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When performed by board-certified medical specialists like Dr. Jason Emer and Dr. Akshay Sanan, Botox injections deliver incredible, sustainable results. Dr. Emer and Dr. Sanan are aesthetic experts and renowned providers of Botox in Beverly Hills. Their highly customized Botox treatments often incorporate complementary cosmetic procedures to ensure amazing, natural-looking enhancement.

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What is Botox?

Botox is a versatile injectable product that is used to treat several cosmetic and medical issues. It is best known for its ability to prevent and/or minimize the appearance of frown lines, or glabellar lines.

In the hands of trained medical professionals like Dr. Emer and Dr. Sanan, Botox can also be used to:

  • Contour the jawline
  • Release fine lines in the outer eye area (crow’s feet)
  • Smooth out deep horizontal creases in the forehead
  • Reduce signs of aging in the neck area
  • Subtly lift the brow
  • Create more aesthetic lip contours
  • Release wrinkles along the upper lip
  • Treat a “gummy smile”
  • Prevent bruxism (teeth grinding) and provide relief from the associated jaw pain, facial tension, and headaches
  • Address a medical condition called hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweating


Botox is an exceptional procedure that offers incredible, lasting results, especially when offered by a board-certified specialist like Dr. Emer. Offering a customized treatment for each patient, Dr. Jason Emer combines multiple treatments, techniques, and products to help each patient meet their individual goals.

As we continue to age, the fight against forehead lines and crow’s feet becomes more difficult. The battle to conceal those annoying lines and wrinkles just isn’t won using makeup. Dr. Jason Emer offers the perfect solution that doesn’t involve surgery using Botox, Xeomin or Dysport and PDO Thread Lifting techniques.

Eyebrow lifts are becoming increasingly popular at Dr. Emer’s practice because women want a very open look to their eyes and an elevated lateral eyebrow is a sign of beauty and youth to the upper face. For those with mild brow heaviness due to naturally-drooping eyelids or low-hanging eyebrows you can use neuromodulation with Botox, Xeomin or Dysport to get a subtle lift with no downtime.

Our Approach

How We Provide the Best Botox Treatments in Beverly Hills

A skilled, highly trained injector is critical to successful Botox outcomes. Dr. Emer and Dr. Sanan are exceptionally qualified to perform neuromodulator treatments, which is why their patients love their Botox results.

Board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer is known throughout the world as a leading medical artist and pioneer in cutting-edge, combination facial contouring procedures that are both visually transformative and overall life-changing.

Dr. Akshay Sanan is double board-certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and head and neck surgery. His expertise in facial cosmetic procedures informs his approach to providing safe Botox treatments that deliver natural-looking results.

To minimize the potential for complications and avoid the “overdone” or “frozen” look that under-trained and/or inexperienced injectors tend to produce, Dr. Emer and Dr. Sanan are meticulous about determining the ideal Botox dosage for each individual they treat. They also apply their in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy in conjunction with artistic instinct when selecting injection sites.





Procedure Details


Muscles around the eye and between the eyebrows are relaxed with injections that take 1-2 weeks to slow down the movement process of the muscles in those areas. When the muscles move less, the surrounding muscles work hard to lift the eyebrows. If this is done improperly, you can drop the eyebrow or cause a frozen look.

Emerage Medical uses injectable “freezers” to prevent movement wrinkles such as those between the eyebrow, on the forehead, and around the eyes. When injected into the muscle directly, the muscles relax over 7-14 days improving the appearance of both resting and active movement lines. 

Botox works by binding to receptors that send nerve signals for muscles to contract, essentially paralyzing the muscle from working. Emerage Medical specializes in preventing the “frozen”, unnatural look, while also providing long lasting results. There is an “art” to injection placement and dosing for each person, and it must be customized by an artist for optimal results.

To get further improvement we do fillers to the temples and forehead to give underlying support and lift, use threads to immediately and long-term elevate the skin in the area, and Ultherapy to tighten the deep muscles in that area.


Procedure Details

Learn More About Botox Treatment

How Does Botox Work?

The neurotoxin in Botox, botulinum toxin type A, resolves the unwanted effects of hyperactive muscles by preventing them from contracting. Muscles contract in response to nerve signals, so Botox works by blocking these communications and holding muscles in a temporary state of inactivity.

The improvements patients see and feel after Botox injections can be attributed to Botox’s ability to keep treated face and neck muscles relaxed. For instance, facial muscles cannot pull the skin into furrows and creases, dynamic wrinkles are released, and patients appear more youthful.

This same muscle “freezing” effect is what makes Botox an excellent way to reduce the prominence of enlarged masseter and/or platysmal muscles. Botox allows these jaw and neck muscles to weaken over time, resulting in a loss of muscle mass.

