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Scrotox is a minimally invasive treatment for men who want to improve the appearance of the scrotum and/or reduce sweating in the groin area. At the medical practice of Dr. Jason Emer in Beverly Hills, Scrotox is often incorporated into comprehensive “down under” treatment protocols that can provide the regenerative and rejuvenating benefits you need to optimize your sexual experience and feel comfortable and confident in your body.

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“Scrotox” is a term that refers to the use of Botox injections to treat medical and cosmetic concerns that affect the scrotum. Scrotox is also known as testicular Botox.

Initially, Scrotox was performed to treat medical conditions associated with scrotal inflammation and persistent scrotal pain. More recently, Scrotox entered the mainstream lexicon as the name of a trending treatment for cosmetically enhancing the scrotum and reducing sweat in the groin area.

Dr. Emer’s first Scrotox patients were predominantly cyclists, marathon runners, and other athletic men seeking relief from sweat-induced chafing in the genital area. The cosmetic improvements they noticed, such as lower-hanging balls and fewer scrotal wrinkles, were an unexpected, but well-received bonus. Now, Dr. Emer has a large percentage of patients whose primary motivation for Scrotox is aesthetic rather than medical.

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Right for you?

Am I a Good Candidate for SCROTOX?

Candidates for Scrotox include men who are unhappy with a “high and tight” scrotum and/or men who want to reduce wrinkling for a smoother, fuller look. Men who feel their testicles naturally hang too loosely or low should not undergo Scrotox treatments.

Men who experience discomfort or self-consciousness due to scrotal sweating are generally excellent candidates for Scrotox. Scrotox candidates can also be men who suffer from chronic scrotal pain (CSP).

It is important that men considering Scrotox are in good health. Patients with certain medical conditions that affect the nervous system should check with their physician before having Botox injections.

Be sure to inform Dr. Emer of any prescription medications you take and all known allergies. This information is essential for determining whether Botox is a suitable treatment for you.

How does Scrotox work?

The neurotoxin in Botox, botulinum toxin type A, works by disrupting the nerve signals that cause a particular unwanted symptom or effect. Depending on where it is injected and the dosage, Scrotox can be used to target nerve signals that regulate the specific bodily process responsible for a patient’s dissatisfaction or discomfort as it relates to the scrotum.

Scrotox to Look Your Best Down There

Botox is most commonly injected into facial muscles to stop the contractions that cause wrinkles and creases. This same wrinkle-relaxing effect is behind the cosmetic enhancement provided by Scrotox.

Botox injections induce temporary paralysis in treated scrotal muscles. When the treated muscles can no longer contract, scrotal wrinkles are released, the testicles can descend to a lower position, and the scrotum can appear larger.

Scrotox to Stop Sweat

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating. Sweat is a necessary part of life, as it helps to keep our body temperature from becoming dangerously high. However, in patients with hyperhidrosis, the nerves responsible for regulating sweat production are overactive and cause sweat to be released even when the body does not need to be cooled.

Botox is FDA-approved to treat hyperhidrosis in the armpits, but it is also used off-label to decrease sweating in other areas of the body, including the scrotum. Botox injections reduce sweating by preventing sweat glands from receiving the nerve signals that cause sweat to be produced.

Scrotox for CSP

Chronic scrotal pain (CSP) is a medical condition involving testicular pain that persists for three months or more. This condition can cause a severe decline in a patient’s quality of life, and many men struggle to find a treatment that significantly eases their symptoms.

Scrotox has produced positive effects in relieving testicular pain in men who did not respond to other treatments. Scrotox for CSP involves Botox injections into the spermatic cord to stop nerves from delivering pain signals.



When performed by a qualified provider like Dr. Emer, Scrotox can be a hassle-free solution for patients seeking scrotum treatments for medical purposes and/or to achieve a more flattering look. It’s not surprising that Scrotox continues to rise in popularity in light of the many benefits cited by patients, such as:

  • Short, relatively pain-free procedure
  • No downtime
  • Sustainable improvements with retreatment
  • Greater sense of self-confidence
  • Pain relief in patients with CSP
  • Larger, fuller-looking scrotum
  • Smoother scrotal skin
  • Relief from groin sweat
  • Enhanced sexual experience



Dr. Emer provides Scrotox treatments in Beverly Hills at his state-of-the-art medical practice. The total procedure time is usually about 30 minutes.

To begin, a topical numbing cream will be applied to your scrotum. While waiting for the area to become numb, Dr. Emer will identify the optimal injection sites. Your safety is the first and foremost consideration when Dr. Emer is selecting injection sites. He also factors in your unique treatment goals and anatomy.

