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What is breast revision?

Breast implant revisions are arguably some of the most complex, technically challenging aesthetic surgeries. A revision mastopexy (breast lift revision) may be necessary to address issues with symmetry, correct surgical scars, or obtain overall aesthetic improvements. 

In the case of implant malpositions or stretch deformities—which occur when the breast tissue cannot support the weight of the implant—the resolution may be a breast implant pocket adjustment, scaffolding, tissue reinforcement, or any combination of these advanced techniques. And in numerous procedures, new implants and/or fat grafting may be employed to correct deformities and previously botched procedures, add volume, and improve overall appearance.

What are the benefits of breast revision with Dr. Emer in Beverly Hills?

  • Ease the discomfort of implant complications
  • Correct flaws in the original surgery
  • Improve the look and feel of your implants
  • Replace older or outdated implants
  • Reclaim your appearance and self-confidence

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