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Gladiator Liposuction is a highly specialized body sculpting treatment for men offered exclusively by board-certified cosmetic dermatologist and leading authority in male aesthetic enhancement, Dr. Jason Emer. Performed by Dr. Emer in Beverly Hills, Gladiator Lipo involves patient-tailored combinations of minimally invasive liposuction methods, internal heating with radiofrequency, and additional body shaping treatments to accomplish extremely precise fat removal and contour refinements.

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Gladiator Lipo, or gladiator surgery, is a fat reduction, body-defining procedure Dr. Emer developed for men who have made fitness a lifestyle yet have not been able to eliminate certain problem areas. Gladiator liposuction is often the only way for these patients to win the battle against persistent pockets of body fat and/or genetic factors that prevent them from achieving the deep, etched definition and masculine, athletic build that they desire.

With Gladiator Lipo, Dr. Emer strategically removes small amounts of fat to sculpt more prominent lines and give the body a leaner, fitter look. He also targets under-defined muscles, puffiness, and mild skin laxity throughout the body for 360-degree transformations.

Depending on the patient’s anatomy and cosmetic goals, gladiator surgery can be performed to:

  • Sculpt and enhance the muscles of the shoulders and upper arms, including the biceps, and triceps, with liposuction, skin tightening, and/or fat transfer
  • Masculinize the chest by removing fat and/or glandular tissue to give the chest a flatter, more angular, and/or broader appearance
  • Chisel out a six-pack, V-taper, and lateral definition lines for incredible abdominals
  • Sharply define the musculature of the back, create Venus dimples, and give the lower back the aesthetic, athletic curve associated with the coveted “Emer Hourglass” look
  • Create narrower, firmer hip contours via fat reduction

Right for you?

Am I a Candidate for GLADIATOR Lipo?

While liposuction is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic treatments, Gladiator Lipo is a distinct approach to fat removal that is intended for patients with a specific set of contouring needs and goals. You may be a candidate for Gladiator HD lipo if you:


  • Are athletic and lean but want a more sculpted look
  • Do not intend to gain or lose significant amounts of weight in the future
  • Do not have a medical condition that interferes with the body’s natural healing process
  • Have an accurate understanding of what can and cannot be accomplished with the procedure
  • Are a non-smoker or are willing to abstain from smoking for several weeks before and after your procedure
  • Have firm, elastic skin at the treatment site(s)
Gladiator Lipo differs greatly from traditional liposuction procedures that focus on removing larger amounts of excess fat from a single treatment site. If your treatment goals involve bulk fat removal to lose inches, you may be a better candidate for targeted liposuction of the back, abdominals, thighs, or another area of the body.

Can I Combine Gladiator Lipo with Additional Body Shaping Procedures?

Dr. Emer’s 360 HD liposculpting procedures, including gladiator liposuction, are designed to accommodate complementary body contouring treatments to produce complete (360 degree) results. The combination of treatments that comprises your Gladiator Lipo procedure will be carefully selected with your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals in mind.

Some of the procedures frequently included in gladiator body transformations include:

Fat transfer

Though the amount of fat removed during Gladiator Lipo is minimal, Dr. Emer can often harvest enough viable fat cells to create fat injections. When performed in conjunction with Gladiator Lipo, fat transfer, or fat grafting, can be used to add volume to the buttocks to create a “soccer butt” look, to build out the shoulders for a broader upper body, and/or to fill and shape other problem areas, as needed. 

Dr. Emer utilizes the PureGraft system to isolate and purify viable fat cells for creating fat injections. He also enriches the fat with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells, which supports an optimal outcome.

Muscle implants

If a patient does not have adequate fat for fat grafting yet wants to add volume to specific muscles, muscle implants may be recommended. Pectoral implants and calf implants are two types of muscle implants that are frequently incorporated into gladiator liposculpting treatments in Beverly Hills.

Non-surgical facial sculpting

When it comes to enhancing the male facial appearance, Dr. Emer is unmatched in his knowledgeability, skill, and success using non-surgical treatments to create and accentuate masculine angles and proportions. His male facial sculpting expertise can help you eliminate a double chin, sharpen and/or broaden the jawline, and refine the contours of other facial features to complete your gladiator look. 

Chest reduction/gynecomastia surgery

Patients affected by gynecomastia, a condition associated with excessive breast tissue, or “man boobs,” may require surgical removal of glandular tissue in addition to fat removal in order to achieve firm, flat chest contours. 

“Down under” enhancements

The last thing you want is to hold back from enjoying your gladiator body because you are self-conscious about the way you look “down under.” Many Gladiator Lipo patients opt for non-surgical penile enhancement treatments for improvements in girth, length, symmetry, and/or performance. Anal Beautification™ treatments are also a popular add-on among Gladiator Lipo patients.

