Penile Enlargement with Fat Grafting

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Down under treatments for men are trending, and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer is the best choice for all of your penile enlargement needs. Dr. Emer is a male enhancement expert who provides innovative, effective treatments to enlarge the penis and improve the male sexual experience. One of his favorite and most trusted methods of increasing penis size is through a procedure called fat grafting.

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What Is Fat Grafting for Penile Enlargement?

Fat grafting provides a natural approach to increasing penis size. This procedure repurposes the patient’s own unwanted fat to increase penis girth and length. Since the fat injections are created from the patient’s excess body fat, there is nothing artificial involved and no risk of allergic reaction.

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Right for you?

Am I a Good Candidate for Penile Fat Grafting?

The best way to find out if fat grafting is the optimal penile enlargement solution for you is to meet with Dr. Emer for a confidential consultation.

In general, you may be a good candidate for penile enlargement with fat grafting if you:

  • Are in good physical health
  • Are a non-smoker
  • Are over the age of 18
  • Are realistic in your expectations for the procedure
  • Want a lasting solution for increasing the girth and/or length of your penis
  • Have adequate excess fat to harvest from another area of the body
  • Are willing to follow all of Dr. Emer’s pre-and post-procedure instructions

Penile Enhancement with Fat Transfer: What to Expect

The first stage of penile enlargement with fat transfer is fat removal. Fat is often extracted from common trouble spots like the abdomen and flanks. However, your liposuction treatment site(s) will be determined by your anatomy and body contouring goals.

After the administration of anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the fat removal process, Dr. Emer will perform liposuction. Dr. Emer insists on using VASER ultrasound-assisted liposuction and/or Body Jet water-assisted liposuction as these techniques best preserve the integrity of the fat cells as they are prepared for removal. Harvesting intact fat cells is vital for optimal fat transfer results.
Once the unwanted fat has been loosened and separated from the surrounding tissue, suction is used to extract the fat cells. The fat is then put through an intensive purification process.

After purification, Dr. Emer enriches the fat with ACELL to support healing. He also enriches the fat with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the patient’s own blood. PRP works to repair and improve cellular function, helping to ensure that the injected fat cells can thrive.

Dr. Emer will then use a small cannula to inject the enriched fat throughout the shaft of the penis. He is meticulous about ensuring an optimal distribution of fat to achieve natural-looking results.



What to Expect After Fat Grafting to the Penis: Recovery

Patients should expect a two to four week recovery period. Many patients can return to sedentary work and light activities after a few days of rest. Follow-up appointments with Dr. Emer will allow him to assess your healing and provide guidelines for gradually increasing activity levels.

In general, expect to need a week or two of healing before resuming sexual activity. You will also need to avoid strenuous lifting and intense exercise for four weeks, or as directed by Dr. Emer.

Dr. Emer provides patient-tailored aftercare instructions to help you shorten your recovery and promote maximum improvements. For fat grafting patients, he typically recommends:

Lymphatic massage to support the body’s healing process and encourage smooth contours at the fat extraction site(s)

IV therapy pre-and-post treatment to maintain optimal levels of vital nutrients

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments to repair blood vessels, decrease inflammation, and increase circulation

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Fat Transfer to the Penis: Results

Patients will notice initial penile enlargement results right away, though it can take several months to see the final results. Some patients choose to build on their results with additional fat injections over multiple appointments. Dr. Emer can store excess fat from your liposuction procedure for future injections, as needed.

With any fat grafting procedure, not all of the injected fat cells will survive. Dr. Emer has adopted strategic methods of ensuring the most viable fat cells are used. Using advanced liposuction techniques and enriching the fat with PRP and growth factors significantly enhances fat transfer results.

The Dr. Emer Difference

Fat Grafting to Increase Penis Size

Dr. Emer has always been driven to exceed his patients’ expectations. This mentality has inspired him to develop advanced, combination treatments to improve the appearance of the genitals, as well as the patient’s overall sexual experience. Based on your aesthetic goals and anatomy, Dr. Emer may recommend complementing fat grafting to the penis with treatments such as:

PRP – PRP injections into the penis stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and nerves to help patients achieve harder erections and more intense orgasms. PRP also works to optimize the cellular function in the treated area.

Botox – Botox has multiple applications as a down under treatment. If needed to create your ideal look, this injectable neuromodulator can be used to enhance the appearance of the scrotum. Botox injections can also be used to reduce sweating in the genital area.

Hormonal optimization – In many cases, improving the sexual experience requires optimizing hormone levels in the body. Hormonal balance is essential for a healthy libido, enjoying maximum sexual pleasure, and functioning at your best both in and out of the bedroom.

Shockwave therapy – Vibrational or shockwave therapy has a range of benefits when it comes to penile enhancement. Shockwave therapy can be performed following PRP injections to kickstart cellular turnover and accelerate improvements in penile function.

Penis fillers – Dermal fillers can be used for penile enhancement as well. Temporary hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers can be injected to enhance the size and shape of the penis. Bellafill, an injectable filler that contains bovine collagen and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres, can also be an effective treatment for increasing penis size.


Jason Emer is exactly the type of aesthetic physician you would want to work on you. He totally understands body aesthetics of both men and women with a keen ability to make amazing transformations. He’s the Real Deal!

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How Much Does Penile Fat Grafting Cost?

The cost of penile enlargement with fat grafting is determined by the specific details of your treatment. Factors that impact pricing may include the amount of fat to be removed, number of extraction sites, and how many injection sessions are needed to achieve your desired outcome.

Fat grafting to the penis can be performed as a stand-alone treatment, though many patients opt to include it as part of a total-body transformation procedure called 360 HD liposculpture. Other patients pair fat grafting for penile enlargement with additional sexual rejuvenation treatments. Combining penis fat grafting with additional procedures will affect the overall cost of your treatment.

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Dr. Emer believes that every patient deserves to feel confident and love how they look everywhere. He goes above and beyond to find solutions for each unique patient he treats. When it comes to penile enlargement with fat grafting, you can trust Dr. Emer, a pioneer in male enhancement and esteemed cosmetic dermatologist, to deliver incredible results.