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Board-certified dermatologist and non-surgical body contouring specialist Dr. Jason Emer provides advanced cellulite reduction treatments at his prestigious medical practice in Beverly Hills. Dr. Emer is a dedicated researcher and innovator in cosmetic enhancement. He is always at the forefront of cosmetic science, so he can bring the newest state-of-the-art modalities to his patients. His highly customized cellulite reduction treatments strategically combine proven techniques and technologies to deliver exceptional outcomes.

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What Is Cellulite Reduction Treatment?

While there is no 100% cure for cellulite, Dr. Emer can significantly minimize its appearance to improve skin tone and body contours. The dimpled, lumpy, or wavy skin we recognize as cellulite occurs when fibrous bands and fat tissue tug the skin in opposite directions.

As fibrous bands tether the skin down, fat tissue is pushed upward against the skin. As a result, indentations and ripples appear across the surface of the skin.

Dr. Emer uses multiple techniques to reduce the appearance of cellulite by:

  • Releasing the connective bands
  • Filling out indentations
  • Eliminating excess fat
  • Tightening the skin
  • Promoting long-term improvements in skin texture



Dr. Emer of Beverly Hills is an expert when it comes to cellulite reduction. He is well-known for his dedication to innovation and cutting-edge technology. He is always on the forefront of trends in cosmetic science, bringing the newest state-of-the-art modalities to his clients as they become available on the market. Among some of his renowned cellulite reduction treatments include the ZWave treatment and QWO treatments to help effectively reduce cellulite, dimpling, and flabby skin. His proprietary, combination treatments for cellulite reduction often include Avéli, QWO, ZWave, and various complementary collagen-stimulating and skin rejuvenation treatments to reduce cellulite dimpling and create smoother, firmer contours in the buttocks and thighs.

Right for you?

Am I a Good Candidate for Cellulite Reduction Treatment?

Healthy women and men who want to reduce the appearance of cellulite are typically good candidates for cellulite reduction treatment. Most cellulite reduction candidates are women, as cellulite affects the vast majority of women. A small number of men are also affected and can benefit from cellulite reduction treatment. Even individuals who are physically fit or highly athletic can be impacted by cellulite and may be good candidates for cellulite reduction treatment.

Cellulite reduction treatment can address cellulite in the hips, buttocks, and thighs where it most often occurs. Dr. Emer can also target cellulite that appears on the breasts, upper arms, and lower abdomen.

A formal evaluation with a board-certified dermatologist like Dr. Jason Emer is the best way to find out if you are an ideal candidate for cellulite reduction. Based on your desired outcome and an assessment of the skin and tissue at the treatment site(s), Dr. Emer can determine whether non-surgical cellulite reduction, surgical cellulite reduction, or an alternative approach can best resolve your cosmetic concerns.

The Dr. Emer Difference

How Does Dr. Emer Do Cellulite Reduction Differently?

While many practitioners rely on a single treatment or device to create improvements, Dr. Emer uses strategic combinations of procedures for each patient. This approach allows him to simultaneously reduce cellulite, improve skin laxity, and eliminate excess fat for comprehensive improvements.

Cellulite varies in appearance based on the patient’s unique anatomy. Dr. Emer’s expertise allows him to treat many grades of cellulite, from mild skin irregularities that resemble the texture of an orange peel to severe depressions that create a “quilted mattress” look. His cellulite reduction treatments typically combine minimally invasive procedures, such as:

Avéli / Cellfina | QWO | Sculptra | Fat grafting with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) | Subcision and Bellafill | External radiofrequency energy devices | Microneedling with radiofrequency devices | Vibration/shockwave therapy devices | Thread lifting | Non-surgical fat reduction

For patients with more severe skin laxity and/or considerable excess fat, Dr. Emer may recommend cosmetic surgery to achieve the best possible outcomes. Surgical cellulite reduction treatments include:

VASER Hi-Definition Liposuction with InMode BodyTite and/or Renuvion (formerly J-Plasma) for optimal fat reduction, body contouring, sculpting, and definition

Butt lift and/or spiral thigh lift with surgical skin tightening and excess skin removal

Avéli: Precision Cellulite Reduction in a Single Treatment

Procedure Details

Avéli is a cosmetic device designed to perform a proven cellulite reduction treatment in a new, and much improved way. This cellulite treatment involves a technique called subcision.
Dr. Emer has performed countless subcision procedures over the course of his professional career. He often incorporates this minimally invasive technique into his internationally-acclaimed acne scar treatments, and he has successfully used the Cellfina system for several years to provide subcision for cellulite reduction.

