Buccal Fat Removal for Men

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Dr. Jason Emer and his team of skilled plastic surgeons can use buccal fat removal for men to surgically remove excess cheek fat, adding definition to the male face. Also called buccal fat extraction or cheek fat removal, buccal fat removal for men gives Beverly Hills patients sculpted and contoured cheeks.

Many men have excess cheek fat that makes their face look overly chubby, resulting in a permanent baby face. A lack of cheek definition can also cause a man to look overweight and out of shape. With the help of buccal fat removal for men, patients can achieve a more distinguished and mature look without the baby face.

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What is Buccal Fat Removal for Men?

The buccal fat pad is located deep inside the tissues of the face. This pad of fatty tissue in the cheek region facilitates chewing and suckling motions in children and mastication in adults. This fat pad is often lifted or reconstructed during facelifts to give the face a better shape.

During male buccal fat removal, fat from the buccal fat pad is extracted through an incision in the inner cheek. This improves the contours of the cheeks and the overall appearance of the face, resulting in stronger cheekbones.

Right for you?

Am I a Good Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal for Men?

Men who are looking to permanently lose the appearance of baby fat or chipmunk cheeks are ideal candidates for this procedure. They must have enough cheek fat to make removal a viable option.

The best candidates for buccal fat pad removal are men who are in good overall health and are not experiencing any pre-existing conditions. This is because certain pre-existing conditions can increase the chance of surgical complications. Ideal candidates are non-smokers or are willing to quit for a time, since smoking impairs and prolongs the healing process.

Buccal Fat Removal for Men: What to Expect

Before a date can be set for your buccal fat removal surgery, you will need to meet with Dr. Emer for a consultation. A consultation consists of going over your complete medical history, including any past procedures, medications/supplements being taken, and allergies. Dr. Emer will explain the full details of the surgery, including preparation steps and recovery directions.

A physical examination will be performed, and photographs may be taken. If Dr. Emer clears you for the surgery, a date will be set.

To prepare for the procedure, you will need to avoid taking any NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). These medications can result in bleeding-related complications during and after surgery. You will also need to avoid smoking.

At the start of buccal fat pad removal for men, anesthesia will be administered. Some patients require a combination of local anesthesia and sedation, while others require general anesthesia. Once the chosen anesthetic has taken effect, the patient will not be able to feel any pain or discomfort for the duration of the surgery.

A small incision will then be created on the inside of the cheek, offering access to the buccal fat pad. Pressure will be created on the outside of the cheek to expose the fat pad, and fat will be removed as needed to achieve the patient’s desired results. Pressure will be removed, and then the incisions will be closed using stitches.

How Long Do the Procedure Results Last?

Because fat that is removed is unable to grow back, buccal fat removal for men offers permanent cheek-contouring results. Remaining fat cells in the region do have the potential to enlarge if weight gain occurs, so it is best to stay at or near your ideal weight.

The Dr. Emer Difference

How Does Dr. Emer Do Buccal Fat Removal Differently?

Dr. Emer has a deep understanding of male facial structure and the ways in which male facial features affect the overall appearance of the face. During a personalized consultation, he listens closely to each patient’s specific aesthetic needs and goals. Dr. Emer then draws upon his many years of experience in male cosmetic procedures to create a unique surgical plan for the patient’s buccal fat removal surgery.

The Recovery Process

Cheek fat removal for men requires a very short recovery period. Many men feel well enough to return to work the very next day. You can choose to rest a day or two, but there is no real downtime associated with this surgery.

Patients may experience minor pain for two to three days after the treatment, but it is not typically enough to require the use of painkillers. However, if you feel that they may be needed, painkillers may be available. A mouth rinse or medication will be prescribed to prevent infections.

Overall, buccal fat removal is a relatively risk-free procedure. Swelling and tenderness in the cheeks are common during the first four to five days after the surgery. If your body is very sensitive to changes, these symptoms may last for up to seven to twelve days. Even while swollen, your cheeks will still look relatively normal, and you may not even notice the swelling after your surgery.

The stitches used to close the incisions will be taken out after three to four days during a follow-up appointment. Until the stitches heal, you cannot drink anything hot or eat anything solid at the risk of tearing the sutures. 

Once the sutures are removed, the inside of your mouth will continue to heal over the span of a few weeks. In case of swelling, you can ice the affected area to achieve quicker healing.

The incisions on the inside of the mouth and the subsequent stitches make eating solid meals a bit difficult for a few weeks. Because of this, immediately after the surgery, you will need to go on an all-liquid diet of soups, broths, and juices. You may need to do this for up to a week.

Once your sutures are removed and your surgical sites have slightly healed, you can move to soft foods. Choose purees, soft-boiled eggs, soft pasta, and pudding – foods that don’t require much chewing. After one to two weeks, Dr. Emer will allow you to return to a solid diet.

After all swelling has disappeared, you can enjoy the full results of your buccal fat removal surgery.

How Much Do Buccal Fat Removal Cost?

Removing cheek fat from the male face is a procedure that varies in price. Anesthesia fees affect the overall cost, as do the techniques utilized, the time required to perform the surgery, and the amount of tissue being extracted.

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Contact our office to learn more about buccal fat removal for men in Beverly Hills during a consultation with Dr. Jason Emer. Dr. Emer will be available to discuss the procedure in greater detail and can answer any questions you may have.