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How Does Gladiator Liposuction Work?

Gladiator Lipo is one of Dr. Emer’s proprietary 360 high-definition (HD) liposuction procedures. HD liposuction is an advanced approach to body sculpting that involves precision fat removal and contouring.

Dr. Emer often uses multiple liposuction techniques in a single gladiator surgery in order to minimize downtime and maximize improvements. Gladiator lipo typically includes one or more of the following:

  • VASER liposuction – VASER lipo is an ultrasound-assisted approach that gently loosens fat cells without damaging them, so they can be removed easily and remain viable for fat transfer. VASER also tightens skin and allows Dr. Emer to smooth and re-shape the treatment area.
  • Water-assisted liposuction (WAL) – Using the Body Jet system, Dr. Emer can deliver a controlled stream of water under the skin to separate fat cells from the surrounding tissue, so they can be extracted intact to be repurposed for fat grafting.
  • Power-assisted liposuction (PAL) – PAL is another technique Dr. Emer employs to minimize trauma to the non-adipose tissue in the treatment area. The PAL system has a vibrating cannula, which allows fat cells to be isolated and removed in a way that promotes the preservation of the remaining tissue.
  • Tumescent liposuction – With this liposuction technique, a fluid containing saline, local anesthesia, and adrenaline is administered at the treatment site(s) to prevent tissue damage during fat removal.

The use of these liposuction methods, rather than a traditional liposuction approach, allows a greater degree of accuracy, along with a broader range of sculpting capability, so Dr. Emer can successfully deliver a gladiator body to his patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Los Angeles.

How to Prepare for Gladiator HD Liposuction

You will need to follow all of Dr. Emer’s pre-procedure instructions to ensure the safest, most successful treatment possible. Your preparation directions will be personalized to account for relevant lifestyle and medical factors that pertain to you, so you know when and/or how to:

  • Cease tobacco use and/or alcohol consumption.
  • Modify the dosage of or stop taking certain medications.
  • Plan for your immediate post-op needs, such as arranging transportation to your home after the procedure and in-home assistance for 24-72 hours.

What to Expect During Recovery from Gladiator Liposuction

Downtime and total recovery time after gladiator surgery varies in relation to the extent of a patient’s procedure. In general, one to two weeks of downtime is necessary, followed by several weeks of restricted physical activity.

Post-op symptoms like swelling, soreness, and/or bruising are common in the initial stage of the healing process. Dr. Emer will prescribe medications you can take to ease discomfort.

He will also provide you with recommendations for an intensive aftercare protocol. In his experience, the therapies and treatments included in this post-op regimen can dramatically accelerate healing and enhance Gladiator Lipo outcomes.
For optimal healing and results, anticipate regularly scheduled appointments for aftercare treatments like:


  • IV therapy – A visit to Dr. Emer’s IV Lounge is advised within the first three days of your recovery, so vitamins, minerals, and fluids that were depleted during surgery can be quickly and efficiently replenished.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – A week or more of daily hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) sessions is typically advised. For each session, you’ll simply recline comfortably in a pressurized chamber and breathe 100% oxygen. HBOT allows you to increase the concentration of oxygen in the blood, which is invaluable for encouraging faster healing.
  • Lymphatic massage – Massage therapists who are trained in lymphatic drainage techniques can clear stagnant, toxic fluids from bodily tissues to reduce swelling, improve outcomes, and shorten recovery times.
  • Non-surgical radiofrequency treatments – Devices like Venus Legacy, BTL Exilis Ultra, and BTL Vanquish ME can enhance the smoothing and firming effects of Gladiator Lipo via external RF heating.

What to Expect During Gladiator Lipo

You will know what to expect on the day of your surgery well in advance, as Dr. Emer will review the specifics of your procedure with you during a consultation. At this appointment, he will walk you through the techniques he will use. He will also discuss your options for anesthesia and make a recommendation based on your unique treatment plan and relevant medical considerations.

While the modifications, techniques, and treatment areas vary from one Gladiator Lipo procedure to another, patients can anticipate the following steps:

Pre-op meeting with Dr. Emer
Dr. Emer will meet with you to provide any clarification you may need about any step of your treatment. He will then begin drawing on the treatment area(s) to be addressed. These markings will serve as a visual representation of your surgical plan, which Dr. Emer can use as he performs your procedure. He will ask you to flex and relax various muscles as he marks the skin to ensure he identifies the precise sites he must sculpt and etch to achieve your desired outcome.

Based on arrangements made between you and Dr. Emer prior to your surgery, you will be given medication that will keep you comfortable throughout your procedure.

To begin, Dr. Emer will make one or more small incisions in the treatment area. The incisions will allow him to insert the liposuction cannula and will serve as access points for internal RF heating with Renuvion or BodyTite.