What to Know about Botox Aftercare and Recovery

Recovery from Botox requires minimal effort and no significant downtime. Some tenderness or tightness in the treated area may occur for a brief period after the injection session.

To ensure that the injected Botox does not migrate and that it remains where the doctor intended, it is important that you stay in an upright position for the first four hours after your procedure. Additionally, take care not to apply pressure to the treated area, and do not massage it. Vigorous physical activity should be postponed until 24 hours after your injections, as well.

What to Expect During Your Botox Injection Session

Botox treatments typically take less than 30 minutes. The treatment area will be cleansed to prepare it for the injections. The doctor will then determine the ideal injection sites for your needs and goals. Using a fine needle, he will inject small, precise amounts of Botox into the applicable muscles.

When Will I See Results?

The timeline for seeing Botox results varies based on the individual and the condition being treated. It can take up to 14 days for Botox to take its full effect. However, visible results can appear before or after that point, depending on the specific procedure.

For example, with wrinkle reduction treatments, you will likely notice improvements within a week of Botox injections. For overactive and enlarged masseter muscles, it can take 30-45 days to see your narrower jaw contours, though you won’t have to wait as long for relief from jaw pain, headaches, and other symptoms of chronic teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Some patients report less discomfort in as little as four to five days after masseter Botox injections.

The doctor will advise you regarding when you can expect results once he has created your personalized treatment plan.

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From body contouring to skin damage and acne scarring, to mommy makeovers, fillers and more, Dr. Jason Emer and the Emerage Medical team create a unique and tailored approach for every patient.

Botox Before Photo by Dr. Emer and Dr. Sanan in West Hollywood CaliforniaBotox After Photo by Dr. Emer and Dr. Sanan in West Hollywood California

Procedure Details

Botox Areas of Treatment

Botox for the Forehead and Eye Areas

As we age, the fight against dynamic wrinkles like forehead lines and crow’s feet becomes more difficult. At a certain point, the battle to conceal those annoying lines and wrinkles just can’t be won using makeup.

Dr. Emer and Dr. Sanan can use injectable “freezers” like Botox to prevent movement wrinkles such as those between the eyebrows, on the forehead, and around the eyes. Relaxing the applicable facial muscles with Botox improves the appearance of both resting and active movement lines.

To achieve optimal rejuvenation results in the upper face, Dr. Emer and Dr. Sanan often recommend combining Botox with one or more additional cosmetic treatments, such as:

  • Dermal filler injections in the temples and forehead to give underlying support and lift
  • Thread lifting to provide immediate and long-term tissue elevation in the area
  • Ultherapy, a non-invasive procedure that employs ultrasound energy to tighten and rejuvenate the skin

Botox for Non-Surgical Brow Lifts

Dr. Emer and Dr. Sanan have seen an increase in the number of female patients who inquire about surgical eyebrow lifts. These women typically want a more open look to their eyes and a more elevated lateral eyebrow as these characteristics are associated with youth and feminine beauty.

While a surgical brow lift may be necessary to correct severe sagging and loose skin, Botox injections can resolve many patients’ cosmetic concerns in the upper face. Mild brow heaviness due to naturally drooping eyelids or a low brow position can be treated with Botox to provide a subtle lift without the need for surgery or downtime.

Botox for Jawline Contouring

Years ago, the only method of narrowing a broad jawline was an invasive surgery that removed portions of the jawbone. Now, thanks to Botox, many patients can accomplish their desired jawline contours with a quick visit to Dr. Emer’s medical practice.

Quite often, patients with a broad or square-shaped jawline are seeing the effects of hyperactive masseter muscles. The masseter muscles are seated at the back of the jaw on each side of the face and are responsible for jaw movements like chewing. These are also the muscles that contract when we clench or grind our teeth.

Just as you can increase muscle mass in the biceps or glutes by consistently working those muscles, the masseter muscles can become enlarged due to frequent and/or excessive use, and this can change the shape of the jawline. Botox can be used to stop the involuntary muscle contractions responsible for strengthening and building these muscles.

After an extended period of decreased activity, a loss of muscle mass will occur, and the jawline will be visibly narrower. Masseter Botox is a popular treatment for female patients who want to restore a more delicate, rounded jaw shape.

Botox for Neck Rejuvenation

The platysmal muscles run vertically down the sides of the neck. These muscles become stronger and thicker as we grow older. When these muscles are overdeveloped and noticeably protrude, Botox can help patients achieve smoother, more youthful neck contours.

Neck Botox can also help to create a more defined jawline. Overactive neck muscles can pull the jawline downward. When Botox causes those muscles to relax, the jawline elevates slightly, skin laxity is improved, and this area will look slimmer.

