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For patients who seek exceptionally aesthetic, sculpted, and defined body contours, board-certified dermatologist and facial and body sculpting expert Dr. Jason Emer often performs VASER liposuction. At our Beverly Hills practice, VASER lipo is Dr. Emer’s go-to method for permanently eliminating stubborn fat pockets that just won’t budge, no matter how many hours you spend in the gym.

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What Is VASER Liposuction?

VASER lipo is a fat removal method that uses pulsing ultrasound waves to gently loosen fat cells for extraction. The acronym, “VASER,” stands for vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance.

The use of ultrasound technology to liquefy fat cells sets VASER lipo apart from other liposuction techniques and makes it an integral component of Dr. Emer’s renowned 360 HD lipocontouring treatments. In the hands of a skilled practitioner like Dr. Emer, VASER lipo can accomplish extremely precise sculpting throughout the body. Dr. Emer often recommends VASER lipo to patients seeking to eliminate excess fat in the:

Chin | Neck | Chest | Arms | Upper back | Abdomen | Hips | Buttocks

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Who Is a Candidate for VASER Lipo?

Active, healthy individuals suffering from persistent, localized fat deposits may be good candidates for VASER lipo. Dr. Emer typically recommends that VASER lipo patients be within about 15 pounds of their ideal body weight for optimal treatment outcomes.

Long-term VASER lipo results depend on the patient staying at a healthy weight. Ideal candidates should be committed to an active lifestyle and nutritious diet in order to maintain and further enhance their new contours.

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Procedure Details

VASER Lipo vs. Lipo

Both VASER and traditional lipo are effective methods of permanently removing fat cells from the body. The use of ultrasound waves to emulsify fat for extraction makes VASER lipo a gentler and more precise fat removal method than traditional lipo. It is an ideal option for body sculpting.

Traditional lipo can be used to extract a greater quantity of fat than a VASER lipo procedure, so it can improve the patient’s figure through a slimming effect. However, traditional lipo is not designed for creating refined, sculpted contours, and it cannot address skin laxity.

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Advantages of VASER Lipo

VASER lipo is Dr. Emer’s preferred method of cosmetic fat removal for his popular 360 HD lipo treatments. Benefits of VASER lipo include:

Precision contouring

360 HD lipo relies on VASER lipo to create chiseled abs, toned arms, and shapely contours. VASER lipo is highly effective at spot-treating stubborn fat deposits and is so precise that it can even be used in small treatment areas like the neck and chin.

Maximum skin retraction

Compared to other lipo methods, VASER lipo provides improved skin retraction, which is essential when creating athletic contours. Dr. Emer capitalizes on this advantage by pairing VASER lipo with radiofrequency skin tightening treatments.

Optimal fat harvesting

Since VASER lipo can loosen fat cells without destroying them, it is ideal for harvesting fat for fat grafting procedures, such as breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lifts (BBL), or facial sculpting.

Reduced recovery time

Because ultrasound waves liquefy fat cells and make them easier to remove, patients benefit from a quicker recovery than with traditional lipo, which can cause damage to the surrounding tissue.

Procedure Details

VASER Lipo Procedure

Dr. Emer starts the VASER lipo procedure by marking the treatment area. In this process, he considers the underlying musculature, taking care to ensure natural post-operative movement and aesthetic final results.

You will be given anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Many patients undergo VASER lipo while under conscious sedation. General anesthesia may be used for extensive procedures or if VASER lipo is combined with cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Emer begins the fat extraction process by injecting tumescent fluid, which helps to numb the area and loosen the fat cells. He then performs VASER lipo by delivering ultrasound energy to liquefy the fat, which he extracts with a power-assisted removal technique.

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The Dr. Emer Difference

How Does Dr. Emer Do VASER Lipo Differently?

To maximize the opportunity to improve definition and tone in a treatment area, Dr. Emer uses a technique called 4D Hi-Def VASER lipo. This method involves combining VASER liposuction with radiofrequency skin tightening.

By performing InMode BodyTite, ThermiRF, or Renuvion in conjunction with VASER lipo, Dr. Emer can achieve a “shrink wrap” effect on the skin to ensure that skin adjusts aesthetically to the body’s new, slimmer contours. In addition to skin tightening, RF treatments support long-term body sculpting results by boosting collagen production to encourage healthy, beautiful skin in the treatment area.

What to Expect

VASER Lipo Recovery

While VASER lipo is gentler than traditional lipo, some downtime is still required to ensure optimal healing. Plan to take some time off from your normal activities as directed by Dr. Emer. To reduce post-operative discomfort and swelling, you will need to wear compression garments for several weeks.

Dr. Emer will provide recommendations regarding supportive treatments throughout your recovery. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), intravenous (IV) therapy, lymphatic massage, and other in-office procedures can reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, and enhance treatment results.

Speak With a True Facial and Body Sculpting Expert

When it comes to creating sculpted, symmetrical, and natural-looking facial and body contours, you can depend on the skill and artistry of Dr. Emer. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for VASER lipo at our state-of-the-art West Hollywood practice.