Non-Surgical Butt Lift

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer sees many patients who have worked out for years but can never achieve their desired buttock contours. He frequently performs non-surgical butt lift procedures for patients who want a fuller, shapelier bottom without undergoing surgery.

Dr. Emer has developed advanced, minimally invasive methods of treating hip dips and other cosmetic concerns in the buttock area. He employs unparalleled skill and artistry to provide the best non-surgical butt lift in Beverly Hills.

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What Is a Non-Surgical Butt Lift?

A non-surgical butt lift is a minimally invasive approach to creating a perkier, fuller buttock shape. Unlike surgical buttock contouring treatments, such as butt implants and the Brazilian butt lift (BBL), a non-surgical butt lift does not require anesthesia, incisions, or downtime.

Also known as a “liquid butt lift” or “liquid BBL,” the non-surgical BBL procedure utilizes dermal fillers to augment the buttocks. Since the body metabolizes the fillers over time, repeat treatments are needed to maintain the enhanced look.

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How Does Non Surgical BBL Work?

The non-surgical BBL procedure enlarges the buttocks with cosmetic injectables. Dr. Emer uses carefully selected dermal fillers to add volume and refine the buttock shape. Increased volume works to round out hip dips, fill out flat or saggy areas of the buttocks, and achieve more youthful bum contours.

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Who Is a Candidate for a Non-Surgical Butt Lift?

If you are seeking a non-surgical solution to refine the shape of the buttocks, you may be a candidate for this procedure. Candidates are often patients seeking a butt lift that requires minimal downtime. Patients who want to build on results from fat grafting or synthetic fat grafting to the buttocks can be good candidates as well.

Patients who exercise regularly are often good candidates for a non-surgical BBL.  Active, athletic patients often prefer a treatment that doesn’t require significant time away from the gym, and they typically need smaller amounts of volume to refine their buttock contours.

As with any cosmetic procedure, candidates must have realistic expectations. Dr. Emer takes care to thoroughly explain the treatment process, the potential benefits, and the limitations of non-surgical butt lift techniques to prospective candidates.

You will also be able to view before and after photos of Dr. Emer’s previous nonsurgical buttock augmentation patients. The photos will help you visualize what Dr. Emer can achieve with a non-surgical BBL.

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Procedure Details

Non-Surgical Buttock Augmentation: What to Expect

Your non-surgical BBL will be performed at Dr. Emer’s state-of-the-art medical practice. No anesthesia is needed, and you will be able to continue about your day immediately after your procedure.

A topical numbing agent is applied to the treatment area before Dr. Emer begins the injections. Once you are comfortable, Dr. Emer will perform multiple injections as needed to achieve your desired outcome. After the injections, the treatment area will be massaged to encourage smooth, natural looking results.

Procedure Details

Differences between Nonsurgical BBL and Traditional BBL

Nonsurgical BBL works similarly to a traditional BBL in the sense that both procedures involve the use of injectable fillers to recontour the buttocks. Dr. Emer’s nonsurgical BBL typically involves one or more cosmetic injectables to add volume and/or boost collagen production in the buttock area.

A traditional BBL involves transferring fat from one area of the patient’s body to the buttocks. This procedure requires fat removal surgery, or liposuction, to harvest the patient’s unwanted fat cells. This extracted fat is then purified and injected to sculpt the buttocks. One or two weeks of downtime can be expected after a traditional BBL.

Both approaches are effective; however, not every patient is willing or able to undergo cosmetic surgery. Dr. Emer can determine the best buttock augmentation procedure for you during your consultation.

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Nonsurgical BBL Methods


Bellafill Butt Lift

Bellafill is a unique dermal filler. Its base is bovine collagen gel, and within the gel are tiny spheres made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). When injected, the collagen gel provides instant augmentation effects.

The body gradually metabolizes the collagen. Meanwhile, the PMMA microspheres work to ramp up the body’s collagen production and function as a supportive structure. The result is a smoother, firmer, and more prominent buttock shape.


Sculptra for Non-Surgical BBL

Though Sculptra is injected like a traditional filler, it has a very different composition and works to improve buttock contours in a very specific way. Sculptra is primarily a collagen stimulator. Once injected, Sculptra works to add volume over time by thickening the tissue and rebuilding collagen to fill out the buttocks.

In some cases, Sculptra alone can accomplish a patient’s aesthetic goals. However, Dr. Emer has found that Sculptra can be paired with other cosmetic treatments to achieve more dramatic improvements.

For non-surgical buttock augmentation, Dr. Emer developed an advanced treatment called “BellaLift.” BellaLift pairs Sculptra with Bellafill for maximum collagen production and amazing results.


BellaLift BBL

Dr. Emer’s passion for achieving next-level results led to his creation of the BellaLift BBL procedure. BellaLift amplifies the benefits of both Sculptra and Bellafill. Not only do patients enjoy noticeable improvements quickly with BellaLift, but this filler combination can support your enhanced buttock shape for up to three years.

BellaLift consistently exceeds patient expectations. This innovative treatment has quickly become a popular procedure for patients who desire a fast-acting, no-downtime solution for hip dips and perkier buttock contours.


Hyperdilute Radiesse Butt Lift

A diluted form of Radiesse can also be injected to enhance the buttock shape. This injectable is made of calcium hydroxyapatite, which works to fill out depressions and subtly increase the size of the buttocks.

Many patients love Radiesse for buttock augmentation because they notice improvements in a very short time. Dr. Emer frequently combines Radiesse with Sculptra and/or BellaFill to enhance and extend treatment outcomes.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Buttock Augmentation

When performed by a body contouring expert like Dr. Emer, surgical and non-surgical BBL treatments can provide natural looking improvements. Many patients opt for non-surgical butt augmentation due to benefits like:

  • No downtime
  • No anesthesia
  • No incisions
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Short, convenient procedure

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Patient is late 20s and primary case
I had an amazing patient come to me with a vision of the perfect physique, and together we made it a reality 💪🏽 With High Def Body Sculpting, we were able to carve out defined abs and give him my famous gladiator look, leaving him with a chiseled, defined look that turns heads 😎 It's only been 1.5 months post-surgery and the transformation is already jaw-dropping! 😱 Seeing him happy and confident in his new body is why I love what I do ✨

How Dr. Emer Provides the Best Non Surgical Butt Lift in Beverly Hills

Dr. Emer has helped many patients make their dream body a reality with non-surgical butt lift treatments. His expertise with dermal fillers and his advanced injection technique allow him to deliver remarkable buttock reshaping results with this minimally invasive approach.

Dr. Emer’s proprietary combination treatments are meticulously designed to optimize the effects of each procedure. He considers the patient’s anatomy, skin elasticity, medical history, aesthetic goals, and many other factors to develop the safest, most effective treatment plan for each patient under his care.

How Much Does a Nonsurgical Butt Lift Cost?

The type of filler(s) used and the number of syringes needed will affect the price of your non-surgical BBL. Dr. Emer will explain your treatment plan, including the associated fees, during your consultation.

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Body contouring expert Dr. Jason Emer offers advanced, minimally invasive treatments that can shape plumper, more lifted buttocks. To find out if a non-surgical butt lift in Beverly Hills is the best way to sculpt your most voluptuous figure, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Emer.