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Permanent elimination of body fat with no downtime makes BTL Vanquish ME a great option for many patients who want a non-invasive solution for stubborn fat pockets. In the hands of body sculpting expert Dr. Jason Emer, BTL Vanquish ME can refine your body contours and enhance your natural curves. Dr. Emer is a board-certified dermatologist who is world-renowned for his ability to prescribe and perform innovative, customized combination treatments that deliver exceptional body contouring and rejuvenation results.

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What Is BTL Vanquish ME?

BTL Vanquish ME is a radiofrequency (RF) treatment that destroys fat cells to slim and sculpt some of the most common problem areas for men and women: the abdomen, flanks, buttocks, and thighs. If your efforts to work out and eat a healthy diet haven’t gotten you down that last size and into your skinniest jeans, you may be fighting a losing battle against fat related to genetics, hormones, and/or stress. BTL Vanquish ME treats those frustrating localized fat deposits that don’t respond to dieting and exercise, so all of the angles and curves you’ve worked hard to achieve can finally get the recognition they deserve.

Right for you?

Is Vanquish Fat Reduction Right for Me?

Healthy adults who want to permanently eliminate fat deposits but do not want or need to undergo cosmetic surgery may be good candidates for BTL Vanquish ME. Genetics often play a key role in why our bodies hold on to extra unwanted fat in certain areas of our body no matter what we do. Often, these persistent fat deposits are not substantial enough to warrant cosmetic surgery but are considerable enough to disrupt our otherwise balanced and aesthetic body contours.

Vanquish fat reduction can be an excellent method of improving definition and tone throughout the abdomen, hips, and buttocks, but it is not recommended for patients seeking to lose weight or eliminate large quantities of fat. If you are not at an optimal weight for Vanquish, Dr. Emer can recommend highly effective weight loss protocols, or a more intensive intervention, such as cosmetic surgery.

Procedure Details

How Does Vanquish Fat Removal Work?

BTL Vanquish ME is a non-invasive RF-based fat reduction treatment. Dr. Emer uses the Vanquish fat removal system to deliver precise and constant RF heat to fat located between your skin and muscle (subcutaneous fat).

The controlled RF heat damages the targeted fat cells, which the body then eliminates through its natural processes. Since fat cells are more sensitive to heat than other types of cells, the heat needed to destroy fat cells is a low enough temperature that it does not affect the surrounding tissue

Procedure Details

Why Choose Vanquish Fat Removal?

Dr. Emer can determine the best fat reduction approach for you by meeting with you in a consultation. After learning about your desired outcome and evaluating the treatment areas, Dr. Emer will apply his extensive knowledge of non-invasive fat removal systems to choose the optimal method for you. Some benefits of Vanquish fat removal include:


  • Sessions are quick and convenient.
  • Vanquish can treat large areas.
  • You can return to work immediately after your treatment.
  • Treatments are virtually painless.
  • Results can be permanent with a healthy lifestyle.
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Procedure Details

What to Expect with BTL Vanquish Body Contouring

Dr. Emer performs Vanquish fat reduction procedures in-office at his state-of-the-art facility in Beverly Hills. A Vanquish fat removal treatment only takes about 45 minutes and does not require anesthesia.

When you arrive for treatment, Dr. Emer will have you lie down comfortably so he can best access your treatment areas. During the procedure, patients most often describe feeling warmth where the RF energy is directed. The sensation of heat can linger for a few hours after treatment.

This non-invasive procedure requires no downtime. You will be able to resume your normal activities immediately.

Procedure Details

BTL Vanquish Results

Since the body must process the treated fat cells for natural elimination from the body, results typically begin to appear within two or three weeks of your first Vanquish fat removal session. Depending on your body’s unique biology, it can take up to two months to see your final BTL Vanquish results. To achieve and maintain optimal results from Vanquish, Dr. Emer often recommends a short series of Vanquish treatments and/or complementary cosmetic treatments based on your unique body and treatment goals.

Patients who commit to healthy eating and an active lifestyle can enjoy permanent fat reduction in the treated areas. Dr. Emer’s athletic patients love that Vanquish eliminates the stubborn fat pockets that they could never shed in the gym.

The Dr. Emer Difference

BTL Vanquish ME

Dr. Emer often complements BTL Vanquish ME with additional minimally invasive treatments to provide enhanced results. He is renowned for his effective combination fat reduction and skin tightening protocols, which may include Vanquish along with:

  • $Cutera truSculpt iD: A non-invasive RF treatment device for skin tightening and additional fat reduction and contouring effects.
  • $Mesotherapy: An injectable treatment that delivers vitamins, plant extracts, hormones, and enzymes to support fat reduction and skin rejuvenation.
  • $Body FX: This RF device can reduce fat, treat cellulite, and tighten skin.
  • $BTL Exilis Ultra: A combination ultrasound and RF device that tightens skin, increases blood flow, and reduces fat.
  • $Collagen Stimulators: Healthy, youthful-looking skin is the perfect complement to a tight, toned body. Dr. Emer offers a wide range of collagen-boosting treatments to fight signs of aging and enhance your slimmer contours with radiant, glowing skin.

What to Expect

How Many BTL Vanquish Treatments Will I Need?

The number of BTL Vanquish treatments you will need will depend on your treatment goals. Many patients drop a pant size after four to six Vanquish fat removal treatments targeting the abdomen, flanks, and hips.

Dr. Emer is an expert at creating customized, combination treatments to maximize your results. Based on your unique body and cosmetic concerns, he will determine the number of BTL Vanquish treatments needed and the best complementary procedures to deliver the results you want to see.

How Much Does BTL Vanquish Me Cost?

The price of Vanquish fat reduction depends on the number of sessions needed and the size of the treatment areas. Dr. Emer will create your ideal treatment plan and review all associated costs in your consultation.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Emer

You can learn more about how Vanquish fat removal can help you get the body you have always wanted by meeting with Dr. Emer, a board-certified dermatologist and expert in non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring. Contact our West Hollywood office today to schedule your consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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