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Think of Shockwave Therapy as a sexual recharge. A regenerative procedure that is quick and painless, Shockwave Therapy emits gentle pulses to stimulate blood vessel growth, improve erection duration and hardness, and enhance your performance in bed with better control and stamina.
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Linear shockwave therapy works by directing low-intensity sound waves into the penis in order to stimulate blood vessel growth and break down any plaque build-up that could obstruct proper blood circulation.

s the waves promote healthier blood flow, this leads to stronger and longer erections, as well as increased pleasure. Shockwave Therapy is also combined with other penile enhancement treatments depending on the patient’s goals.


In Shockwave Therapy, local anesthesia is used, and the penis is subjected to thousands of low-intensity ultrasonic pulses to break up plaque in the blood vessels. Each application takes just a few minutes and multiple sessions are recommended for maximum impact.
Based in Los Angeles, Dr. Emer has welcomed countless patients with a level of service befitting a VIP. The combination of high technical proficiency, attention to detail, and discretion makes the experience with Dr. Emer one of a kind and ideal for a patient seeking Shockwave Therapy or other modes of penile enhancement. Dr. Emer provides a custom tailored approach that will often include a combination of treatments to provide the absolute best quality results.


Shockwave Therapy is often recommended to patients with erectile dysfunction, injuries in the genital area, or anyone with an interest in better sexual performance. After the procedure, patients experience results like:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Harder, more prolonged erections
  • Improved sensation
  • In some patients, an increase in penile girth


This is a non-invasive procedure and most patients will barely feel anything under local anesthesia. Others report only a dull snapping sensation during the procedure.
Results can last up to a year if the procedure is performed by a skilled provider.
The best way to find out if a procedure is right for you or what type of results you can expect is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Emer’s office. There you will be provided with the highest quality and most attentive consultation.


A board-certified dermatologist and in-demand educator, Dr. Jason Emer is a master in the art of body transformations. Having run a successful practice for years, Dr. Emer pioneered cosmetic techniques and procedures that have become standard practice in the industry.

Some of Beverly Hills’ finest chiseled individuals are the work of Dr. Emer, and every patient who comes to his office is offered the VIP treatment. Such a level of skill and discretion is especially necessary when it comes to penile Shockwave Therapy. No less than the best is needed for the most intimate of treatments.

Shockwave Therapy for the penis can help boost your confidence and unleash your sexual potential if performed by a qualified provider. Learn about seasoned practitioner and educator Dr. Emer here.