. She had sensitivity at the treated areas for a couple days and then just light bruising. We can see now that her cellulite dimpling is dramatically improved with just one treatment


Dr. Emer’s cellulite reduction treatment plans are patient-specific, so he will need to meet with you for a consultation before the exact cost of your Avéli treatment can be determined. Pricing considerations include the number of treatment sites and the severity and quantity of the depressions in the treatment area(s). Additional charges will apply for any complementary procedure(s) performed in combination with Avéli.

Your initial consultation is the perfect time for you to articulate your cosmetic concerns and the outcome you desire from your Avéli procedure. Dr. Emer will physically examine the treatment area(s), as well. He will then use the information gathered to craft your ideal treatment plan and calculate the associated cost.


Dr. Emer has helped many women say goodbye to cellulite and all of the ways it was stopping them from living the fulfilling lives they deserve. To find out if Avéli is the best way for you to smooth away cellulite dimples from the thighs and buttocks, contact our office to arrange a consultation with Dr. Emer.