Fat Removal and Etching
Dr. Emer employs various combinations of advanced liposuction techniques to loosen and liquefy unwanted fat cells before using suction to extract them from the body. Depending on the treatment area and the extent of contouring needed, Dr. Emer will select from tumescent, water-assisted, ultrasound-assisted (VASER), radiofrequency-assisted, power-assisted, and/or micro lipo techniques.

Dr. Emer is exceedingly precise with his movements of the cannula, and he is meticulous about determining the exact sites where fat removal is needed, as well as how much fat must remain to create and emphasize the most athletic lines possible.

Skin Tightening
In order to see the full extent of your high-definition gladiator sculpting, your skin must wrap tightly to your new shape. Dr. Emer often relies on the “shrink wrap” effects of Renuvion to ensure the skin hugs tightly to each athletic line.

To complete this final step of Gladiator HD lipo, Dr. Emer inserts the thin tip of the Renuvion handpiece under the skin. RF energy is emitted directly into the underlying structures of the skin, heating the tissue and stimulating a contraction that provides a tightening effect. The device uses helium plasma to instantly cool the heated tissue and prevent unnecessary thermal damage.

Procedure Details

What to Know about Gladiator Lipo Results

Men who qualify for Gladiator Lipo tend to have well-established weight management and fitness habits. With continued attention to eating right and exercising regularly, patients can enjoy their chiseled appearance for many years.

The natural process of aging includes various biological and hormonal changes that will eventually lead to changes in your post-op contours. However, Dr. Emer has helped countless patients slow and mitigate the effects of time, gravity, and damaging environmental factors. He is world-renowned for designing patient-specific, age-defying protocols that often combine:


Hormonal Optimization

The male body produces less testosterone as you get older, which can ultimately impact almost every facet of your life. In terms of maintaining your gladiator body, you may start to find it more difficult to manage your weight, build muscle, prevent the loss of muscle mass, or even find the energy to get to the gym. Hormone optimization can be essential for extending the longevity of your sculpted, fit body, as well as ensuring you have the vitality to enjoy it.

Hormonal Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapy can support hormonal balance and facilitate the healthy function of the biological systems that impact your metabolism, muscles, and other aspects of feeling and looking your best.

Muscle Enhancement

With non-surgical treatments like BodyTone and truSculpt FLEX, men can achieve rapid gains in strength and visible improvements in the size, shape, and definition of their muscles. Muscle enhancement treatments can build on your Gladiator Lipo results and/or counter age-related declines in muscle mass.

Fat reduction

It is common for male patients to notice more fat around the midsection as they grow older. Non-invasive RF-based treatments with Venus Legacy, BTL Exilis Ultra, or BTL Vanquish ME can be used to destroy problematic fat cells in targeted areas, such as the abdomen, so you can keep your lean, sculpted look longer.

Skin rejuvenation

Energy-based skin tightening treatments can help compensate for decreased collagen production and the loss of skin elasticity that accompanies age. Externally delivered ultrasound energy with Ultherapy or external RF treatments with Thermage can boost collagen production, so your skin remains as firm and tight as possible.  

Patient Story



Gladiator MAKEOVER

Patient is late 20s and primary case
I had an amazing patient come to me with a vision of the perfect physique, and together we made it a reality 💪🏽 With High Def Body Sculpting, we were able to carve out defined abs and give him my famous gladiator look, leaving him with a chiseled, defined look that turns heads 😎 It's only been 1.5 months post-surgery and the transformation is already jaw-dropping! 😱 Seeing him happy and confident in his new body is why I love what I do ✨


How Dr. Emer Provides the Best Gladiator Liposuction in Beverly Hills

Dr. Emer continues to defy the expectations of the aesthetics community and his patients with his innovative, leading-edge body shaping treatments. His unmatched skill, commitment to patient safety, and dedication to excellence translate to unbelievable gladiator body transformations.

See it for yourself!

 Gladiator Lipo is one of those things in life that you have to see for yourself in order to comprehend. Watch Dr. Emer demonstrate some of his exclusive methods for delivering 360-degree sculpting, etching, and shaping as he carves out the muscles of the core, defines the contours and muscles of the back, and gives the chest and shoulders a broader, fuller look.

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How Much Does Gladiator Surgery Cost?

The price of your gladiator liposuction procedure will reflect the number of treatment sites, the techniques required, and whether you choose to complement your fat removal procedure with fat transfer or other additional body contouring treatments. Applicable facility and anesthesia fees will affect the overall cost, as well. You can expect to receive detailed pricing information once Dr. Emer has developed your personalized treatment plan.

Arrange a Consultation for Gladiator Lipo in Beverly Hills

To find out how Dr. Emer can help you get a gladiator body that turns heads for all the right reasons, contact our office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Emer provides exceptional, natural-looking, long-lasting results with 360 HD lipo, and he looks forward to exceeding your expectations.

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