After receiving FDA clearance and launching in 2022, Avéli has supplanted Cellfina as the most advanced subcision device for the treatment of cellulite. Dr. Emer was one of the first providers to offer cellulite reduction treatments with Avéli in Beverly Hills, and he is thrilled to make this innovative subcision procedure available to his patients.

Accuracy and efficiency are two key aspects of what sets Avéli apart from Cellfina. With Avéli, Dr. Emer can identify exactly which fibrous bands beneath the skin must be severed to release and smooth out each cellulite dimple in a treatment area. With this incredible advantage, Avéli makes it possible for patients to accomplish their desired improvements in the appearance of cellulite with a single treatment.


Procedure Details

Enhanced Cellulite Reduction, Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer

QWO is one of the newest addition to Dr. Emer’s cellulite reduction treatment options. This injectable prescription medication is FDA-approved to reduce moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of female patients.

QWO is designed to release tethered skin, promote collagen production, and redistribute fat cells to achieve visible improvements. QWO often involves a series of three treatments spaced three weeks apart for optimal results.

Procedure Details

Cellfina Cellulite Reduction Treatment

Cellfina is a minimally invasive, FDA-approved cellulite treatment that targets the fibrous bands responsible for pulling the skin down and causing ripples and dimples. Dr. Emer begins the Cellfina procedure by numbing the treatment area. Then, he applies the Cellfina device to pre-determined sites. The Cellfina device has a motorized needle designed to cut fibrous bands and/or scar tissue, releasing the skin and restoring a smoother appearance.

While minor swelling and bruising can occur for two to four weeks after the procedure, most patients can resume their normal activities within 24 to 72 hours of treatment. Cellfina provides noticeable improvements that last at least three years.

Snapchat- Cellfina + Sculptra FOR CELLULITE DIMPLES:WAVES ON THE BUTTOCK AND THIGHS | Dr. Jason Emer video thumbnail

Procedure Details

Sculptra for Cellulite Reduction

Sculptra is an injectable dermal filler and collagen stimulator. Sculptra can restore volume to fill out indentations caused by cellulite. Its collagen-boosting effect works to remodel collagen strands over time for long-term skin tightening effects. Dr. Emer often performs Sculptra injections after Cellfina to enhance cellulite reduction results, create more aesthetic contours, and promote tighter, smoother skin.


Fat grafting adds permanent volume to the injected area to fill out indentations, dimples, ripples, and waves on the skin’s surface. Used in combination with Cellfina and Sculptra, autologous fat grafting can be particularly effective in reducing cellulite.

Autologous fat grafting is a more invasive procedure than other cellulite reduction treatments as it requires a fat harvesting procedure to create your injections. However, for patients who have unwanted excess fat and who want to enjoy longer-term results, autologous fat grafting can be an ideal solution.

Dr. Emer performs ultrasound-based VASER liposuction when harvesting fat to obtain the most viable fat cells and minimize downtime for the patient. The harvested fat undergoes intensive purification and is then enriched with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your body. PRP works to improve treatment outcomes and accelerate healing.

For patients who want the long-term results that fat injections provide but who prefer not to undergo a fat harvesting procedure or are too lean for autologous fat grafting, Renuva Adipose Matrix is a safe and effective alternative. Renuva is made of synthetic donor fat, which is meticulously tested, screened, and purified. The donor fat is then used to create injections that are specially formulated to ensure smooth administration to the desired treatment areas.

Renuva fat injections are specifically designed to treat small-volume aesthetic irregularities such as cellulite and dimples in the skin. This treatment option involves minimal downtime and can deliver long-lasting volume restoration and sculpting effects.


Cellulite and excess fat can wreak havoc on your image, making you look out of shape and less toned than you really are. Get rid of them for good with ZWave, a revolutionary new treatment that uses sound waves to target among the most severe skin dimpling and stubborn pockets of fat, restoring a youthful and athletic overall look.


