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If you’ve tried numerous lower body workouts but have not been able to sculpt the rounded, feminine hips you desire, you may be in a losing battle with your genetics. Fortunately, world-renowned body sculptor Dr. Jason Emer offers several treatment options for hip augmentation in Beverly Hills, so you can attain the curves you’ve always wanted.

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What is Hip Augmentation?

Hip augmentation procedures address cosmetic concerns with the shape and size of the hips. Dr. Emer provides surgical and nonsurgical hip dip procedures to round out the hips. Common reasons patients seek hip augmentation include:


To create a more desirable hip to waist ratio

Hip augmentation is often performed for patients with naturally slim hips who prefer a more pronounced hourglass shape.


To fill hip dips

Hip augmentation patients are often concerned about hip dips, or violin hips. These terms are used to describe a type of inward curve that naturally occurs between the lower edge of the hip bones and the upper thighs in many patients. Hip augmentation can fill hip dips to create a rounder shape.



Hip augmentation can widen the hips to help patients achieve a more feminine physical appearance that aligns with the patient’s inner sense of self.

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Right for you?

Am I a Good Candidate for Hip Augmentation?

Since Dr. Emer offers surgical and non-surgical hip augmentation procedures, most patients who desire curvier, fuller hips are candidates. Candidates for hip augmentation should be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • In good general health
  • At or near their ideal body weight
  • Realistic in their expectations for the treatment outcome
  • Willing to follow Dr. Emer’s pre-and post-treatment instructions


Hip Dip Fillers

The Dr. Emer Difference

Dr. Emer may advise combining complementary non-surgical or surgical procedures to elevate the effects of hip augmentation with fillers. He bases his recommendations on the depth of the indentations, whether there is excess fat in the hip area, and his extensive experience resolving hip dents for a diverse patient population.

Cosmetic treatments that can enhance the effects of hip dip fillers include Renuva synthetic fat injections, HD liposculpture, and radiofrequency (RF) treatments.

Why Do I Have Hip Dips?

The technical term for hip dips is “trochanteric depressions.” This concave shape between the thighs and hips is a result of your skeletal structure and your body’s natural fat distribution. In other words, hip dips are caused by genetics. Certain exercises can help to minimize these indentations but cannot eliminate them.

Hip dips are quite common, and they are harmless. However, some patients are self-conscious about this lower body feature and feel that a smoother, rounder hip shape would enhance their physique.

Patients from across the country seek Dr. Emer’s body contouring expertise to find out how they can get rid of hip dips. Hip augmentation is typically the most effective way to round out the hips, and there are surgical and non-surgical approaches to filling these indentations.


Surgical Hip Dip Treatment: Fat Grafting

Fat transfer, or fat grafting to the hips can be ideal for patients whose cosmetic concerns include both augmenting the hips and eliminating fat from other areas of the body. This surgical hip dip treatment involves harvesting the patient’s unwanted body fat, purifying the extracted fat cells, and injecting the fat into the hip area.

Fat transfer to the hips is a somewhat invasive procedure. Patients should plan for one or two weeks of downtime and significant activity restrictions.

Bruising, swelling, and tenderness at the fat removal site(s) are normal during the initial stage of the healing process. Dr. Emer recommends that you wear compression garments to minimize these symptoms and support your new, slimmer contours.

Additionally, you must avoid putting pressure on the hips and buttocks for several days after your fat grafting procedure. Dr. Emer will advise you of acceptable resting positions and activities at every stage of your recovery.

Non-Surgical Hip Augmentation Injections

Patients who prefer a minimal downtime hip dip treatment may be good candidates for non-surgical hip enhancement. This treatment is also a good option for patients who do not have enough excess body fat for fat grafting. Non-surgical hip augmentation involves the use of one or more dermal fillers to augment and contour the hips.

Dr. Emer uses precise combinations of cosmetic injectables to fill hip dips and create visually pleasing curves. The best filler(s) for you will depend on your unique anatomy and cosmetic concerns. Non-surgical hip dip fillers include:


Sculptra – This poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) injectable promotes fuller, firmer hips by stimulating collagen production.


Bellafill contains bovine collagen and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres. Initially, the injected bovine collagen provides volume to fill out the hips. Over time, the PMMA microspheres form a scaffold under the skin which boosts the body’s natural collagen production for smoother, more robust hip contours.


Radiesse is a calcium hydroxylapatite dermal filler. Its thick consistency and collagen-stimulating effects make it an excellent hip augmentation option for many patients.

Dr. Emer’s “BellaLift” method pairs Sculptra and Bellafill. This innovative combination provides instant enhancement followed by several months of continued improvements. Results can last up to five years.

Nonsurgical hip dip filler treatments do not require downtime. Many patients can immediately resume their normal routine, including exercise, the day after their filler injections.

What to Expect

Hip Augmentation Procedure Details

The length of your hip augmentation recovery will depend on the specific procedure(s) performed. There is no recovery period after hip dip fillers.

Fat grafting recovery times vary based on the patient’s natural rate of healing. The length of fat transfer recovery can also be affected by how well you follow the aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Emer. It is particularly important to avoid prolonged pressure on the treatment area and exposing the treatment area to excessive force in order to support an optimal recovery.

Depending on your unique treatment, hip dip filler results may be visible right away, or improvements may appear incrementally over several weeks. It may take months to arrive at your final outcome after fat grafting to the hips.

Though they are all cosmetic injectables, Sculptra, Bellafill, and Radiesse each work differently. Radiesse provides quicker results than Sculptra and Bellafill. More frequent retreatments are needed to maintain results with Radiesse since it does not offer the same long-term collagen increases as Sculptra and Bellafill.

During your consultation, Dr. Emer will chat with you in-depth about your hip dip filler options and will answer all of your questions. He is diligent about providing comprehensive treatment information, so his patients can make an informed decision for their care.

How Much Does Hip Augmentation Cost?

The price of hip augmentation differs from one patient to the next, as every patient has unique needs. Dr. Emer will explain your treatment options and review the associated costs with you during your consultation.

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Dr. Emer is considered a top provider of hip augmentation in Beverly Hills. He consistently delivers natural looking hip enhancement results by tailoring each treatment he performs to the needs of the patient. To find out the best hip dip filler for you, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Emer.