A thin needle is used to deliver a precise dose of Botox at each injection site. Scrotox treatments involve several injections to ensure full coverage and natural-looking results.



You will be able to go home or back to work immediately after your Scrotox procedure. Many patients choose to schedule Scrotox treatments over their lunch break for their convenience.

You will be advised not to engage in sexual activity or perform any heavy lifting for the first few hours after your Scrotox injections. Other than that, you will not need to deviate from your normal daily routine to recover.

Some men experience mild discomfort, swelling, and/or bruising for a short time after Scrotox. A temporary sensation of tightness in the scrotum can also occur.



Scrotox provides quick results, but improvements are not instantaneous. Botox begins to produce visible effects within a three-to-seven-day period for most patients. You can expect to see your final results after about two weeks.



In most cases, you will achieve your desired outcome after a single injection session. If you are not satisfied with your results after two weeks, Dr. Emer can perform a touch-up treatment.

Scrotox results are temporary. To prevent the return of your cosmetic concerns, additional Scrotox injections will be needed at intervals of about three to four months. The sweat reduction effects of Botox may last seven months or more before follow-up injections are needed.


Procedure Details

Can Scrotox Be Combined with Other Genital Rejuvenation Treatments?

Absolutely! In fact, the majority of Dr. Emer’s Scrotox patients choose to combine scrotal rejuvenation with penile enhancement, anal beautification, and/or sexual rejuvenation treatments.

After learning about your specific treatment goals for aesthetic improvements and enhancing your sexual experience, Dr. Emer can determine which additional treatments to combine with Scrotox to best accomplish your desired outcome.

Men who opt to combine Scrotox with additional genital rejuvenation treatments and/or sexual wellness therapies, as recommended by Dr. Emer, frequently describe their results as life-changing.

Procedure Details

Scrotox Plus Penile Enhancement

Scrotox is frequently combined with non-surgical penile enhancement procedures, such as:

  • P-Shot – P-Shot injections deliver platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells into the penile tissue. Benefits of the P-Shot can include harder erections, increased stamina, stronger orgasms, and penile enlargement.
  • BTL Cellutone – This device can improve blood flow to the penis through the use of therapeutic vibrations.
  • Aerolase – Aerolase is Dr. Emer’s go-to laser for lifting dark pigmentation and revitalizing skin “down under.”
  • Dermal fillers – It is very common for Scrotox patients to choose to complement scrotal rejuvenation with penis enlargement. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are a popular, minimally invasive option for temporarily increasing the size of the penis.
  • Fat transfer to the penis – This treatment, which involves removing unwanted fat from your body and repurposing it for injection into the penis, is associated with longer-lasting improvements in penile length and/or girth.

Procedure Details


Anal beautification™ treatments are often performed in combination with Scrotox for patients seeking complete “down under” rejuvenation. Dr. Emer can refresh this intimate area with treatments like:

  • Chemical bleaching to lift dark pigment
  • Laser treatments for brightening and hair removal
  • Botox to decrease sweating, reduce the likelihood of infected hair follicles, and expeditehemorrhoid healing
  • Internal radiofrequency device treatments to tighten the anal sphincter muscles and boost collagen production
  • Microneedling radiofrequency with Fractora to minimize wrinkles


Many Scrotox patients can benefit from treatments that work from the inside to help them feel as good as they look. Achieving optimal sexual wellness is often a matter of:

  • Hormone optimization – Imbalanced hormones pose a significant threat to your vitality, sexual performance and satisfaction, and state of mind. Restoring hormonal balance is essential if you want to function at your best.
  • Peptide therapy – Peptide therapy supports total body wellness, provides anti-aging benefits, and decreases inflammation. It also has a positive impact on hormone levels and helps to alleviate symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

The Dr. Emer Difference

How Does Dr. Emer Do SCROTOX Differently?

If you are considering testicular Botox, it is imperative that you choose a provider with the necessary skill and knowledge to administer your injections successfully and safely. Dr. Emer is both an expert injector and a leading authority in “down under” rejuvenation treatments for men. His expertise and extensive experience allow him to provide men with an incomparable level of customization, safety, and aesthetic excellence with Scrotox.


Like other Botox procedures, the price of a Scrotox treatment is largely determined by the amount of product required to accomplish the patient’s desired results. The cost associated with your Scrotox injections can be calculated and reviewed with you once Dr. Emer has created your treatment plan. Patients should factor in the need for ongoing treatments when budgeting for Scrotox as well.

Schedule a SCROTOX Consultation in Beverly Hills

A consultation with Dr. Emer is the ideal way to learn more about Scrotox and find out if it is right for you. Reach out today to take this important first step toward looking and feeling your best.