  • Non-surgical and non-invasive
  • Low risk, no incisions and virtually no downtime
  • Custom treatment to contour your body to your unique needs
  • A painless and relaxing procedure
  • Long-lasting results
  • Acts fast
  • High rate of patient satisfaction
  • Helps minimize stubborn fat deposits
  • Boosts satisfaction with one’s image



ZWave is one of Dr. Emer’s most popular treatments because almost anyone can be a candidate. As long as you’re in good overall health and want to reduce fat and improve the appearance of cellulite, there’s a strong chance that ZWave is right for you. To be sure, reach out today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Emer in Beverly Hills. He’ll walk you through everything you need to know and will help you determine if ZWave can accomplish your goals.

other methods

Find the Approach that’s right for you

Dr. Emer works to help you find the right cellulite reduction treatment for your body. If the above methods aren’t a good fit, you can choose from a number of other treatments thanks to Dr. Emer’s expertise in a number of cutting-edge cellulite reduction procedures.

Subcision and Bellafill for Cellulite Reduction

For patients with mild cellulite or only a small number of dimples and indentations (which may not warrant a more invasive Cellfina treatment), Dr. Emer can perform manual, in-office subcision. For this minimally invasive technique, he inserts a small blade or the tip of a needle beneath the skin’s surface to break apart the tethered bands that create cellulite.

Dr. Emer follows the subcision procedure with Bellafill injections. Bellafill is a dermal filler that contains tiny polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres suspended in a collagen gel. Once injected, the collagen gel plumps the depressed skin, and the PMMA microspheres bind to the tissue and create a scaffold beneath the skin. The microsphere structure boosts natural collagen production to create additional volume, further reduce the appearance of cellulite, and promote long-lasting results.

For those seeking cellulite reduction as well as improvement in the size and contour of the buttocks, Dr. Emer uses his innovative “BellaLift” treatment (a combination of Bellafill and Sculptra). Dr. Emer’s BellaLift technique works to create a “perkier” buttock and enhanced shape that builds over time. BellaLift requires several initial treatments in a single year followed by maintenance treatments one to two times per year.

External Energy-Based Devices for Cellulite Reduction

Non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) or ultrasound energy-based devices can be used to enhance cellulite reduction treatment results. When expertly delivered to the deeper layers of the skin, RF and ultrasound energy stimulate new collagen formation and fibroblast cell production to improve skin texture and tone.

Benefits of energy-based treatments can include reducing the appearance of sagging and crepey skin and promoting smoother, tighter skin over time. Energy-based devices can also slow down age-related degeneration of collagen to delay visible signs of aging.

Depending on your treatment needs, Dr. Emer will select from Thermage, Vanquish, Venus Legacy, BTL Exilis Ultra, InMode Forma/Contoura, and Body FX to achieve maximum cellulite reduction results. With regular treatments, you can maintain healthier, more youthful-looking skin for an extended period of time.

Microneedling RF for Cellulite Reduction

Microneedling RF devices provide non-surgical skin rejuvenation that complements cellulite reduction treatments. Microneedling RF devices, such as InMode Fractora, InMode Morpheus8, and EndyMed Intensif, introduce heat into the skin without damaging the skin’s surface. The controlled RF heat helps to remodel loose and unhealthy collagen.
Through microchannels of energy, microneedling RF stimulates the formation of new collagen. Microneedling RF prompts subdermal skin tightening and improves skin elasticity for remarkable short-term and long-term results. Fractora, Morpheus8, and Intensif are also effective preventative treatments that can delay signs of aging to help you maintain a more youthful skin texture.

Some patients notice skin tightening effects immediately after microneedling RF treatment. More significant improvements appear with subsequent treatments at 4 to 12 week intervals.

Vibration and Shockwave Therapy for Cellulite Reduction

Shockwave and massage therapy treatments (such as Cellutone, eVIVE, and ZWave) deliver high frequency vibrations to enhance micro-circulation and oxygen supply in the affected area. Vibration and shockwave therapy can break up scar tissue, improve blood flow, tighten the skin, smooth the skin’s surface, and improve muscle definition. Dr. Emer often recommends a combination of shockwave therapy and external RF treatments at regular intervals to best maintain cellulite reduction results.

Non-Surgical Thread Lifting for Cellulite Reduction

Sagging skin occurs in many parts of the body with aging, and it often accompanies cellulite. Non-surgical thread lifting can subtly lift drooping skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite and restore a more youthful look.

Dr. Emer often performs Silhouette InstaLift thread lifting in the buttock area, where cellulite most commonly occurs. Silhouette InstaLift can corset and lift the skin of the buttocks and the buttock roll and increase collagen production.