Botox for Lip Enhancement

If you desire a shapelier upper lip but do not want to add volume, a Botox lip flip can be a great option. Dr. Emer and Dr. Sanan are able to create the illusion of a larger lip by injecting Botox into specific muscles along the upper lip line.

When these muscles are active, they pull the lip down. Botox inactivates these muscles, releasing that tension and allowing the upper lip to “flip” outward. The result is a more aesthetic shape and fuller look in the upper lip.

This treatment helps to mitigate unwanted effects of the aging process, such as an increase in the space between the upper lip and nose. Many people also find that the upper lip thins and flattens as they get older. A Botox lip flip can help these patients restore their youthful lip contours without compromising their natural look.

Botox for a Gummy Smile

Dr. Emer and Dr. Sanan frequently recommend Botox to patients who are self-conscious about how much of their gums are exposed when they smile. Botox can be injected into lip muscles at a point right below the nose to prevent the upper lip from being pulled above the gumline when you smile.

Botox for Bruxism and Jaw Pain

Reducing masseter muscle contractions with Botox can provide incredible relief for patients who chronically grind their teeth or clench their jaw. Jaw pain, headaches, and dental issues can result from bruxism, if left untreated.

Botox offers a convenient, minimally invasive treatment option for this condition. Injecting Botox into the masseter muscles allows them to relax, which can significantly improve the patient’s quality of life.

Botox for Wrinkle Prevention: “Baby Botox”

“Baby Botox” is an increasingly popular treatment among younger patients. Baby Botox involves a smaller dose of the neuromodulator, which is injected using a micro-droplet technique. Patients with very early signs of dynamic facial wrinkles can benefit from this Botox procedure to slow and prevent the formation of deep movement lines.


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I just had my second appointment with Dr. Emer for Botox and lip fillers. I am thrilled with the results…he is a true artist!! I’m turning 60 soon and just wanted to add a little youthfulness and to not look like I had things done. I’m extremely happy with the results! Not only is he talented, but very kind and personable. I highly recommend him. You won’t be sorry. I look forward to my next visit : ) – NC

Dr emer did my lips and botox! Hes AMAZING! his assistant paul was soo helpful as well. Highly recommend – JH

Dr. Jason Emer is fantastic! He has done a non-surgical nose job on me 3 years ago and fillers & botox another time. I am 50 yrs old & had super thin lips that you could barely see when I smiled. Now I love my smile. Growing older isn’t fun but with a little help from. Dr Emer it’s easier. – BL

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Right for you


Botox is FDA-approved and safe for the majority of men and women. However, a consultation with Dr. Emer or Dr. Sanan is the best way to find out if Botox is right for you. Along with a physical examination of the area(s) you want to treat, your medical history and your expectations for the procedure will factor into the doctor’s treatment recommendations.

You may be a good candidate for Botox if:

  • You are in good general health and are over the age of 18.
  • You are bothered by dynamic wrinkles (such as frown lines, crow’s feet, upper lip lines, bunny lines, and forehead creases).
  • You are unhappy with the way your smile reveals your upper gumline.
  • You are experiencing excessive underarm, hand, or feet sweating.
  • You have TMJ pain or tension.
  • You have enlarged masseter muscles and desire narrower jaw contours.
  • You are unhappy with the appearance of prominent vertical neck bands.

Some cosmetic concerns may be more effectively addressed using alternative treatments like dermal fillers or energy-based skin rejuvenation treatments. In other cases, a similar injectable neuromodulator like Dysport, Xeomin, or Jeuveau may be a better option for accomplishing a patient’s desired results.

What to Expect

How Long Do Botox Results Last?

Botox, Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer

Botox is injected into the muscle causing the muscle to relax, improving the appearance of the lines. Botox works by binding to receptors that send nerve signals for muscles to contract.

Since your body is constantly making new receptors and neurotransmitters all the time, future Botox treatments will be needed to maintain the relaxed and smooth appearance.

Botox results are not permanent but will typically last three to four months. Results can be maintained long-term with additional injections performed at regular intervals.

If treatments are not kept up the wrinkles will slowly return as the muscle regains function over time. Botox takes two to four weeks to start working and lasts for up to six months.

How Much Do Botox Treatments Cost?

Treatments vary in price based on the quantity of Botox needed to resolve your concerns. The severity of your unwanted condition, whether it is dynamic wrinkles, enlarged muscles, or excessive sweating, will impact the amount of Botox required for your procedure. The number of treatment areas and the size of the treatment area(s) will also affect the overall cost of your Botox treatment.

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Dr. Jason Emer and Dr. Akshay Sanan are proud to be top providers of Botox in Beverly Hills. To find out what this quick, convenient treatment can do for you, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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