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Joshua had begun to notice that localized problem areas of fat had begun to develop over time around the lower stomach, flanks, and chest. No matter how much time and effort he put into the gym, he couldn’t melt away the fat in these stubborn areas. Since this patient is a primary case, meaning that he has never had liposuction before, this makes it easier for Dr. Emer to sculpt and chisel the body since there is no scar tissue, irregularities, or indentations that would get in the way of his work. The 4D High-Def Liposculpture process begins with injecting a tumescent numbing solution to ensure that the patient experiences minimal pain immediately after surgery and to prepare the fat for ultrasound VASERlipo and eventually, power-assisted fat removal and Renuvion to internal tighten the skin. Dr. Emer uses VASERlipo, a device that utilizes ultrasound energy to steam-heat the fat for easy fat removal. The ultrasound energy causes the fat to break down as much as possible, allowing to be liquified and later extracted. Next, Dr. Emer uses a power-assisted liposuction device that he uses not only to remove fat but also to etch out and naturally sculpt highly-sought-after body features such as the six-pack and the v-taper, both around the pelvis and the back. Dr. Emer goes over the treated areas with Renuvion Internal Skin Tightening Device as a final step to contract the skin from within using RF energy to shrink-wrap the skin around defining areas such as the six-pack and the Dimples of Venus in the lower back. Finally, the extracted fat was purified, processed, and enhanced with PRP, stem cells, and growth factors to rid the fat of any blood or debris and boost its viability. Once processed, Dr. Emer re-injected the fat into the buttocks to give an athletic contour that will blend with his newly sculpted lower back and a natural-looking “soccer butt”.