Silhouette InstaLift sutures contain sugar-based cones that are activated once inserted beneath the skin. In the weeks to months following the treatment, the cones dissolve and new collagen forms in their place, promoting long-term improvements in skin tone. Results can be maintained and enhanced with periodic thread lifting procedures as recommended by Dr. Emer.

Non-Surgical Fat Removal for Cellulite Reduction

Eliminating excess fat can help reduce the visibility of cellulite, especially when combined with skin tightening and collagen-stimulating treatments. Dr. Emer often pairs cellulite treatments with non-invasive or minimally invasive fat reduction procedures.

As an alternative or complement to injectable fat-reducing treatments such as Kybella, Lipodissolve, and Mesotherapy, Dr. Emer may recommend fat reduction with:

truSculpt iD – Cutera’s truSculpt iD uses RF energy and targeted, subdermal heating to achieve permanent fat reduction in just 15 minutes per treatment area and session. Up to six handheld applicators are applied directly to the skin during a single treatment, either in a single location or in multiple areas simultaneously. The applicators send targeted pulses of precisely calibrated radiofrequency energy below the skin’s surface to deliver deep subdermal heat that permanently destroys stubborn fat cells.

CoolSculpting – CoolSculpting, or cryolipolysis, is a one-of-a-kind, non-invasive treatment that freezes fat cells. Once the treated fat cells are crystallized (or frozen), the cells die and are naturally processed and eliminated from the body over the course of about two to six months. CoolSculpting often involves multiple treatments at 8 to 12 week intervals to achieve optimal results.

BTL Vanquish Me – This non-invasive treatment uses radiofrequency energy to damage fat cells. The affected fat cells are then processed out by the body’s own lymphatic system. In addition to reducing fat, Vanquish can have a skin tightening effect. BTL Vanquish Me is often paired with CoolSculpting as part of Dr. Emer’s “Fire & Ice” fat reduction and skin tightening protocol.

Surgical Cellulite Reduction Treatment

For patients who are looking not only for cellulite improvement but also for more dramatic fat reduction, body contouring, and skin tightening, surgical cellulite reduction procedures may be a good option. Surgical intervention is often the best option for patients affected by both cellulite and severe skin laxity. Dr. Emer and his expert plastic surgeons can achieve comprehensive and long-lasting transformations by performing:

Hi-Definition Liposculpture – An HD lipo procedure can include VASER liposuction, fat grafting, and “shrink wrap” skin tightening with Renuvion and FaceTite/BodyTite. There are only a handful of highly skilled HD Liposculpture specialists like Dr. Emer who can tighten skin, reduce cellulite, correct botched procedures, improve indentations, and remove, purify, and repurpose excess fat to sculpt and define the whole body in one procedure.

Surgical body lifts – To resolve severe skin laxity that can worsen the appearance of cellulite, Dr. Emer and his plastic surgeons may recommend a surgical butt lift, arm lift, thigh lift, or combination lift procedure to best address your cosmetic concerns. Surgical lifts eliminate excess skin and reshape the treatment area to create tighter, smoother contours and improve skin tone.

before & after



Patient Story


Buttock dimples

My patient had some stubborn dimpling on her buttock that she wanted to soften without having the downtime from a surgery. She has done other treatments in the past that did not work so well. By using Aveli, I can use a blade with a light to see that I am under the cellulite and confirm that I am cutting them by feeling the septa

We did this treatment in the office under local numbing and she was back at work the next day. This photos are taken 1 week apart in the same treatment room with the same lights. She had sensitivity at the treated areas for a couple days and then just light bruising. We can see now that her cellulite dimpling is dramatically improved with just one treatment


How Much Does Cellulite Reduction Treatment Cost?

Since cellulite reduction treatment is customized and involves various combinations of procedures, the cost differs from patient to patient. The number and type of procedures needed, the complexity of treatment, and the size of the treatment area(s) will affect the overall price of cellulite reduction treatment. As part of your consultation, Dr. Emer will review all of your treatment options and the associated costs.

Schedule a Cellulite Reduction Consultation

Dr. Emer’s advanced, combination treatments for cellulite reduction deliver extraordinary results that exceed expectations. With his knowledge, passion, and comprehensive selection of state-of-the-art devices, smooth, youthful skin and shapelier contours are more accessible than you can imagine. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and gain access to the best cellulite reduction treatments Los Angeles has to offer.

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