Dr. Jason Emer is a leading-edge cosmetic dermatologist in Beverly Hills who is regularly consulted for his take on new treatment approaches, devices, and technologies. When beauty and wellness editor, Jessica Ourisman, sought Dr. Emer’s insight and her own firsthand experience regarding skin rejuvenation with the Sylfirm X device, Dr. Emer was happy to show and tell what sets this radiofrequency (RF) microneedling device apart from others.

To read the full article Ourisman wrote for InStyle, which includes the author’s personal account of what a Sylfirm X procedure is like, click here. You’ll find an overview of the treatment and several reasons this device became a fast favorite for Dr. Emer below.


  • RF microneedling treatments boost collagen production to rejuvenate aging skin, improve skin texture, and minimize scars. Sylfirm X extends the benefits of RF microneedling to greater numbers of patients with hyperpigmentation and has demonstrated considerable benefits for melasma patients.
  • The bluish, brown, and/or gray patches of skin caused by melasma are notoriously challenging to treat.
  • RF microneedling has been selectively used in melasma treatments but was not considered a good option for a significant number of patients due to their skin color and/or the location of their hyperpigmentation concerns.  
  • Sylfirm X makes RF microneedling a safe option for patients of all skin tones, whether they seek treatment for melasma or other skin conditions such as rosacea, aging skin, or large pores.
  • Compared to other RF microneedling devices, Sylfirm X offers a more comfortable patient experience, a higher degree of customization, and less downtime.
  • Exosome serums, aftercare with the Aerify Complexion Kit, and sun protection are your most powerful post-treatment allies.


  • Less discomfort – Sylfirm X procedures are less painful than other RF microneedling treatments due to robotics. The Sylfirm X handpiece contains robotic technology that “taps” energy into the skin, eliminating the snap that occurs with devices like Morpheus 8, which use pressurized energy delivery.
  • Versatile – Due to its dual mode capabilities, Sylfirm X can treat a variety of skin conditions affecting diverse patients. It has a pulse wave mode and a continuous wave mode. The pulse wave setting is ideal for accommodating patients affected by melasma and other pigmentation abnormalities. 
  • Safe for sensitive treatment areas – Previously, microneedling was not considered safe for delicate treatment sites, such as around the eyes or mouth. With Sylfirm X, Dr. Emer can adjust the depth of penetration to as little as .3mm. At minimal depths, Sylfirm X can not only be used around the eye area, but it can even treat the skin of the eyelids.

Thanks to Sylfirm X, More Melasma Patients Can Benefit from RF Microneedling. Sylfirm X is not the first RF microneedling device introduced to the cosmetic enhancement market. Similar devices like Morpheus 8 have been on Dr. Emer’s extensive menu of cosmetic treatments for quite some time.

Dr. Emer’s practiced and meticulous RF microneedling technique and his discernment in creating his patients’ customized treatment protocols have allowed him to improve the appearance of rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and other skin conditions for many men and women. 

However, candidacy for RF microneedling was somewhat restricted before Sylfirm X, especially in relation to melasma patients. Due to a heightened risk of aggravating hyperpigmentation issues, RF microneedling was not a viable option for many patients with darker skin tones. Since melasma is more prevalent among patients with darker skin, Sylfirm X is making safe, effective treatment attainable for patients whose options were previously limited.

Effective hyperpigmentation treatments start with an accurate diagnosis. Melasma can look like other skin conditions, so it is important to have skin discoloration evaluated by a qualified dermatologist like Dr. Emer. 


Dr. Emer is proud to provide Sylfirm X treatments in Beverly Hills. To find out if this treatment is the best way to resolve your skin concerns, schedule a consultation with Dr. Emer.